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  1. Its too far off for me to even think about it at this stage but once I start working on it I will post about it.
  2. Yes they are actually on the list......but who knows when. I am going to finish the barge first.. Then I may make a small cutter for cheerful and follow that up with a long boat and pinnace. I will have to enlist other folks to build the prototypes though.
  3. There are no fumes at all when laser cutting. It has very little strength when any pressure is applied to it so it cant be used for stuff on your model that needs this strength. Like chain plates or eye bolts and other things. It will tear quite readily when any stress is applied to thin pieces. It also breaks when you hard fold thin pieces. Its great for some parts and just plain not useable for others. Chuck
  4. I think the photo says it all. With a little watered down glue....rub the three strands against the rope and wait for it to dry. You can also open up the rope where you want to begin the splice and run the three strands through. But it isnt necessary. You could just wrap them and glue them, especially with smaller ropes. Chuck
  5. Internally Strapped Blocks are now available and in stock. Although in limited quantities. Additional sizes will made soon as well. You can also Download the assembly instructions on that same page. But here is the PDF any way your Internally Strapped Blocks.pdf
  6. Laserboard would not be ideal for routing. Its not strong enough. Its also not strong enough to replace certain things you might photoetch like eyebolts or hooks. For those you should try these materials. Chuck
  7. even though you might find some other brands of backers easy to find. Dont use them because most if not all of them have high levels of the stuff. Just look for some way to get the polybak.
  8. Guys Just found this topic. That is NOT Laserboard. Its just a company using the "nickname" for what laser cutters call "lsaserboard. Laserboard is basically resin soaked kraft paper. It is specifically designed for use as the backer for kitchen cabinets and veneers, etc. It is sold in huge rolls and 4 x 8 sheets. There are other backers available commercially BUT they are made with some nasty stuff that is poison. It has some nasty chemicals usually. But this one Brand does NOT have those chemicals (formaldehyde) that could kill you when you laser cut it. Before I tell you the Brand Name....let me say that it is almost impossible to get unless you are a cabinet maker or contractor. It took me years to find a supplier and basically I get the scraps from this cabinet maker whenever he fills up a box with the stuff. The Brand Name is "polybak". It is wildly successful and used by model railroaders....but for whatever reason it has NOT found acceptance by ship model MFGs. At least not yet. As far as I know I am the only one who uses it. Probably because its so hard to find. You cant order just one sheet. You need to order a ridiculous number of 4 x 8 sheets or a 250 pound roll of the stuff. It comes in varying thicknesses but mostly its really thin. The different sizes and colors have different properties depending on the commercial use it is being used for. Here is the MFG's website. They dont sell direct to the public. There are very few distributors.....because in the industry most cabinet makers will buy the cheaper stuff because even though its NOT a danger to them. It is a real danger to laser cutters. Laser cutters affectionately refer to this material as laserboard BUT recently that other company decided to use the name for its completely different and thicker material which has now added to the confusion. The best way to find this stuff is to contact local cabinet makers or veneer makers and CONFIRM that it is Polybak and NOT another material that could kill you if you laser cut it. Then beg for scraps. Unless you can find a distributor that will sell you one or two 4 x 8 sheets. Chuck
  9. Back by overwhelming request. I am re-stocking 2mm scale rope at Syren. I will make it in all for colors. Shown below is my 2mm light brown and tan colors.....the bottom photo shows light brown and dark brown. That is my favorite combination for standing and running rigging. This is very big rope and its super time-consuming to make. It is 4 strand rope with each strand also being 4 strand rope. The 2mm rope is all right hand laid and it is sold in 10 foot lengths per package. Super crisp.....NO LUMPS.....NO FUZZ!!! In stock now. Thank you for requesting this size be resurrected.
  10. I just wanted to let folks know that Syren will be there as a vendor and I am fully stocked. Look forward to seeing everyone!!! I also know that Wood Project Source will be at the show. Remember to bring cash or check since there is know internet in the facility and I like many other vendors cant accept CC's there. See you looks like it will be great. Chuck
  11. That rank is given to folks who were previously moderators or sponsors and some who have gone above and beyond to help the admin at MSW. Chuck
  12. If you are using Google Chrome, just right click on the address bar (on the secure icon in front of the web address) when you are on MSW. Then turn off notifications when the list appears.
  13. No they are not linked to usernames on MSW. But based on the person's email and real name we can tell who is making the donation.
  14. I thank every last one of you who use MSW and appreciate its value enough to donate towards its upkeep. Thank you. Chuck