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  1. Thank you folks....I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers. We are holding up as well as one could expect under these circumstances. It is a very tough time. Chuck
  2. That rank is given to folks who were previously moderators or sponsors and some who have gone above and beyond to help the admin at MSW. Chuck
  3. If you are using Google Chrome, just right click on the address bar (on the secure icon in front of the web address) when you are on MSW. Then turn off notifications when the list appears.
  4. Thanks... This has been going on for the last two or three months now and figured I would let everyone know because I may have to shut Syren down for a week or two at some point soon. I just cant keep up with the inventory and need some time to sort stuff out. So I apologize in advance if you guys see that the store is shut down. I just want you guys to know I am not going out of business. I am just taking care a few things and regrouping so-to-speak. Its just temporary. ....Thanks for understanding.
  5. I am trying but havent had time to work on anything lately. Life has gotten in the way and not the good stuff unfortunately. I have been very busy lately trying to care for my Mom who has terminal Cancer. Its very sad but she doesnt have much time left and I have been driving the 1 1/2 hours down to see her and my Dad several times a week and staying a few days at a time to help him out. She is in in-house hospice now and has only a little time left. The visiting nurses dont understand why she hasnt passed yet based on her condition. She is fighting it every step of the way. Its why things have been out of stock a lot in my store and the reason for any delays. It may be at least another three or four months before that barge project is completed. Right now I am concentrating on trying to keep parts in stock during the few days I am home in my shop each week. As these next few weeks approach I am thinking things will get steadily worse and you folks might notice my absence for a while and stuff in the store not being available. Chuck
  6. No they are not linked to usernames on MSW. But based on the person's email and real name we can tell who is making the donation.
  7. I thank every last one of you who use MSW and appreciate its value enough to donate towards its upkeep. Thank you. Chuck
  8. Its actually a little bit more now Jim....prices increased.....its now $3300 per year that is our goal.
  9. I mostly see Swiss pear and pear sold as slabs. It isnt impossible to get 8/4 or even 12/4 stock but its not easy. Try calling Gilmer. They have great stuff and if you dont see it on their site they probably still have more on the premises.✓&filter=Pearwood&category= Chuck
  10. That is the goal. I really wanted to have Cheerful and the Barge finished for Joint clubs but right now I will probably only have enough time to stock some 3/16" and 1/4" blocks. Th elarger sizes will roll out later. I only have a day or two each week to work in the shop these days. So I am falling crazy behind. There is little chance the barge and cheerful will be completed by then. So these blocks will have to do.
  11. Thank you very much guys. The design and prototyping has been tweaked and I think I have it all finalized. I have created some double blocks as you can see in this latest photo. This photo shows 3/16" single and double blocks with brass straps. The larger sized blocks are 1/4" singles. So these are quite small. The 3/16" blocks will the smallest I will make and stock. If you look closely at the photo, you will see a 3/16" single block with a roller on the bottom. Although these kits will come with brass strips for the straps and the right sized wire for the sheave pin, they wont come with what you will need to add the rollers. But with a bit of creativity it is not difficult to do. Even at this small size. I will be making more prototypes so I can document each stage of constructing the kits and write the instructions. Then I will start making these available. The brass strips for the straps are various sizes and thicknesses so I had to buy a sheer press/break and I will be cutting all of the brass strips for this min kits because the various sizes are not available commercially. These types of blocks are a little out of my element but I have been asked so many times to start offering them. Shortly after I may make just the brass strips available in various widths not commonly found. For example, .005 thick x 3/64" wide. Most brass strips available commercially are too thick and too wide for such fine detailing. Chuck
  12. Mike....the NRG actually posts its budget once per year in the journal. Not just the forum but then there is the added costs for the MSW database website. In addition...had donations and sponsorships covered the costs, we may not have merged with the NRG. The NRG is the only thing that truly kept the forum running. It was advantageous to both to allow that transition to happen. If you are a full member, you can see the budgeted amount for MSW every year as published. I remember one year before the merger, the funds got so low that during a fund drive I had to start posting images of sad puppies to convince folks to donate. The prospect of Jim and I spending $100's of dollars of our own money each year was a regular occurrence. Next week when the bills are paid you will see the donation bar drop pretty far. In fact, I didnt even adjust it last month after the bills were paid. It just got too busy with the upgrade. Its a manual process as I have explained before. Each time a donation comes in I manually update the donation bar. Every month when the bills are paid the total is adjusted in the opposite direction. I have just updated it to reflect the current situation and on the 20th I will deduct this months bills. Addendum: A little MSW stat for folks. You guys know what our total membership is. I think you also know the number of active users. We have about 3500 active regular posting members. Of the remaining lurkers who dont post, many still come here every day to learn and get info and expert advice, albeit without ever posting. Of these, only about 60 or 70 individual members send in a paypal donation each year with most in the $5 - $10 range. And we are eternally grateful for every one of them. And then there are those countless individuals who are here every day and seem to enjoy the site a lot. Have a lot of freinds they would have never met thanks to the site, and have group PM chats going and the works. Thousands of posts made. But all some of them seem to do is complain and take pot shots at the volunteer staff while not parting with a nickel, or ever saying even thank you. So for everyone other than these folks...thank you. And yes we do see the names of every donor so we know who to be grateful for.
  13. No insult at all. Basically we do NOT collect enough donations from MSW to keep MSW afloat. All of the monies collected here go straight towards the upkeep of this site. The balance we need is then picked up by the NRG. When you hit the donate button here.....the money does go into the NRG PayPal account but is budgeted for this site. To understand the relationship between the two. This is not a separate site or entity. It is a yearly budgeted item of the NRG. Just like the Journal or any other item. It is very expensive to keep a site like this running. For example. The four themes made available during this upgrade werent free. Each one cost $30 per year. During the upgrade process I paid for these out of my own pocket. It was my contribution to keeping the site up and running and user friendly for all of our users. This, in addition to my yearly sponsorship and countless hours volunteering to keep things running smoothly. It is also very interesting to me, and I have talked about this before.....I am always extremely grateful to everyone who donates through MSW. Most of the donations are $5 - $10. A very few are more and some are even $100. These folks get a huge thank you from me. But I will also note, if you read through the topics about the upgrade....the "likes" and reputation....and other upgrade topics, you will see that some individuals who have large post count numbers (are here every day and benefiting from MSW) but are very vocal about complaining, or publicly trashing the volunteer staff and software constantly. As I see the donations come in, I am very dismayed that these are folks who never seem to spend a nickel for the site. But thankfully, we have many MSW members who appreciate and give whatever they can afford to help out while quietly thanking us and showing their appreciation. Even those who arent as active or vocal. To all of these...A great big THANK YOU...I wish I could buy you all a beer. The site may not be perfect....but our staff and the NRG do everything we can to get as close to perfect as possible. Chuck
  14. Hi Chuck,

    Do you scan every new journal once it is published and make it available as a PDF for purchase or do you wait until you have several years and create a CD?

    I am interested in purchasing separate articles that are not on the CD's which are available on the NRG site.

    I have gone completely digital when it comes to Journals.  Das Logbuch (German) and a Dutch journal are available in both paper and digital format and I purchase from those sites , the articles I am interested in. 


    I am not interested in every article in every journal that I have subscriptions with.


    Thank you in advance for answering.