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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    CDW, There is 2 fish folks would throw away Sheephead and Trigger fish, both a pain to clean, Would rather eat Trigger than Red Snapper you have to skin it like a catfish and you have a very small triangular piece of flesh on a 4 pound Trigger it may yield from both sides 10 or 12 ounces of meat, Like your picture Sheephead are ugly and all bones, huge rough scales but worth the cleaning for a very small amount of meat but it is fantastic grilled firm and flaky. we 'd catch them with hermit crabs that's why they had those dentures to crush crabs and oysters. Hungry dinner time Oh the Silver Trout is commonly called a white trout Cynosion Arenarius I think if memory serves me there not good always full of those big round worms, actually most fish are wormy and parasitic bon appitite
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Gators can stand a lot of fresh water, Mobile Bay is the second largest estuary behind the Chesapeake (I think) gators all over every river, creek and tidal pool up and down the coast, They swim and travel to the outlying barrier islands, Petit Bois, Dauphin Island, Deer Island, Horn Island all salt water with fresh or brackish water ponds, along with fox raccoons opossums all that were not native to the barrier islands. There are so many gators know folks are putting up fences on the waterfront properties because so many dogs have come up missing. Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea trout) can stand very low salinity in the winter time they catch them in Deep holes in the Local rivers. True story we were getting complaints of gill netters netting the river when temps got down below freezing. The one detail we worked short story we caught and confiscated 3 boats boats nets motors and gear value & 76,000.00, and 6700 lbs of speckled trout, in one evening.
  3. What have you received today?

    Brother returned from a trip to Scotland he travels there every couple of years, wife's family is some distant relative 40 times removed from some Campbell Castle. While in Edinburgh he stopped at Mr. Woods Fossils and brought me back a fossil., of a 2 million year old perfectly pressed in bedrock shrimp now how cool is that also their shortbread cookies make the ones here taste like you know what. DELICIOUS LICIOUS
  4. Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Well Lou I was called the worst of the worst last name ended with the Yugoslavian ich. Until I graduated my school nickname was _itch they holler hey -itch glad I finally outgrew it it has a bad connotation now associated with prisons. Note to Phil, If your squeamish about having the eyes done they will put you under. Cant see have a quick dream wake up a miracle I can see. I had a very bad eye injury as a kid a steel splinter entered the side of the eyeball had a couple of surgeries since then cannot stand anything around the eye and had them put me out. I missed the Brian's laser light show but it is amazing after wearing glasses you do not have to do the squinty eye thing. Good luck John
  5. Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Phil, Apologize for calling you a roach did not have first name
  6. Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Roach, Had cataracts removed 3 years ago. 1 eye was okay they recommended both the problem being that the other eye would eventually have to be done. You will have to have readers they did not tell me this prior surgery. Is okay a little inconvient, have 4 pair 1 at modeling desk, 1 in kitchen, 1 in living room, 1 in car. Just me tried the lanyard around neck but was a bother. The problem you may have with just 1 corrected eye you may still have to wear reading glasses and may interefere with the good eye. John
  7. Have been vexed by this problem and nothing I have done until now has provided a solution-enough space, out of the way and still view with out playing like a monkey up and down and all around Go to 4 corners maps, I just purchased the Overlay Roller Map Holder $ 159.00 quite a deal and out of the way my solution.
  8. Shop music

    Still have all my cassettes and still play all have still have the dual player with high speed dubbing, have my original turntable and my 33s have a large collection of blues from late 30s,40s,50s take better care of them than my car. Its hard to do the CD thing unless something new when you have over 1100 cassettes. Early blues, 50,60,70,80, rock, Irish folk, tribal African, Steel drum even a lot of 40s swing. Acker Bilk and his clarinet. A very large collection of Zydeco music Buckwheat Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, Rockin Sidney.
  9. Nautical Adventures.

    Roger, It never ceased to amaze me over 25 plus years the unprofessional, and careless approach of boat captains in regard to passenger safety. We had a ferry transporting passengers certified by the Coast Guard, 42 feet had 3 sistered ribs that flexed with the seas and the battery cables were held on with vise grips (explosion waiting to happen). That was minor many far worse. They should have arrested that captain and charged him with manslaughter, he was probably working under other documentation or in an area where he could not be prosecuted shameful.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    The only good snake is a dead snake. Well actually yesterday, Vehicle a/c intermittent, my mechanic said Freon leaks around o-rings, so the first 3 times he would work on it I get the car and 3 days later would quit and i would bring it back. (original charge $ 126.000 I began to think his expertise in a/c was lacking went to two allegedly a/c specialists for estimates well both said new compress, dryer and would have to just about remove front end high labor both gave a $ 1400.00 to $ 1700.00 estimate. Ran like hell back to my mechanic. I picked it up yesterday (He had it for a week) works great he explained the leaks were extremely hard to detect and were really tiny. I said whats the charge he stated he should gave checked all hoses and O-rings the first time, and again no charge. Never told him a had gotten other estimates. Should have kept the faith an honest mechanic. When it rains it pours house A/C went out yesterday, found the relay on outside compressor was fried, installed a new one, well fubar another problem, checked with friend an a/c expert me a wiring dummy - we troubleshot via phone and messaged pics narrowed it down to the control board. Unit is 22 years old he wished me luck in finding one. Lo and behold found an original replacement in Mobile, avoided internet search. Picked it up now the next problem 5oo connectors with different codes for wires forget the schematic called friend more pics more rerouting wires got some missed some back and forth bingo all ok works good, control board had a huge burned area backside have had a lot of lightning. Well a red letter day, car fixed not taken for over $ 1,400.00, do have an honest mechanic, good buddy helped fix A/C all on a great anniversary SANS BOAT
  11. Nautical Adventures.

    Lou, Was still in the comfort honeymoon status, then after the 8 years came the reprogram and remold the hubby.
  12. Nautical Adventures.

    Lou, Should have talked to you 40 years ago.
  13. Nautical Adventures.

    Here is a re-run since it is my 48th anniversary Nautical Adventure Anniversary Rerun Could not locate original post Anniversary June 12, 1970 Had planned the perfect one year anniversary, I ordered Maine Lobsters I picked up from the Mobile Airport and bought 2 killer steaks filets, with the last of our mad money (money put away for special occasions) Six months prior I had purchased a used 17 foot wood lap strake Thompson with an antique 50 hp Johnson motor. It had a huge power head and about the smallest foot and prop and burned about 8 gallons an hour a real guzzler. We love the water and the boat was in rough shape, she knew I could make the repairs price was right a whopping $ 600.00 we became proud boat owners. I spent several months restoring had to burn off several layers of paint, and varnish, repaired canvas frame, rebuilt windshield frame and installed new glass, painted all did not re-varnish Mahogany since the boat would not be under cover. All turned out great, were ready for launching on our anniversary, plans were to ride around the Island and stay pretty close to home just in case some un-foreseen problem arose. Mama looked real good had hair coifed (word for expensive do we didn’t have the bucks for but looked good) looked forward to a great day on the water, a fantastic dinner, and maybe some late evening aerobics. Well the unforeseen happened sputter, sputter Oh poo. Engine stalled Mama said what happened I said we’ll see. I threw out the hook and began to troubleshoot. Fuel line connected, checked gas, checked fuel lines for air, checked for short and wiring, checked plugs all was good would not crank. An hour later Mama says well now what voice still calm but rising a couple of octaves. Wind was picking up but we were inshore near the seawall that follows the channel. I said I’ll throw out the anchor a couple of times and pull us to the seawall, then we can walk it around to the launch (about a 1 ½ miles) she says well just get me to the house (bad moon rising). Well we get to the seawall and walk it around about halfway absolutely no traffic on a week day to get a tow, Mama getting a little hotter I say where almost there. Wind picked up and we could barely keep boat off the seawall I said I am going to get in the water and pull you keep boat off the seawall. The channel next to seawall is only 4 foot deep boat wakes have pushed sand against the wall. I hop overboard and begin to pull Mama keeps boat off seawall with a boat hook she’s not talking any more, this is a really bad sign. She’s having trouble so I suggest we both need to be in the water I’ll pull you keep stern off, I cannot repeat here what was said as it would even offend the most hardened listener, being wet tired and peeved she jumped in and we eventually made it to the landing. Her new do was now plastered to her face and she was glowing red and it wasn’t a fever, Just before loading the boat on the trailer I tried the key and the engine fired up (this was a very bad mistake) she just missed my head with the boat hook and she would have made a priest say 10,000 Hail Marys. Well we returned home, forget dinner, and a couch is a lonely place. Did not see Mama until next morning, she was calm cool and collected I made her favorite breakfast, turned out to be a better day did not mention the word boat. That night we had the steak and lobster for dinner retired early sans couch. I left the boat on the trailer for a couple of weeks did not even mention the word boat. Then it was a full moon and the blue crabs would be shedding their shells. (When a crab sheds a shell, before a bigger one takes its place they can’t move and you pole the boat along the shore with a light and small net and scoop them up, and you fry the whole crab after cleaning.) Well Mama has an affinity for soft shell crabs and suggested we launch the boat. With some trepidation we went crabbing, boat worked fine and Mama got her soft shell crabs. All cool but we never ever set foot again in a boat on our anniversary.
  14. Nautical Adventures.

    Dave, Lou Both stories provided great memories.

    Dave. Got my giggle for the day thanks I needed that. Have one, recently put my clubs on Craigslist had not been able to play for several years I loved the game, I was not competitive and improved from a hacker to a duffer. I was the opposite I only played by myself when I could and course allowed. It was down time, to get away from the phone and SAR calls. It was the only time I could totally relax except when Mrs. and I were on a trip. Here's one beautiful day was playing behind a tourist foursome that was held up all just standing and talking. trying to wave me thru I walked over and said I had all day and could wait (always tried never to push those ahead of me) The problem for these gentleman a large wager was placed on each drive, closest to hole, etc. This one gentlemans ball was on the edge of a watercourse that fed a lake the problem they were arguing about he wanted to try and pop it out the others said take a stroke they were tired of waiting, a very large gator was 20 feet from the ball and just lay there. He wasn't going to move I explained to them the groundskeepers fed the thing and he thought the had food (Game and Fish moved him several times to a lake in the middle of the Island he always made his way back). Long story short he said I'm tired of waiting and going to try and pop it out. I advised gators are fast if he gets on dry land he can probably run you down within 20 feet. He grabbed a club and started to his ball I played through. All of a sudden I heard screams RUN I turned all 4 were running the gator stopped at the cart taking a bite out of the fiberglass fender. Never found out how the wagers turned out but the Pro put the cart near the shop with a note don't feed the gator. Gator eventually moved to Mobile Delta.

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