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  1. buttocks
  2. Pat, For just old fire-boats they have very graceful lines, especially love the nozzles at the top of the towers. It will be a fantastic twin build with photos and history also displayed will look forward to following your build.
  3. smee
  4. Joshua, In my minds eye I can see the grills brass plated and the hardware blackened or grills nickel plated with blackened hardware. Still want that pic. when you finish
  5. Azzoun, The old saying someone elses junk - Man you picked a good one. Want to see an after pic. bet it will be a jaw-dropper.
  6. left arm
  7. They also have a motorized lift kit that looks promising.
  8. Al & Nils Feel dwarfed by greatness, beautiful work is an understatement. I am lucky if I can read instructions. Both guitars are going to be beauty's.
  9. Man, I never use alcohol as a reward but as a tool. When I am vexed by a particular assembly and my head is hurting, fingers and hands twisted in knots a good snokering makes things very clear. Or it seems so at the time!!
  10. Sam, Have cats but have been lucky with them ever since they knocked over my Victory playing in the rigging and snapping off two mast tops. Have cat proofed the room and threatened family members not to enter the room unless I am present. That being said I have a weird dachshund wanna be. He is sneaky pack rat and fast as a ferret. I caught him eating plastic, glass, pistachio hulls. I wear readers buy them 3 at a time from Costco that is his favorite target if you do not put them up you'll find them with teeth marks on the lenses. He is protected by the doggy gods no trip to the vet yet. Have taken precautions for those problems. Almost forgot never leave a paper where he can get it he could have been a shredder in a previous life. I did let him in the modeling room when I worked, he LOVES wood, he is quiet I would be distracted by what I was working on sensed he was up to something turn and he would be sneaking of with a 3 foot piece of 3mm decking, or blocks or tools if dogs were combatants he would be in charge of stealth tactics for Delta Force. Every now and then I check under his little bed and blanket like the pack rat he is when we cannot find something there it is hidden under the blanket. Well he is now blacklisted for life! What we put up with our little (monsters) darlings P.S. I cut him 6 inch lengths of 2 inch dowels they do occupy him for a long time.
  11. I don't mind parts dropping sometimes you find them 2 or 3 days later or when you stop looking for them. The real bummer is when you have finished a build and had to order parts you lost and after you paid for 1 or 2 of needed parts plus shipping plus the wait to finish. Wowzer they magically appear fubar
  12. grandparents immigrated from Yugoslavia 1919. Settled in Perdido, Alabama, grandfather farmed in the summer and in the winters traveled to St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest and worked as a stone mason (never call him a bricklayer). Father a Coastie in WW II, Korea, Vietnam. Me born in Wareham Mass, raised in Groton Conn, migrated to Dauphin Island AL. now residing Mobile, Al. (I am what they call a damn Yankee, that's a Northerner that comes south and stays)
  13. A googled language translator and a translator to translate the translator
  14. I have a great contact for a therapist
  15. Well done.