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  1. What happened to this website. I haven't been there is a few month and most of what I enjoyed is either gone or incomplete. There are pages with nothing an them. Am I missing something?

    1. Chuck


      Its the same as it was....I think it may be yur computer.  There are no blank pages.

  2. Wood supplier Ocooch

    They were never a sponsor but they are a great supplier. I just placed a huge order for Cherry from them. You cant go wrong with Ethan. I am hoping to get them on board as a sponsor soon. Make sure you tell him you found them through MSW and mention my name....it will help. http://www.ocoochhardwoods.com/scroll_saw_lumber.php
  3. Check out the poll of kit MFGs.
  4. Dear administrator,

    While updating my log 'Oostends schipje-Ostend shrimper' I lost access to my log. Probably by a wrong action. The error code is 2F173/K. Can it be resolved?


    Lots of thanks,



  5. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    Its an interesting question Cliff...as far as materials are concerned, it is really a whole separate topic unrelated to identifying what "scratch" means, but equally relevant in terms of how museums and collectors attributevalue to a model. I would prefer that museums and collectors stop putting the limitations on the craftsman or artist considering it would be better to use the developments in technology to develop better ways to preserve and restore a model once it has been created. I am pretty sure that since 1980 there are more robust and advanced methods for preserving cotton or paper or any material. That is best left up to the museums and their budgets but it seems a pity that they would rather place limitations on the artist first. Their are so many materials that you just cant get any longer or they arent as available since 1980, linen being one of them, ivory and protected/scarce wood species. It is very difficult to get quality material that is 100% linen without lumps and other issues these days because most applications for it are now obsolete. Thus the reason they need to update their rules. So few places make it now. I think they should let an artist or craftsman use whatever they want and a model should be judged on its artistic value and craftsmanship alone, and then also consider if the artist crafted everything no matter what the tool used. Sadly, most models in museums just end up in storage anyway as few are displayed for public view any longer. A real shame. But in the end I doubt a museum would pass up the chance to own an spectacular example of craftsmanship unequaled by anyone else because they used synthetics or a "blacklisted material".
  6. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    Thats a bit dated Greg. I do wish they would update their criteria considering technology has changed so much since 1980. With technologies available today you can create parts now in ways that were not imagined back in 1980. The machines and software are just another tool to use like a scrollsaw, vertical mill or chisel. It really comes down to "did you make it yourself with any tool, machine or software" or did someone else make it for you.....along with the material considerations mentioned in that article as well which are also dated. Placing value (not $$$ but instead artistic value) on a model for purposes of a museum/competition or if you are buying one should be made based on the level of craftsmanship regardless of which tool you used to fabricate them, along with the knowledge of which parts were made yourself vs made by someone else.
  7. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    It means different things to different people and truthfully it doesnt matter at all. It only matters if you are entering some sort of competition or selling your models......and even then its really dependant on the competition judges to create there own rules about it...and/or a buyer to make their own mind up about a model they might be buying. For the average model builder it doesnt matter....the proof is in the pudding actually. I have seen some hideous scratch built models and some incredible kit built models. Its all depends on what your model looks like in the end ...in my opinion.....and it doesnt matter how you ended up getting there....except maybe for the builder as it may be more personally rewarding to do it all yourself VS buying stuff made for you no matter what the finished results look like as long as you are happy with what you produced in the end.
  8. No they are never removed. As you said they will be bumped off when someone post new photos. That banner just shows the latest images uploaded. Your photos will also still remain in the gallery along with the thousands of other photos that have been uploaded over the years after someone new posts new images.
  9. What have you received today?

    I love the fact that they put the contemporary model of Winchelsea on the cover. I have some hi res images of those and they are fabulous. Cant wait to get back to work on her again next week. Chuck
  10. Carl...I did mention all of that stuff. The data has some real meaning if you are objective about it knowing the limitations of MSW as a source. There are many factors at play, but for an American company such as my own who produces wooden ship model kits and products for 1650-1825 time period...this data says wonders. If you keep in mind all of those things you mentioned...and I mentioned. -age of the company -number of subjects they offer -Quality of product and accuracy -Price -Availability - I just had it in the closet already - The fact that this forum is weighted towards US members but has a decent amount of international members -Many others..... We used to have many polls about which is your favorite kit MFG. But they were before the crash. The results were a bit different. Some polls were labeled "Who makes the best quality kit with the best instructions"...... This is a very different question. I think I might start another poll and see if it correlates with the number of build logs. This might also be very telling as many may not have started a kit from the newer MFGs but have them in the closet. Let me do just that...I will start a new poll and list all of the brands shown in my list which werent available when we last ran a poll like this.
  11. There are a few midwest kits but I left them off the list since they no longer exist. Joshua.....I was hoping you would drop in on a NEw Jersey club meeting one of these days.
  12. I didnt post the old numbers from previos years. They havent changed much. The newer companies have edged up slightly but its mostly stayed the same. When a new kit comes out a brand makes a small jump. For example...when Amati came out with the Revenge. They got a small bump in numbers. Caldercraft hasnt come out with anything new in a long long time so they are slipping a bit. They still have the Pickle listed as a newly released Kit. The new guys like Marrisstella are gaining ground as more try them out. But it takes a while for folks to finish up what they are working on and then build something that is tucked away in the closet already. So this is a very slow evolution. Name recognition has a lot to do with it here on MSW. Soclaine has been around for a while and you would be hard pressed to find any build logs for them here. They look like really nice kits too. Billings is losing ground fast too. Probably because they have nothing new and nobody here talks about them much.
  13. My very first kit was the AL Endeavor. My second was the AL Bounty. My Third was the Mantua Hms Victory.........see a pattern. I think the subject matter is also a driving factor. For beginners/intermediate anyway. If I want to attract more relatively newbies who have yet to build one of the big six ship model subjects.....I could make a lot of money, possibly. But I wont. No interest for me. Victory Bounty Endeavor Constitution Cutty Sark Bluenose and yes sadly the black pearl as number 7 These few subjects make up a huge percentage of the money spent. As if building one is a right of passage. Here is what the numbers tell me....many of these companies do very well based on a very small number of subjects that are popular. If you remove the Amati Pegasus from the list...they are not fairing any better than most of the other guys and drop significantly. One or two popular kit subjects can make or break your business. If Model Shipways didnt have the Syren, Longboat, Constiution or Confederacy they would have a very different showing here on MSW...and in this market. Imagine if they went out of business? How would that affect the list? AL would be number one. And to think I picked a Royal Barge as my next product, LOL. Maybe it will be my Amati Pegasus....if not I will place my hope on the Winnie.
  14. Ok here is the same data for the six months ending at the end of June. Without Victory, Constitution, Bounty or Endeavor. Model shipways - 119 (remove Syren and longboat - 71) A.L. - 60 Amati - 37 Caldercraft - 22 Mantua Sergal - 17 Ocre - 17 Syren - 16 Corel - 16 Mamoli - 15 Constructo - 13 Billings - 12 Marisstella - 10 Bluejacket - 10 Deagostini - 8 Lumberyard - 8 Dusek - 6 Euromodel - 6 Dumas - 4 Modellers Shipyard - 4 Master Korabel - 4 Panart - 3 Lauck Street - 3 AJ Fisher - 1 Two things are interesting to me...That AL is still so high up for starters. In addition, look at the companies in bold....they are all bunched up with about the same numbers. In other words, Caldercraft isnt fairing much better Than the other companies in bold. Yet everyone probably agrees the quality is much higher than say Constructo or Corel. Both Caldercraft and Amati are well behind AL . Yet if you ask who makes the better kit? So from a business standpoint.....does quality translate into sales? Does the subject translate into more sales? How about price? Availability? Reputation? etc? In addition....just look at how low all of the numbers got after you remove just 4 ships. I would have thought that the numbers for the top 5 would be closer...but that clearly isnt the case. At least not on MSW which is pretty much my market. The top two are doing quite a bit better than all of those others. If I were to run the numbers on a popular German forum or English or French Ship Model forum I am sure this would be very different. But like I said for my business MSW is my market. I have to choose subjects that make sense based on these numbers unless I want to really break into another market in a big way. I am sure that if I chose to make a kit of the Endeavor or Bounty my numbers would climb quite a bit....or if I decided to make a kit of the French Salamander I could increase my market share in France or Europe.
  15. Just to follow up with more stats as the list above is just raw data. Dont let the Model Shipways numbers throw you. If you remove the build logs for just two MS kits, The Syren and the Longboat, The numbers are pretty even with A. Latina. Which surprised me that AL is at the top of the list. This is of huge importance because it tells you that hypothetically, if you have one kit that is a hit and makes a lot of money like the Syren kit, and it gets pirated. You are screwed as a company. Thankfully this hasnt happened for MS with the Syren or the Longboat kits. But if it did they would lose a lot of money. Following along the same lines of thinking. So many of Caldercraft and Amati's kits have been pirated that I believe they would be much higher in the standings if that wasnt the case. Remember that this is just a list of legitimate kit MFGs of wooden model kits.