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  1. Chuck,

    Russ and company talked me into MSW's "Syren" for my first POB build. I am looking forward to it. My prior building experience is Bluejacket's Revenue Cutter, and I am just finishing up their Pirate Brig. Two questions: First, can you recommend some planking tools, such as clamps and battens? I do have a vice for the keel already. Second I noticed MSW also has a kit of the USS Essex, but I have not seen anything on it in the build logs. Do you have any knowledge/experience with this kit? I read "Odyssey of the Essex" by Frank Donovan a while back and was considering it for a future build. Appreciate any input and advice on these topics.


    Eric Wishart

  2. That question is probably best answered by the copyright holder. But as a start you should acknowledge the author in each post you make. What if any restrictions for their use are posted in the source material or site. Usually taking a photo and scanning from a book is different as long as you use a portion of the page and dont copy the entire work. .... As long as you mention the author and owner. Depending on the books age etc. But to be safe....you should ask permission.
  3. Just giving this a bump, as a few folks have been deleting their topics in error recently. New screen shots below. We changed the text for the buttons which will hopefully make this clearer. It wasnt very clear to some that there were actually two buttons. Each has very different purposes. One is for taking action (deleting) your topic while the other was for taking action (deleting) your post within that topic. The changes are..... To delete an entire topic you started.... The button used to say "Moderation actions". and appeared on the top and bottom of every topic you started. You will not see this on topics that other people started. It probably wasnt the best wording choice. The button now reads "Topic Actions (user & Moderators)" and if you select it, you can delete your entire topic. You will only see this button on topics you started. Moderators have many additional options (or actions they can perform) hence wording. When you select this I believe you guys will only see one option which says "delete Content - Be careful" If you select that you will see a warning message....Are you really sure...check what you are doing...blah blah blah. If you say yes, the entire topic will be deleted. If for some reason you do this in error, you will now have 90 days to contact us to let us know, and we should be able to restore your topic. After that it will be gone forever. So please be careful To delete a post you made there is a different button. It appears at the bottom of each post you made.....and you will NOT see this on posts that other members have made. You will only see this on your posts. see screen shot below. Previously this button just said "options" with no indication that it was for topics or for posts inside a topic. By renaming them consistently, we hope the difference between the two are much clearer. Moderators and Admin will once again have many more "actions" they can take on a post and you will only see one I believe. This time it says..."Delete Content - Be careful" . If you select this you will get one additional warning. It says "Are you sure you want to delete this post". If you select this.....your post will be deleted. I hope this makes it clearer and will help some members from accidentally deleting their build logs.
  4. It was a Russian spammer.....spammers have started doing this rather than post a normal topic or reply. whenever this happens please let us know immediately as there is no way for us to really see when some posts to your profile feed. Only you can see that. I have however deleted the link and permanently banned the Russian spammer. Chuck
  5. I sometimes agree....BUT we are limited to what we can switch on and switch off. If we turn off the ability for members to delete their own topics, then they will also not be able to delete their posts. So any posts made in error which you may want to delete would have to be done by a moderator. On the flip side...there are countless other members who want to have the ability to delete their own content. There are plenty of fail safes involved as well. When you delete a post or a topic it goes to a temp trash bin and remains there for I believe one month maybe more before it is ultimately deleted for good. That should give each member plenty of time to realize that it is gone and ask us to restore it. There only seem to be a small handful of members who accidently delete their stuff. Maybe a half dozen and unfortunately they seem to do this over and over again despite being made aware of the dangers and how the site works. I would think it unfair to the 99.9% of other members who want this feature to remove it because a small handful of others cant seem to get accustomed to it. Just my opinion. And I dont mean to pick on GL because I understand this does happen. I understand that some folks are just not as computer savvy as others. Its nothing to be embarrassed about. And we dont and wont treat folks with different levels of computer skills differently or hold it against them. But I believe this is the third or maybe even the fourth time GL has deleted this very same topic. Unfortunately I can not turn off this feature on a member by member basis. That would of course be the best functionality to have. But it is not available I am afraid. My advice for now is to be very careful with the button that says "DELETE" and right next to it, it also says "BE VERY CAREFUL".
  6. Didnt you delete this log a few months ago as well by accident. You must have done so again....but it looks like it was so long ago that it is no longer there to be restored. Please note folks that you must let us know ASAP when a topic cant be found. There is a time period that these are kept in purgatory before going to the other side forever. I dont think this one is going to be restored....sorry. Chuck
  7. Ropewalk

    Don If you dont mind the suggestion...your rope looks as though it is laid up too loosely. Not enough initial twists to hold a tightly laid up rope which is what you want. Take a look at Gregory's photo or below and you can see how much tighter that rope is laid up. Hope you dont mind me saying as tightly laid up material resembles rope rather than string. Ropewalks are very simple machines in principle but there is still an art to it. Experimenting to find out how tightly to twist the strands individually at first so they will build up enough energy to hold a tightly laid up scale rope together when finished is the key. If I were to guess.....double the number initial twists. Then it will hold a much tighter lay when finished and after hardening. Chuck
  8. Chuck:

    How and on what do you print your flags. If you've discussed it in a post I  can't find it.

  9. Jeez Jack....I am so sorry to hear that. My condolences. Heading back out to the hospital right now.....I am hoping for a good outcome. Thanks for the kind thoughts.
  10. Serv-O-Matic as art?

    That does look wonderful. Great job putting it together. I hope you have a lot of fun with it. I do agree with what you said as well. These tools should be fun to use and hopefully fun and interesting to look at. I am using the same style on my "Syren Rope-Rocket". I just finished up some retooling of the design and have been subjecting it to rigorous testing for the last week or so. I am hopeful that I will be able to get this on my site for sale by the end of the year. I didnt bother cleaning the laser char off it but I should have in hindsight. But this one was really the prototype to abuse for a few weeks. This latest version is all cherry as well and will handle 3 strand and four strand rope. You just need to switch out the wheel on the one end and switch and move the smaller gears on the other end to change the configuration. This is easy to do and just requires the loosening of a set screw. It was important to me that it look FUN to use.....but it also has to work well....which it has. This particular rope walk has already made more rope than the usual model builder will make in ten years. I will let everyone know when its available.
  11. Hopefully soon. But I have another hit of bad luck. My mother in law who lives with us had a stroke yesterday. Found her on the floor in the bathroom yesterday. So all production is once again coming to a halt. Its been and awful year for the family with stuff like this. So for the next few weeks or so everything is up in air. I will however be fulfilling and shipping orders as usual or at least as long as the stuff stays in stock. Not sure when I will be able to get back in the shop to start making stuff again. When it rains it pours ......sigh. Sadly, Many of you guys know how this stuff goes.
  12. Wood strip

    Jim Send him a regular email.........woodprojectsource@gmail.com That is the easiest way.
  13. Dear Chuck,

    I believe I did it again.

    Since a couple of weeks I am not able any more to find my log 'Ostends schipje - Ostend shrimper' in the  build Logs for SCRATCH SHIP MODEL PROJECTS. This probably due to some wrong action of me while updating the log. The received error code is: 'You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K'. 

    Is it possible to restore my log.

    My apologie for the caused trouble.



    1. Bill Morrison

      Bill Morrison



      There is a build log over on SoS for a model of the HMS Enterprize by CAF Model.  CAF Model is on the list of banned kits, so I have no intentions of purchasing that kit. However, I am curious about the original manufacturer.  Do you know anything about it?



  14. Click here http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/Lining Off your hull for planking.pdf Chuck