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  1. Hi Eberhard I have just read your log through from the beginning, fantastic work especially the milling and metalwork, looking forward to more updates Regards Paul
  2. So as I said above I have started on re-doing the windows, First one below, old one at the top new one in the middle, just in case you can't tell the difference and the tin template I made originally
  3. Or more commonly known as fenders, I only know this as I have just fitted steps, fenders and chesstrees to my Sirius 😀 Beautiful work Doris, something to aspire too Regards Paul
  4. Mark you do like your anacronym's don't you OTOH? On the other hand you don't like typing LOL
  5. Educational licence is available at no charge or time limit
  6. How about just getting one printed to use as a master to cast your own in pewter or resin maybe
  7. paulsutcliffe

    Hobby/micro drill press suggestions

    Proxxon drill stand with enhancements "terminator Proxxon" no wobble in this setup and extra heavy, I don't even screw it down so I can use anywhere needed Regards Paul
  8. HMS Sirius update, port side nearly completed with chains, steps, chesstree etc Regards Paul
  9. I recentlybdid some driving for a friend who owns a dental laboratory and even had a go at trimming special plates for him, the setup in the lab I thought was perfect for us modellers with a suction tube under the table and marathon micromotors and hand piece I now have a similar setup on my work table with foot pedal Works well and with the suction set up I can sand with the hand piece or my rotary file without clouds of dust getting everywhere Regards Paul
  10. I'm still not happy with the windows on this side, so next job is to remove them and redo Regards Paul
  11. Thanks Albert and Mark and all for the likes All steps now fitted and fenders and chesstree Regards Paul
  12. Surely the paint would wear off as the gun went back and forth when firing, and or leave a mess on the deck which definitely wouldn't be allowed, Oak goes that lovely grey colour with age Regards Paul
  13. Thanks everyone for the likes Four steps fitted, glued and pinned with copper wire Regards Paul
  14. Hi BE As chuck points out there is very little curve, see above from my cheerful Regards Paul

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