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  1. Have a series of Dremel's up to 4000, flex shaft, all have different uses and I find I am not swapping accessories all the time. But my go to is the 8050 have abused the devil out of mine, the charge only failed me once after heavy sanding on high speed for a long period of time. For those of you that are old enough to remember its like a Timex watch it takes a licking and keeps on ticking (according to John Cameron Swayze nightly news reporter 1940s to 1950s)
  2. John Allen

    Nordkap 476

    Popeye, Thanks, she's getting on we had a scare the Docs changed her cancer meds from Ibrance (10,000.00 a month to Verenzio 20,000.00 a month I always carped about the low State of Alabama pay, but they made up for it with great insurance, have a co-pay of only $ 60.00 a month we are very lucky so many heartbreaking stories of people who cannot pay. Enough of that I admire the way you can take pieces of pieces an finish with a mighty fine build Kudos.
  3. John Allen

    Nordkap 476

    Here's some gumbo some of this some of that. The boss has been under the weather lately things are better thought I had better post some activity on all fronts. Some work on the Victory blackened the upper deck cannons, reworking the anchors and ships boats boats need some major redo. Applied a couple of coats of Gesso to display board was gouged pretty bad and decided to paint, a couple of coats of Gesso to sailboat another salvaged junk bin purchase. sand and i more coat and fine sand then paint. Then I played with a piece of basswood that will eventually be the CSS Hunley. Intended to build just a straight up build but there was so much information decided to do a cutaway with crew, working running gear, snorkels, full interior, ballast, and pumps etc. before I start an actual log I have to reshape the wood and figure a scale. Hardest part will be crew figures, have names and positions in the boat.
  4. John Allen

    New Crew Member!

    Take care of the little fella there precious
  5. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    I was the proud recipient (actually late yesterday) of a flu shot and pneumonia shot. Never had either one in 69 years, the devil jumped up and hit me last year. Nice trip to the E.R. daughter drove me wheeled me in in a wheelchair. Nurses placing surgical masks on you as soon as you entered. Room overflowing about (40 to 50 folks) all wheezing, sneezing, and coughing. Did not like the scenario felt like bad Ju Ju. Told my daughter take me home now said I have a better chance of survival at home. So we will see how effective they are.
  6. Welfalck, Tongue and cheek reply to your hoping to move on to bigger from closet. Posting on January 14.
  7. Went back and reviewed your converting that room amazing a man after my own heart, you took junk refurbished it dolled up the room fantastic job. On the cheap can be good. Hopefully you will give Welfalck some heart and he can get out of the closet.
  8. Dan, This one zipped by me. How can you work that paper at that small scale and keep it so neat is beyond me. How do you avoid carpal tunnel. Excellent work as always. Believe your having a paper model orgasm. As many as you have punched out I would have braces on both forearms and hands. Kudos
  9. Very good Grandpa Phil, that wee bit of tiny work is a warm up for the ratlines. Vic is looking good.
  10. CDW, Caught up, absolutely fantastic build. I am very impressed how you and others can handle PE on such a scale. I'm afraid I would break or bend all out of shape. Whoever invented the phrase fiddley parts was right on. Kudos (since I responded properly to this post the only good fish is a dead fish!)
  11. Patrick, Caught up all I can say is well done. Really like your methodology attacking problems, wish I was that focused. I'm a flitter flit here flit there then forgot where I flitted last. Kudos
  12. Well done Kudos the two for you.
  13. Probably be a hell of a lot cheaper.
  14. Great news Lou, you still have to put up with those accusatory dirty looks from folks, good opportunity for her to milk it for all she can. If we weren't friends I would give her some advice.

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