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  1. tapering masts

    So right, grain is straight, dowels have a twisting grain and you think its straight then down the road you find the mast begins to have a slight lean n the direction of the twist of the grain learned that the hard way when buying cheap dowels.
  2. Ken, I am all for FEMA and what they tried to accomplish then, the point I was trying to make was they were overridden by the powers to be in what would have been a wonderful program and protected miles upon miles of pristine beaches for public access and use. I remember when (another old man memory) the public had almost unlimited access to public beaches in Alabama, not so any more people are lucky to find parking to go to the little strips they have know. In Florida you could drive from Pensacola to Apalachicola in the panhandle miles of pristine beaches bad as Al. then came the condos, most places you can't even see the water. At least from what I remember the East Coast the Carolinas, New Jersey, New York etc. still have a good amount of public access. Sorry to all am really getting off of my soapbox.
  3. Quick historical foot note. After Hurricane Fredrick 1978 (we were on Dauphin Island Al) the west end was basically an overbuilt sandbar massive destruction at that time wind and flood insurance was cheap. These were second homes for the wealthy who rented them as an investment. Damage in the wooded area was slight we had 14 inches of water got furniture carpet etc but structurally we were ok. Then Fema and national flood were thinking of buying homeowners out and declare that area part of the national seashore, and use this for a blueprint nationwide. so flood and wind in these areas could remain affordable. Along with CDW these areas should never been devolved period. its a barrier Island that moves and changes continually. It would have been expensive to begin with but would have saved not millions but billions if applied nationwide. Well the National footprint never happened lobby groups overpowered the insurance lobbies and now these people can still build and build and build. and flood and wind is outrageous so Mr. fat pockets can have his summer and rental home and the average american pays the price right now on that Island there are homes literaryin the water where there property was originally located. We loved it down there but after Danny in 1998 our premiums for the next year went up to $ 9,000.00 couldn't afford sold and moved. Which at my age now is ok too old to fight pulling carpet and all the wonderful things that come with a storm. And I guarantee you after this years storms they will still let people rebuild on barren sand-spits. Off my sandbox pardon the pun soapbox.
  4. I don't mean to be a harbinger of bad news but these things run in cycles you have several years of little activity(El Nino) then a cycle of killer storms sans El Nino. In my 69 years I have weathered hurricanes Camille, Fredric, Elena, and Danny. Sad to say we are in a bad cycle prayers for the poor souls on Puerto Rico caveat there seem to be of more intensity do to climate change. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, the poles are melting sea levels are rising. My years on the coast specifically Louisiana coast the rise in sea level is affecting the most southern towns where predictions in another 10 years many will have to be abandoned. The season will last another 2 months more storms to come. Man what have we done to Mother Earth she's not smiling right now.
  5. No such thing as climate change hooey bah and humbug. I love Ostriches
  6. Grant, It looks great so far, very interesting build you always attack with such great "elan". One question the last pics are they flying machine or better mouse trap?
  7. Mark have you gone to display in control panel then settings then screen resolution?
  8. Micheal, Am jealous of the cabinet. Well fess up one move one wife one truck?
  9. CDW Easy on the hootch
  10. CDW Hang in there brother she is a very bad girl hope all Florida folks stay safe prays for all. Know whats coming your way been there. Keep up reports.
  11. Sanding Sticks

    Jack, Stand corrected on Lowes grit. I don't know how long they have been out I'm like a kid these things are fantastic especially if you have these 2 friends Arthur & Itis
  12. Sanding Sticks

    I second the sanding sticks had them for about 6 months still in good shape there cheap. Also found this flexible foam palm sander at Wal-Mart has 10 pads of different grits held by Velcro is extremely flexible will get into most areas extremely soft and pliable, easy on the wrist and fingers, sanding pads last forever well almost. True value has them as well as Lowe's. Lowe's sander is a bit bigger and offers only 2 grits 60, 120 they also have a bigger one shaped like a palm sander. Really one of the best sanding products for the money. The small one at WM $ 5.99 Lowe's bigger one $ 6.00
  13. Bob, Been thru Camille, Fredric, Elena, and Danny. Irma ls a Camille wish you all the best if your lucky you might have water, power may be off for 2 to 4 weeks 35 miles inland is better than the coast but your still in a major bulls eyes with a storm of this magnitude. God forbid if you get a direct hit will be 10 times worse than you may think it will be, if you have never been thru one. You really need to depart if possible If you can't for whatever reason (mine was pets). Prepare prepare prepare. They will be giving out spam we were thankful for it every anniversary for Fredric we have that for dinner. Do not mean to be talking down to you, I am sure you realize the import of the storm. It just brings back memories of recovery and search and rescue the worst was little children that had no choice because their stupid parents had a hurricane party, I can still see every one of them. Historically about 60% of the time they lose some strength before landfall there is a good probability the track may go to the east if that high pressure in the Atlantic moves off. Our prays for you and your family and the little critters.
  14. Mark, Feel for all you folks on the west coast, fires are really nasty animals, especially if you have the rain causing mudslides nasty devils. Come down to Mobile get a taste of the local culture, air quality is great no fires. We can watch the track of the newest hurricane. Watching news (which I am sure is worse than portrayed) I was amazed how fast fires can travel trapping folks all of you out there take heed and don't dilly dally on evacuation orders. I won't go into stories of recoveries where people stupidly stayed to protect their homes or waited to leave and were trapped and paid the ultimate price regardless of which disaster. Be smart not stupid.