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  1. John Allen

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    Sadly its a fact of life today, and a microcosm of our lopsided trade agreements and useless patent protection and infringement laws. There eating us alive. Just pray this tariff war goes away. That said for years China has exported inferior products, pet food that killed pets, baby formula killed babies, inferior toxic drywall caused massive problems. Our response was the that of the Paper Lion we have become. Like Chuck not knowing him personally and what I see from his business and postings he walks a knifes edge every day with how long can I hold out and keep the wolf at bay. Its like the foreign state immunity I'm coming after you no you can't touch me I have diplomatic immunity. (feel for you Chuck) It would not surprise me if the materials in these kits might have a high level of toxicity, plastic and metal parts wood treated with banned substances. Nothing can be done about there imports they have us by the gonads, our production goes down there's goes up (not just labor). Don't forget that regime is behind pirating, internet piracy, do not know if we can ever even the playing field. Sorry off my soapbox.
  2. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Dave, I am surprised neighbors haven't called 911 having heard shots fired. You described it best an (Odyssey). You have the patience of Job or a large bottle of Xanax. You have my commiserations most of us have had a problem with a project and contractor and half way in problems arise and the age old problem do we bring in someone else (more money) or keep the bad one that may not finish or is incapable of finishing. Your almost there play the game be sweet, you will have many options for payback. Curious what kind of warranty? Did you write or is it in the contract last payment upon satisfactory completion the key satisfactory. Feel for you good luck hope the rest of install and repair goes smooth.
  3. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Ron, Sorry for the pet, at least at this point will not be life threatening.
  4. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    Well had court previous date, received judges ruling filed E-Notice in my e-mail this am. I have been involved in the criminal justice system for over 50 years first in law enforcement then as a private investigator. I have seen the good ,the bad, and the ugly (actually need Clint Eastwood to take out members of the court). Make a long story short neighbors built 5 ' wall from railroad ties backfilled with over 24 dump truck load of red clay, back the ties with fabric cloth let water thru and no dirt, (erosion problem.) Our property started eroding at a rapid rate, trenching occurred in 4 different places 8 inches and now 4'ft deep. Pool is undermined. They would not correct so sued. Our case was based on poorly constructed wall, improper materials railroad ties were rotted, and had no tiebacks wall beginning to lean to me. My case based on 3hrs. video and 35 minute edit for court with photos and a professional witness. Judge would not let us show video in court (that was our main evidence was flabbergasted) nothing we said changed his mind. I know from experience in this situation there was a bad bird in the mix. He ruled in there favor. Have to suck it up and appeal and approach at a different angle and request a new judge with a jury instead of a summary judgement. This is what I received today Wall fail leaning This happens every rain event we get the most rain nationwide trench 8' wide 10' deep under shallow end pool Repairs cannot be maid, due to runoff any drains or open drains would be undermined noting most is not surface water but comes from underneath wall also. Man I am just #^%%#$. Tomorrow will be better, sorry for taking up space and whining but I did receive this today
  5. I don't know if I missed something but a posting on the internet stated the wreck was in shallow water and visible from above on a hill or cliff sounds like an exaggeration or hokum.
  6. Always admired your mini builds, just noticed the painting on the wall of a sitting room I believe at the stern. Your really missing the boat. It is close to a Picasso with a little skewing and stretching of the face making it almost like Scream (don't know if Picasso did that one) you may be sitting on a million dollar piece of art.
  7. John Allen

    Possible New Hobby

    Roberto, Welcome, if you still have any rug rats or crumb munchers AKA little ones you may want to hide the gingerbread progress or find one morning it is gone and all that is left is crumbs. Good Luck.
  8. Believe we have a WINNAH! Congratulations extremely well done.
  9. Tim, Late catching up WELL DONE. Like the historical photos interspersed with updates. Kudos on my scale 1-10 a 14
  10. Mark, Upon further review the Stylo only has 20,000 rpm, and no foot pedal. I was looking for more rpm. I'll stick with my Markatt manicure machine has a foot pedal and speed control runs at 35,000 rpm costs $60.00. It has no collet flip in flip out
  11. Even the parts have parts, too many parts to part. Gonna knock your socks off when finished, might have to wear sunglasses.
  12. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Dave, Man I feel for you, you would think you would be a top priority, Hope you held back sizable amount to be paid upon completion. Everybody has hired a crew like this, hope they can make PROPER repairs without dismantling. Were they from the company or had done this kind of work before? I know you had them vetted. Sadly sounds like Laurel & Hardy wish you luck.
  13. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    Lou, I have labeled you Hoarder #17 there are 16 above you (those of you that collect and put off building). With all our previous conversations all I can say its about time. You have the hulls, all the PE, and extras from near and afar. (Sadly I am not a hoarder hope to be 1 day and not much of a builder all has been on hold it seems forever. Looking forward to your build, someone I know will be happy you got off your duff and will also be doing Mz. T.
  14. Has anyone purchased a Dremel 2050 Stylo + ? I saw one in Wal Mart $ 60.00 it's really small about the size of a fat permanent marker? Worth the price. Looks like there might be some advantages.

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