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  1. No way to lock those but keep in mind that your email addy wont show or be accessible. So it doesnt matter.
  2. They are just bots and spiders. They are not real people. We block guests from seeing many forums so you will never see a guest in the build log forums and group projects.....and a few others. When we actually catch a bot like that which isnt google or Bing ....we ban/blacklist the IP address. But as you know, its impossible to get them all.
  3. Not true Bob The only way a like can disappear is if a member decides to remove it...either by accident or on purpose. Members can now add a like and remove it if they click on the same thing again.
  4. At our next Library meeting Mike will be doing a tech session. He will be showing us how he makes belaying pins using a dremel rotary tool. Now you wont have to use those awful over-sized belaying pins you get with the kit. Be sure to come to the next meeting because you dont want to miss this one!!
  5. I have opened the NJ club area to everyone just so you can see what it has to offer. I havent added much content yet but you guys get the idea. PLEASE DONT ACTUALLY JOIN if you are not located in NJ or would never be able to come to meeting etc. Another words...if you are from London.....please dont ask to join the New Jersey club. This club feature will be used as a recruiting tool for regional clubs already established like the New Jersey club. Hopefully folks in New Jersey.....there are several hundred MSW members for example....but do not come to meeting or officially join. This feature is a way for those folks to at least join virtually and get to know the other members and hopefully at some point actually decide to drop by a meeting. Its also a great communication tool. As you know local clubs are shrinking and its really tough to find new members. You may have your own website and even facebook but tis is a far more targeted venue to help you and your club. In addition... It will be a great tool for an area that does not yet have a local club. Hopefully, a group of you guys will get together and first create a "virtual" club space. Then it wont be much more trouble to create a physical local club with a location and meet up later if it grows. Its a lot of fun. Also....it will be a way for others to set up a club that may be working on the same project..not regionally specific at all...or because of you live in an area that s huge and its impossible to meet because of long distances. Maybe that is true in some places and the best solution to get organized is a virtual club and then maybe meet less frequently than a club normally does. More details will follow.
  6. We had a great time. Make sure you come next month. We all learned a great deal and got plenty of work done. Many techniques were shared and the coffee was delicious. Chuck
  7. Mason Logie has made arrangements for our cruise on Lake Hopatcong. The cruise is on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The boat leaves the dock at 11:00 AM sharp. Boarding is at 10:30. The cost is $45 per person. Wives and significant others are welcome. It is past time when we need to make final arrangements with the Cruise Company. It is now very important that you let Mason Logie know no later than tomorrow afternoon. Call or send an email to Mason at: 'mlogiejr@aol.com' with a copy to Al Geigel. Then, send your check payable to SMSNJ for $45 per person to Al Geigel right away.
  8. until
    Let me know whos coming that Saturday. Bring whatever you are working on so you everyone can see and talk about the project together.
  9. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I have just changed his account and placed him in the "Gone but not Forgotten Group" of esteemed MSW members. RIP Bob!!! Very Sad..
  10. Pat I think it might be your computer as I have the same setup and it works just fine for me. I cant find any issues at all. I know you recently had other issues even befor the upgrade. I wonder if you have something going on? Can anyone else let us know if they have any issue with the engraved theme....and I dont mean how it looks.....I am referring to how it functions.
  11. And now the next theme is available...so have a look!!!
  12. Pat...only if the original designer updates them for this release. As of now they havent.
  13. Possibly but for now we are putting together what is needed to get the formal clubs set up. We will also use this feature for future group projects and other topic specific programs run through the NRG.