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  1. Miter boxes----What is the best one.

    Richard I recently purchased this one from a French company, quite expensive but high quality and works perfectly www.octantenligne.com Not sure what it is made from but has rubbery bottom so doesn't move and is quite heavy and nearly £100 including postage but I have to say worth every penny BOÎTE À ONGLET MINIATURE Boîte à onglet miniature pour tronçonnage précis de profilés, tubes et barres de cotes maximum 6 x 6 mm. Angles de coupe : 30°,45° et 90°. Épaisseur de lame de scie utilisable : jusqu’à 0,5 mm. Avec possibilité d’immobilisation du profilé pour permettre une découpe précise. Réalisation tout métal. Longueur : 10 cm. Largeur : 5 cm. Hauteur 1,2 cm. Regards Paul
  2. Hi Dave You don't need to do Facebook to see the pictures just click the link and they open up to view, no Facebook membership or anything needed Regards Paul
  3. I'm with Mark would love to do this but obviously to far away, online tutorial maybe way to go as well, especially as I am currently still struggling with my gallery windows😁😁 Or maybe a course this side of the pond?? Regards Paul
  4. Hi Chris May I suggest you ask chuck himself or send him a pm he would probably be the best one to ask as he makes them Regards Paul
  5. New model shipbuilder

    Hi Don Kurt and I have also answered your question re the extra parts on james longboat log where you posted the question previously Hope that helps Regards Paul
  6. What have you received today?

    mitre block from France, actually worked out very expensive with postage etc. over £100 bit extravagant I know but anything that helps me cut in a straight line is ok with me thanks Patrick @JOUFF Regards Paul
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    nothing wrong with haggis, lovely, with neeps and tatties, cant beat it !!!!!!! and with black pudding even better regards Paul
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Nice looking breakfast Patrick,, yours will be the one with one egg and bacon yes, ha not!! Regards Paul
  9. Let's hope he can spell Trafalgar correctly too or it might not get very far, sorry couldn't resist Regards Paul
  10. Modern super yacht models

    Some beautiful models on their website Regards Paul
  11. Visit To England

    apparently there is not much at the NMM anymore model wise, they are all in Chatham now, there's also two frigates to see depending on time, one in Dundee HMS Unicorn and one in Hartlepool HMS Trincomalee regards Paul
  12. What have you received today?

    A little light reading Been looking for these for a reasonable price for a long time £26 from Waterstones but had to wait for four weeks to arrive from over the pond, they still have all the plans in the cover pockets as well, bargain !!!! Regards Paul
  13. What have you received today?

    Chloe is gorgeous, see why you picked her Regards Paul
  14. HMS Sirius now has all her teeth and at long last a rear end and galleries
  15. 1/4 "=6.35 mm if that helps you can also find downloadable scale rulers online which can help in conversion regards paul

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