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  1. Well said Ed, fantastic work as usual ( don't forget the arrows ha!!) seriously though what you are doing is awesome and a pleasure to read/watch along Regards Paul
  2. Very nicely done BE Regards Paul
  3. I also started on the main channel using cross cut pear same as the fore channel, look at the grain beautiful isn't it Regards Paul
  4. Cutting the mortices in the breast beam for the stanchions The cross piece will be cut in half making the two sides but I'm keeping whole until all mortices etc are cut to keep the spacing Port Side morticed in starboard still ti cut in, After dropping two stanchion down into the depths I thought I had better cover the gun deck before i lose it Regards Paul
  5. Air gaps have been sanded into the back, drilled for fixing bolts, test fitted to the side Regard Paul PS thanks all for the likes
  6. Thanks Druxey, I'm thinking the same, I might stick some plank together and see if I can recreate the problem Regards Paul
  7. Current state of my build of the HMS Sirius Closing up the forecastle and working around the ship Regards Paul
  8. paulsutcliffe

    What have you received today?

    Splashed out for some vallorbe files, the difference is amazing, only ever had cheap diamond and steel versions Regards Paul
  9. After one coat of sanding sealer I cut the pearwood both ways with the grain and as this one across, from a strength point of view I should be using the other piece but the grain on this looks awesome and as I'm not going to be doing rigging on the model should be strong enough, I'm going to cut the edge off and file in the rebates for the chains Regards Paul
  10. Decided it was time to start the channels as I am working around the ship, cutting the rebate into the waist rail in situ as I hadn't done them when building the Hull as a bit perilious but going slowly I managed Fore channel being shaped from a piece of pear And having the edge scraped Regards Paul
  11. 100% chance of rain all day today guess where I will be all day Made a centering marker out of some pieces if boxwood I had in the stash after reading on another log somewhere about them Also found a use for the spare handle I made for the wife Regards Paul
  12. Hi Ed, I'm not sure either, I'm using Liberon sealer which is a spirit sanding sealer containing ethanol, resin acids and rosin acids?? Hi landrotten I don't think there was enough water in the paint to make the planks swell and shrunk but could be wrong, personally I think its something to do with the sealer as Ed said, but again not sure It is quite a nice look though however it came about and actually looks like I caulked the seams properly !! Thanks all for the likes and comments
  13. The chase port needed cutting out, still needs the sill adding in and filing square, tested with 9lb gun and carriage At this time I believe the carronades were fitted on the inside principle so I have made the 6"x6" blocks to use as spacers ready for when bulwarks are built up I have added a piece across the rear beam to infill ready for the balustrade which I'm going to try and do in ebony, hence the clips holding the front finishing piece Regards Paul
  14. Hi Titebond 2 dark wood glue between the planks etc, sanded smooth, sanding sealer and then Windsor and Newton acrylic paint thinned with water and about six coats if not more Thanks Paul

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