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  1. Absolutely stunning work woodeater, how did you produce the scrolls on the drift rails and head piece? Regards Paul
  2. Absolutely fantastic Ed, arrows😀 only joking that was quite clear Regards Paul
  3. Great idea Keith, well done and my aren't you lucky being allowed onto the dining room table, I'm not even allowed to bring it inside the house, although I did sneak the rope walk in when it was really cold, to practise with Regards Paul
  4. Another option that may be of interest is David White in the AOTS Diana armament section shows the breeching rope lying over the cascable and a ring but says in the text, the ring is a grommet seized to the cascable, so similar to siggis photo but with a ring tied on to the button Regards Paul
  5. paulsutcliffe

    Travel tips for Southern England

    Ha now that did make me chuckle!! Regards Paul
  6. paulsutcliffe

    Surgical Scalpel Blades

    They are even cheaper if you get non sterile and still come foil wrapped
  7. Ha thanks, not at those postage rates but I thought you might be interested or Bob @Bob Cleek
  8. There's one showing on ebay us currently for ten dollars plus 30 dollars to send to the the UK😀
  9. paulsutcliffe

    Travel tips for Southern England

    Pleasantly surprised at what??? Steven
  10. My hms Sirius model is in the same garage as the cheerful Hull and I have had no problems with cracking or shrinking, it has been out there for years now, even through our latest hottest summer for years, however each layer as I have been building from the orlop up has been coated in layers of Tung oil thinned with spirits for the first coat 50/50 I'm not sure if this is what's made the difference to this model or not Regards Paul
  11. I have liked that but don't if you know what I mean
  12. Very nicely done Keith, looking like a hull already Regards Paul
  13. Expansion can then become just as big a problem though as the shrinkage, my cheerful hull below after a year in the garage the wood is holly and was dry and seasoned but has obviously swollen after fitting and painting with watered down acrylic Regards Paul
  14. paulsutcliffe

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Looking much neater OC and will be easier to rig Regards Paul

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