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  1. I may show my ignorance but have some leftover mahogany from shipping crates from the Philippines, and have traded cypress for Honduran and Brazilian mahogany many years ago when I was building coffee tables. I have never seen white it runs from a deep tan to dark red and shades of brown in between. Still have about 30 2x6s, hate to imagine cost today!
  2. focused
  3. I believe OCCRE has a small selection of wagons and trams, they look good but no nothing of there quality. Looks good Danny!
  4. Pecking around craigslist previous date seller had a Mamoli Constitution listed $ 50.00 he said it was complete and he got burned on how hard the instructions were. Really did not expect much I mean $ 50.00 really. Well I bought it was complete he did a good job on the hull and first layer of planking I think it was the deal of the month. Told him his work was good I would give him Translation sheets and any help he may need to get him back on track he just said he was burned. Here are pics.
  5. Early morning typically 3am or 4am to 7am if my back holds up depending on activity (leaning or sitting straight). Only time of the day that is peaceful and can work without interruptions or distractions. After those times have to play lion tamer with dogs and cats. I used to make my biggest mistakes during the day when the household was up and running, phone, last minute honey dos, chores, what are you cooking tonight, need something now can you make a quick trip to the store, on and on and on!! Love the 3am to 4 rise and shine
  6. Can download all nrg articles but this one-turned anti virus off but still blocked. My computer or some other problem
  7. The posted bill of the ballgame was a very very nice touch!
  8. Sjors, Googled Greenfields by the Brothers Four nice brought back memories of the Hootenanny days. That was some good folk music (really liked the Smothers Brothers) good luck with the song you will be playing it in no time. Don't no how you got Elswijk but you have an excellent teacher. (intimidating) John
  9. Scott, Thank you for your service, and sacrifices.
  10. Doug, Please post a pic in 30 days, would like to see if it still has a place for everything and everything is in its place. Actually all I have looked at did not give me a tickle could you please post the jewelry makers web that is about the best I have seen, like the wood.
  11. I thought I had finished my last case of the dumbs yesterday, embarrassing, thanks Mark overlooked the first step
  12. S.O.S need a little help well really a lot. Inherited a partially built Corel Dragon Yacht, has most of the lumber but missing a lot of hardware. The crux of the problem I have plans 5,5 2 & 5,5 3 I am assuming there are 5 sheets of plans including a list of parts. (never assume) need a lead on a complete set of plans or direction to a build log. Have searched the site and came up negative. I found a post by Dee Dee but was only a page of build. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated if it was billings dragon I would be in fat city alas
  13. Grant beautiful pup, labs love to chew wood good luck, he is going to be a bigun
  14. Philo, A great gesture, and kudos on how you did it. I wonder if they are still trying to figure it out. You may have created an unsolved mystery. THE PHANTOM of THE LIBRARY what else lurks in the dark halls of academia. Well done
  15. Purchased a Markatt nail machine based on the suggestion of (Master Carver Gaetan Bordeleau) fantastic 30,000 rpm absolutely no vibration extremely light, has a foot pedal, reverse, changing and locking bits super easy thanks Gaetan! A dremel micro mini 18 I debated a long time over this one, glad I purchased extremely light, and the lighted end is great. Finally a stropping block, 8" x 2" x 4" rough leather 3 sides and a tanned smooth side big enought to use in hand and small enough to hone micro tools.