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  1. Have a problem have tried to access Syren ship model co. and receive message this site cannot provide a secure connection on both aol and google chrome. Is it my computer or other folks having this problem?
  2. Brian, Very nice, by your calm demeanor all allen keys were of the right size and no missing pieces. Kudos looks great.
  3. Micheal Good luck with the move, 1 truck and the wife is helping no way when you finish please update the site verifying 1 truck 1 trip
  4. Mark, Bad customer service, and support have put more than one business under the bus. I am sorry for the time and expense you have had to expend to get a costly piece of equipment up and running where not talking about an exacto knife. You helped a lot of folks think twice before hopping on the band wagon with all your cognizant posts and reviews and saved them a lot of frustration and expense. Kudos 10 times over.
  5. I spent 1959 - 1962 caddy Griswald golf course Groton Conn. $ 15.00-$ 20.00 a day great bucks for a kid then 1963-64 one summer cutting yards $ 2.50 a yard 1965 working at a service station $ 1.00 hr 12 hr shifts 1 day a week off sucked but needed to work also worked a summer as a bus boy and a waiter. No time to get in trouble.
  6. David, Too bad its like that here on the Gulf Coast well vegetation sounds good.
  7. David, At least you have reasonable Halibut and crab
  8. Bob, Years ago most hobby shops sold wood ships, wood, fittings, and a nice selection of accessories. Its all a thing of the past unless you live near a large city. What has happened now its unprofitable for them to designate square footage for sales and display for this hobby since there are so few hobbyists that choose this as a hobby. With the drones, remote controlled cars, planes and all there accessories now make up such a large share of their profits wood ship kits take a back seat. I think everyone agrees mail order or make parts yourself is the way it is now. I got ripped and went to hobby town and was going to purchase the Constructo Victory was really cheap. Then looked for small drill bits, different exacto blades and some files and other small tools. Was told they did not sell some any more, or they could special order. I did not purchase and figured out real quick I could do my special ordering and probably be cheaper, so much for my rant. So make them or order and order stuff you think you may need down the road to save on shipping, also amazon prime offers free shipping on most orders.
  9. Bob, Did you contact model Shipways and explain your problem. They may have forwarded you parts free or just for postage. I agree on cost when ordering I believe there is little mark up on small parts they try to make it up on postage. I got burned a couple of times and decided to make my own even with limited tools a lot of them can be duplicated. This site is loaded with DITY instructions from rings to cleats sails sewing mast caps on and on. Good luck
  10. Most fisherman sadly ignore the waterspouts believing they are weak imitations of land tornados. After 30 years on the water they can be bad dudes. Saw one flip a 46 foot bay shrimper, we had to dive into the cabin to get the skipper out. Hated working at night in bad weather almost ran dead center into one had told the story in a previous post this site, still get the heebie jeebies when thinking about it. If you see it coming that's one thing, when you cant see and all of a sudden hear it its too late.
  11. Will be a monster, cost negligible, but the 10'x 12' room you have to build onto your home to display it priceless.
  12. Have traded some cypress for basswood received 2 pieces 3" x 7" x 42" and 1 5"x 5" X 46" when I can get them milled I am going to build the Waca Maori war canoe, Holakea Polynesian catamaran, the CSS Hunley, and gunboat USS Philadelphia circa 1776. All solid hulls except Hunley have not figured out if it should be solid or wrapped in tin or frames covered in tin or aluminum that one will take some research. Could not afford Koa I alluded to in a past post for canoes. Finally working back on the Victory long layoff Boss had some issues almost finished then will start these projects. '
  13. Marc is about as close as you can get. Amati has a Black Swan not exact but maybe an updated version (morphing sounds good)
  14. I like this one, get rid of all the bugs first, then have Marc nuke them 2 birds 1 stone er nuke
  15. I agree with Mark, hang, before I start I will use a camera pop pics of small details or large on steps that may cause a problem on all plans , then reduce or enlarge to view better to prevent hopping up and down, then place in order of plan # and have them at hand as I proceed. Sounds convoluted but works with limited space. Side benefit I learned from Mamoli Victory is some assemblies or rigging in plan 4 is added to in plan 6 and should have been addressed in plan 4, it avoids headaches later know this sounds off the wall but works for me.