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  1. I would agree that the two heads are a bit much but if you take a look at the contemporary model for Surly it does show two heads at the stern. This is what I used for my model. Its not a locker because it has a hole just like the Starboard side which would make for messy stuff keep in there if it was meant to be a locker. Those two other features you highlighted on the plan were also a mystery to me. But they are not the heads. I originally thought they might be for a portable mast that could be set up on either side of the boom. That they were wooden crutches with iron straps to hold the mast back there in position.....But thats just my guess. They would stretch across the two stern frames adjacent to the heads. I opted to just not show this feature. But they are also visible on the inboard sheer draft. There are quite a few unidentifiable weird things going on and depicted at the stern on this draft. I chose instead to duplicate the Surly contemporary model rather than guess what is going on back there. Check ot the other features........some crazy stuff.
  2. Very true....I will also add that with the advent of polymer clay also becoming more popular for making ship model carvings, this too creates a more rounded appearance. A simple way to make your rotary carvings and clay sculptures emulate a more chiseled appearance would be to just go back at your carvings with a sharp chisel afterwards to finish it up. This will give you the same look if that is something you are after. Simply chiseling away at edges and surfaces once you finish will make them look as though they were carved with a sharp blade to begin with.....this is of course more easier said than done!! Wonderful carvings Druxey ....simply beautiful.
  3. Chuck

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    That just wont solve the problem I am afraid. Even if a few companies should team up...there will always be that 3rd crooked entity that will just rip off both of them. There is nothing stopping me or model shipways for example, reaching out to Ancre to get permission and pay a license fee to turn their works into kits. Its just another expense. Which drives up the cost of a legitimate kit. That 3rd entity from China, Russia or where ever.....will still skip the license fee and research and development to just steal the whole thing!!! I still maintain that education is the best way although just a small percentage of people unsuspectingly buy these kits. The really big problem exists with the folks who know they are pirated and refuse to acknowledge it.....or who do acknowledge it and make no apologies for saving a few bucks. Even if there was a legitimate pof version of the LeRenommee these guys would choose the pirated CAF version. In addition there are those sites and forums who condone the practice along with their members like the Ships of Scale forum who will do just about anything to attract members. So they allow this even know they are aware that it is wrong on so many levels. What makes it even worse are the members on that forum and on these other sites who may agree that the practice of pirated kits is bad....but they decide for some reason to stay among this group for other less noble reasons. It just helps prop up the folks who buy this crap and thus make it inevitable that more will sign up to be members . I believe the only way to stop these guys would be to alienate and shame them, (Ban them as we do here) should they buy and support these pirates, but the other folks who continue to stay members of such sites like Ships of Scale even though they despise the practice, helps legitimize and prop up the practice. And because you arent allowed to even suggest that a ZHL San Felipe kit is in fact ripped off and ask why a builder bought it rather than the legitimate version.....the silence about it there helps keep this whole thing going. If the good folks over there would just bite the bullet and leave....All they would have left are a few "bottom feeders" whom no one wants to associate with. It would drastically persuade others not to buy pirated kits and materials..... but alas, this will never happen and these enablers will just continue to make the problem worse by also turning a blind eye towards it for reasons I just cant identify. MSW has many dual members at both sites and most hate the practice of piracy....yet they stay.....they even understand that by staying it just legitimizes piracy more. I just cant understand it for the life of me.
  4. Chuck

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    Oh and yes we have posted many a comparison photo for the ships you mentioned as proof positive they are 100% pirated. Here is just one of them....which you mentioned in your post. The zhl copied plans are on the left. Yet some wont even acknowledge how clear this is that ZHL and Max is a crook. So we continue to show stuff like this and talk about the forums who turn a blind eye. They just dont care. If you show this image on the SOS forum for example and mentioned how clear it is that this was pirated.....you would be banned immediately. So yes....discussing it and presenting factual evidence is very important. If you are allowed to do so. So we are always welcome to discuss it here on MSW.
  5. Chuck

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    I know....thats a good thing and I applaud you for it.... We are doing our very best to educate here and on facebook and to whoever will listen. Spread the word and do the same whenever you can. From what I have read, and these chinese CAF kits are not cheap.....but they are in fact poorly designed and the parts dont even fit together properly. For that kind of money you would at least expect that. Some of the mistakes pointed out are really bad.....CAF's new bellona kit is a complete mess. Some even gave up on building it. Nothing fit together. The folks who buy them deserve to be disappointed so just dont risk it.
  6. Chuck

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    It is 100% a copy.....sorry to say. You are just wrong. Ancre is a well respected French publisher and has nothing to do with CAF or any other chinese firm copying their plans. If you go on that forum in china which we wont post as a link to here, they even have photos of CAF models literally tracing the ancre plans to create their kits. That is a copy and there is no other way to explain it. If on other forums they choose to rationalize this behavior and say that after they trace it.... then the traced milled or laser cut parts are not copies .....it is just a stupid defense to make themselves feel better. Here is an actual photo from CAF/4hmodel.........where those slimeballs are actually tracing an Ancre plan in software. They are literally an exact duplicate 1 to 1 copies. Even if they change the size and scale after they trace it......its still pirated. If you go to the "keep it real" facebook page we actually have many examples with photos to prove how they are literally copying the work and intellectual property of others......they dont even try to hide this fact because thanks to their country's rules protecting them and making this theft legal.....they are virtually untouchable. Which leaves it up to the buyer and hobbyist to educate themselves before making a purchase. Its also up to honest people and organizations like the NRG to help educate as well. And they should be applauded for taking a stance against anything made by the companies like CAF who 100% pirate from ANCRE and others......they are even the company that stole our Triton plans from MSW......so please....it is a well known fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. Unless you are of course one of the many who just must have one and therefore make up silly rationalizations publicly to make themselves feel better and justify it. Like they do on the ethically challenged SOS forum. The Keep it Real website and facebook page is an attempt to do that kind of education. So save your money and stay clear ... Another fun fact about how we know these guys are pirates. The man who owns CAF models and posts his development projects on that chinese forum.....his username on that Chinese forum is "cfship". He boasts on that forum when posting his progress on building Triton and these Ancre ripp-offs. So just for giggles a while back I searched our memberlist and wouldnt you know.....we have a member from China using that same username "cfship". He signed up for the Triton cross section too!!!! But never posted anything after asking to sign up and get access to the plans. So I banned him.....to little too late however. But at least I got rid of the bum. Its so clear where their motivation lies. They just take advantage of the generosity and hard work of others. Here is a link to our rules about pirated kits just in case anyone needs a refresher.
  7. Chuck

    Error in kit and asking for advise

    Make an entirely new channel with the deadeyes spaced properly to avoid the guns yet still be in its original position. It should be easy enough to make. Just trace the channel and make new slots for the deadeye positions. Chuck
  8. I use a brush to apply and a clean brush to wipe or buff it off afterwards. Use a cheap brush unless you want to clean them....I usually buy a bag of cheapo brushes for kids crafts and dump them when I am done.
  9. Looks great Rusty....great to see the progress!!! 😊
  10. You are correct.....no char left is the way to go. More sanding
  11. Nope...not too easily which is why I didnt do it. Chuck
  12. Continuing with the main mast. I painted the areas of the mast red or black to suit. Then I simulated the mast bands with black masking tape. The tape was cut into strips 1/16" wide and wrapped around the mast a few times to get the correct thickness. Before anyone asks how thick.....just until it looks right. Not too heavy. I wrapped around twice and it was plenty. Then I used some rusty brown weathering powder to make it look different than the painted mast and more like metal. I will only use brass or actual metal when absolutely necessary. In this case it isnt needed. Then I finally made some eyebolts using 22 gauge black wire. I drilled holes through the bands and inserted the eyebolts. I also ran some pencil over the sheaves I made on the mast to make them look different and stand out a bit more. and a close up view.... At the base of the mast, it was painted red up to the band there. This band was made the same way but this time 3/32" wide tape was used. The eyebolt was made using 20 gauge brass wire blackened afterwards. I cant find pre-blackened 20 gauge wire. The mast isnt permanently stepped yet but the mast is now completed. I will now make the boom and gaff.... I also made the 7mm deadyes that we will need for the model. These are just like the kits I offer. Three layers are glued together.....then I remove most of the char from the outside. To finish them up I throw the in my block tumbler to soften and round off the edges. Not to long though...or they will get funky. These are boxwood and not cedar. The cedar is too soft to make these. You can see four deadeyes that were released from the spru with no sanding or laser char removal. The other group is ready to go but no finish has been applied yet. Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.
  13. Its up to you....Whatever you are more comfortable with. I tapered them ahead of time but then touched up the entire assembly afterwards.
  14. Have fun with project....looking forward to seeing you get started.

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