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  1. Chuck, I do not think it will ever stop or can be slowed down, sadly with the internet and technology and the expertise of hackers they can hack an inventors home computer by phising. If one of this countries most sacred freedoms that of free elections can be manipulated and compromised by the internet thru postings on websites by foreign countries you will never have any protection and elections will have an * by them for was this one tampered with. Manufacturers in this country are in for a bad ride its already happened. If we are only recently identifying (past decade) we have a lot of catching up to do in a very short time.
  2. John Allen


    Messis, Well done.
  3. I hate to be a wet blanket and Facebook has a place but it is a gold mine for those wishing to do ill to others. I started an Investigative company after retiring from law enforcement focusing on comp, disability, and medicaid fraud. One of our best tools for initial background information is Facebook. People tell on themselves without realizing it. My warning is you open up your world to the bad guys, where you live, children, schools they go to, where you work pictures of family, house, automobiles. You also give access to all your friends posted on your pages. You post when you go on vacation and how long you will be gone. I could go on with a long laundry list. Facebook has a place but be well aware of what to post and what not to post.👿 the devil he be out there.
  4. Ditto to all, congrats on finishing treatment. The Boss finished hers but still has the pet scans and infusions every 90 days but as you say it beats the alternative. Grandkids will go crazy over this one
  5. Danny, Am interested in trying one, small scale is intimidating for me, all I can do is attempt if I screw it up we will watch a Viking Funeral. My question is you appear addicted to these paper models did the bug bite you on the first one your into to it big time, after seeing yours and what Doris has done there fantastic. Never thought of paper medium could render such a fantastic builds (stupidity lurks in the dark recesses of the mind).
  6. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    Lou, Great looking partner.
  7. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    Lou, Chewy be the Captain?
  8. Danny, It is an absolute pleasure to travel thru your build. Your skill set (as some other modelers) to work at such a small scale is truly amazing. The final results are stunning. My hats off to one of the masters. This Fosters is for you.
  9. Just amazing, I am going blind just looking at the pics much less see how you work at such a small scale. Skill set is amazing. Kudos
  10. John Allen


    First class, perfect on such a small scale!
  11. John Allen


    Very nice, first class.
  12. Bristol fashion, clean, neat, and pristine!
  13. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Dave, I hate to hear that especially on top of the elevator. One of those things that jumps up and bites you in the butt. I'm sure you had a qualified trustworthy company or individual check it out. Not the time of year in your area to be without A/C. I had an old unit I thought went out (not cooling) called the original installer to check he said I needed a new one, after he fiddled with it fan motor wouldn't kick on the next day a knock on the door salesman from same co. with prices for a new one. Passed and got a friend who had been out of town check it. He opened access door in 5 minutes he started laughing, he said you almost got bit. He found a 2 amp fuse (for motor) had been pulled out and it was laying behind some wiring. He checked further and said cooling problem was the outside unit was not getting enough air he told me to get a cleaner sold at A/C parts houses (comes in a gallon reasonable) I sprayed the outside A/C 30 minutes later hosed down could not believe the crud leaf cuttings that washed out all the fin blades polished like new. I also cleaned the inside coil with same. Like a new unit a .50 cent fuse and some cleaner and avoided getting ripped off big time. I know I was lucky just passing this on I know you probably vetted your guy. Good luck your due for some good Karma
  14. John, On a scale 1-10 10 legos keep on keepin on
  15. John Allen

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Beautiful lines, couldn't tell if it was laid up in a boatyard, pure perfection.

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