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  1. Purchased a Markatt nail machine based on the suggestion of (Master Carver Gaetan Bordeleau) fantastic 30,000 rpm absolutely no vibration extremely light, has a foot pedal, reverse, changing and locking bits super easy thanks Gaetan! A dremel micro mini 18 I debated a long time over this one, glad I purchased extremely light, and the lighted end is great. Finally a stropping block, 8" x 2" x 4" rough leather 3 sides and a tanned smooth side big enought to use in hand and small enough to hone micro tools.
  2. That's an awesome table, and work area. T.V computer lighting its a Rolls Royce of a modeling work area. You could also perform out patient surgeries and chiropractic alignments!
  3. It's a hoot watching old men sucking in their guts when a good looking young woman walks by in a Wal Mart, sad thing is if they stop to ask a question like where is the hardware aisle or engage in conversation within 2 minutes the old mans face turns red has a hard time breathing and to his dismay gravity ensues and his now sucked up tight gut falls way below his waist scaring the devil out of the poor women. Women vanity be thy name also pertains to men.
  4. Very nice, those were brave pilots with Doolittle, they accomplished what could not be done also knowing there was no chance for survival. Kudos on displaying a (time capsule) of history.
  5. missed one box cutter
  6. first born
  7. I am a moderate novice, semi-experienced, not near pro status. I build for my minds eye each to his own. I also think when displayed the straight lined dead-eyes look better, has more aesthetic appeal and when there misaligned it takes your focus away from the whole build. (tongue & cheek shall we say)
  8. I'm stopped at a red light, it turns green, the joker in front of me is looking down (texting) I wait to blow my horn you never know who is going to pull a gun and shoot in today's world. Finally enough I honk he looks up (oh I have a green light) he looks in the rear view mirror, gives me the one finger salute and drives. Yep you guessed it I got the next red light. I mortally detest cell phones in the year 2025 evolution will produce a human with an ear on one side and a prosthetic cell on the other. Don't you just love it.
  9. I am inspired, it's a little to organized how do you find anything???
  10. I will start one of my pet peeves (which I have many) People leaving their shopping carts blocking 2 parking spots and the cart corral is 10 feet away, and speaking of shopping that customer that chats away on a cell phone when the employee has rung up purchases and keeps on talking oblivious of the line getting longer.
  11. Very very very nice, on a scale 1 to 10 a 12
  12. Carl, Brian left out his secret ingredient (Bacardi dark rum) I am all knowing
  13. He's not telling the truth one thing I have learned about cooks they always leave out 1 ingredient to drive you crazy.
  14. Keith, Caught up on the build, you have gone way beyond the curve. Kudos
  15. That's quite an accomplishment, John. Only three hours to teach your bro to back into a narrow slip in a stiff breeze without causing any heart attacks? You must be quite the teacher and your brother quite the student. I've been on the instructor end and I can count on one hand the number of students who could learn so quickly. Some just never got it. Julio Mo I should have prefaced that. He did have some prior experience, he owned a 19 foot pleasure boat and was not totally green. He was an experienced off shore snapper fisherman, and was a good hand with electronics, and ground tackle using GPS and anchoring on reef material in stiff offshore currents. That being said it was not a smooth beginning, for the first couple of hours until he relaxed with the throttles the backwash was like little tsunamis, and pity the neighbor trying to drink a cup of coffee.