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  1. Syren Rope Rocket

    Almost forgot, I am now selling extra shaft hubs for those who wish to have them. Some have found it easier to permanently glue the hubs to the cherry discs on the tail stock. It makes switching from three strand to four strand even quicker. Just as an FYI Chuck
  2. Syren Rope Rocket

    That rope looks EXCELLENT!!!!!! Very well done. I am so glad you enjoyed making your own rope. I am busy as we speak laser cutting teh parts to restock the ropewalk right now. Chuck
  3. Just a quick note about the conference.... I am very pleased to announce that our featured speaker for the conference will be Steve Wheeler. Steve is a very accomplished model builder and just about the nicest guy you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. I have known Steve for some time now, and his attention to detail on his models is as good as it gets. Steve will be presenting an examination of modelling a lapstrake hull. As you can see from the photos, he seems to have a masterful grasp on that topic. Here is some eye candy for you!!!! Chuck
  4. We will be holding a raffle and have many door prizes. This years raffle will be for a brand new Byrnes saw. If you are in the market for one, definitely make a day of it and buy a bunch of raffle tickets. Winner must be present.....drive home with it that afternoon and be cutting your own wood by nightfall!!!!
  5. Its that time again. 36th Annual Northeast Clubs Conference for 2018 It will once again be held at the Port N Starboard Convention Center at Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut on April 28th 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This year the Ship Model Society of New Jersey will be hosting the event. Early registration before March 15th 2017 is $35 per person, before April 22nd 2017 $40 per person and $45 per person after April 22nd or at the door of the event. As before, if you would like to exhibit a model, you’ll need to register for the Conference. Set-up for the exhibit area will start at 8:15 AM. Registration includes breakfast, buffet lunch and dessert! Previous members of MSW who attended are shown below!!! There will be a luncheon speaker and I will let you know about those details really soon!! There will be demonstrations of modeling techniques and procedures. Enjoy over 100 museum quality ship models. Vote for the best! There is the annual Peoples choice award. Where everyone gets to vote for their favorite model. Be sure to enter your model. In addition there is the Jim Roberts craftsman award. A group of judges, one from each club, will be awarding the top model based on certain criteria. Its very different than the Peoples choice which is not based on any criteria and is more fun and casual. But the Jim Roberts award is judged based on criteria that exemplifies craftsmanship and accuracy. Jim Roberts award judging criteria and entry requirements are also attached. Everyone should enter their models in both. They are both a lot of fun. Schmooze with the craftsmen, artists, and friends, old and new. Browse vendor booths with maritime and modeling books, kits, and tools. Watch demonstrations of building techniques and tips. Attached is a PDF file for the registration. Again watch this space for more info and hope to see you all there! I had a vision that Ryland might even bring a completed long boat to display 2108 Joint Clubs Registration Form.pdf Jim Roberts Award Entry Requirements.pdf Jim Roberts Award Judging Criteria.pdf
  6. Chuck, i support the ban on illegitimate and ripped off kits. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work.

    may i suggest to just amend the first post? It is getting too many pages with amends. Perhaps all the talk could be archived, with a link to the chat for those who want to read it in the first post.

    1. Chuck


      I agree...I will add that to my to-do list.  Good idea.

  7. Barry!!!!!!! Wish you were still in Jersey my friend. I hope you can get a bunch of guys together down there. If you are in Barry's neighborhood, please do try and get together. Being in a club with Barry was a great experience. I understand why he misses it. Give my best to the Mrs. Chuck
  8. A big thanks to Dirk and Jim......three cheers for you guys!!!!! Next round is on me!!! Happy New Year. Chuck
  9. For a hull like Victory I would recommend at least one drop plank under the lower wale. This would reduce the total number of planks that need to run to the stem rabbet. In addition as you can see below, not all 25 planks will make it to bulkhead one....or even bulkhead two really. Therefore you need to reduce the number of planks you divide that bulkhead into. Considering that you will most likely have to add that drop plank as mentioned. You will probably only have far fewer planks along bulkhead 1 as you thought. BUT, before you even get that far, find the run of your wales from bow to stern and use battens, thin tape or even string to lay them out on the hull. The positions for the wales can be taken from the plans. It is very important that you find the run of your wales first and once you find the run for your lower wale you will probably need to start the whole process of lining off below them over again. This includes planning for a drop plank. I can not see where you show the run of the wales on your hull. Also see this
  10. This is no different than a power blackout. There is nothing that can be done until the power company fixes thing up..... Or in our case the web host. Its one of the largest and based in Chicago. Consider it like a rolling blackout. So just an FYI... Posting that we are down is pretty much doing nothing. I think everyone sees that. Yes it does suck but thing will be back to normal shortly. We can probably expect a bit more of this up and down until the host gets things fixed up. This was an infrastructure server upgrade and NOT a software update. Or maybe aliens. THEY just admitted they exist and are investigating contact and maybe they are pissed THEY let everyone know. So please....sending me 20 emails, contacting me through the Syren website and yes even calling me at home on the phone is just not going to help. I have nothing more that can be said over the phone that hasnt already been posted here. Also please stop calling the NRG office on the phone. They cant help you with any details either. Go into the workshop and make some sawdust instead....actually work on your model while this thing gets sorted.
  11. Chuck,

    Russ and company talked me into MSW's "Syren" for my first POB build. I am looking forward to it. My prior building experience is Bluejacket's Revenue Cutter, and I am just finishing up their Pirate Brig. Two questions: First, can you recommend some planking tools, such as clamps and battens? I do have a vice for the keel already. Second I noticed MSW also has a kit of the USS Essex, but I have not seen anything on it in the build logs. Do you have any knowledge/experience with this kit? I read "Odyssey of the Essex" by Frank Donovan a while back and was considering it for a future build. Appreciate any input and advice on these topics.


    Eric Wishart

  12. That question is probably best answered by the copyright holder. But as a start you should acknowledge the author in each post you make. What if any restrictions for their use are posted in the source material or site. Usually taking a photo and scanning from a book is different as long as you use a portion of the page and dont copy the entire work. .... As long as you mention the author and owner. Depending on the books age etc. But to be safe....you should ask permission.
  13. Just giving this a bump, as a few folks have been deleting their topics in error recently. New screen shots below. We changed the text for the buttons which will hopefully make this clearer. It wasnt very clear to some that there were actually two buttons. Each has very different purposes. One is for taking action (deleting) your topic while the other was for taking action (deleting) your post within that topic. The changes are..... To delete an entire topic you started.... The button used to say "Moderation actions". and appeared on the top and bottom of every topic you started. You will not see this on topics that other people started. It probably wasnt the best wording choice. The button now reads "Topic Actions (user & Moderators)" and if you select it, you can delete your entire topic. You will only see this button on topics you started. Moderators have many additional options (or actions they can perform) hence wording. When you select this I believe you guys will only see one option which says "delete Content - Be careful" If you select that you will see a warning message....Are you really sure...check what you are doing...blah blah blah. If you say yes, the entire topic will be deleted. If for some reason you do this in error, you will now have 90 days to contact us to let us know, and we should be able to restore your topic. After that it will be gone forever. So please be careful To delete a post you made there is a different button. It appears at the bottom of each post you made.....and you will NOT see this on posts that other members have made. You will only see this on your posts. see screen shot below. Previously this button just said "options" with no indication that it was for topics or for posts inside a topic. By renaming them consistently, we hope the difference between the two are much clearer. Moderators and Admin will once again have many more "actions" they can take on a post and you will only see one I believe. This time it says..."Delete Content - Be careful" . If you select this you will get one additional warning. It says "Are you sure you want to delete this post". If you select this.....your post will be deleted. I hope this makes it clearer and will help some members from accidentally deleting their build logs.

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