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  1. What have you received today?

    Ken, Kudos, that's quite an accomplishment. Your publisher should have sent a case.
  2. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Doug, Try one more experiment, I am sure you timed how long the rigging of one set of shrouds took. I screwed up when rigging my victory, was 90% finished they looked like hell (I am not what you call a serious or experienced modeler). I took a pair of scissors and cut everyone out I wasn't crying (had just cut some onions). I had used a paper guide with lines and exact measurements and some other hints on this site. Try one mast, lay your shrouds in tied to blocks and channels. I tied my first line at the bottom, tied the second ratline at the top, tied the third ratline at the midway point, and the fourth at the 3/4 way point. The shrouds are now broken into fourths. By doing this you have straight shrouds and by be careful there not pulled in or out. Now this may seem tricky but eyeball as you go up from your bottom point, your ratline should be loose enough to adjust. I think you will find out they will look pretty good if you don't get into exact widths to the 9th degree. After you do one and play with it you will be surprised how fast it will go and actually be enjoyable. And you can avoid this
  3. Ship paintings

    Your extremely prolific the way you can whip these out. That being said I have not seen one I would not be proud to hang in the house.
  4. Wood Project Source?

    Everyone might want to cut him a little slack, he may be going thru a bump in the road and it appears he is honoring his commitments, don't jump to soon before you walk a mile in his shoes, it is extremely tough to be a small business in this economy and be competitive have been there in the past. It appears all of you are happy with his product.
  5. Happy Birthday celebrate it with Gusto. :cheers:

  6. Build diary - Garden!

    Jim, You could have turned that into a huge litter box but alas emptying would be a problem! You have an inordinately amount of patience, and perseverance. We need to see posts on your finished project it looks like its going to be very grand KUDOS.
  7. Dave,


    Happy Birthday celebrate it with GUSTO. :cheers:

  8. Christmas time again

    Dave, Beautiful displays, by the way two things I checked etsy, ebay and craigslist you have room left and I see you do not have all they make in addition they have come out with a new series a bit larger that is weather proof you can display outside the home open up the check book. Have a long talk with the boss if you have a fire will she save you or the villages something to think about. I have one too I think it was last year I posted what my boss did to the house her thing is Christmas trees she added another this year beside the big one I have to put together 8 smaller ones and fight the cats and dogs from hiding in them. The rest of the house looks like Santa Claus and his reindeer threw up Christmas. Like you anything to make the women happyYour house is beautiful and waiting for HoHo.
  9. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Might have come in handy when my ratlines on Victory didn't look good and I cut every one out from all 3 masts top to bottom. Did them twice discouraging to say the least. I'd drop the $ 14.00 to try it out just to see if there was an advantage. Don't poo poo something until you try it does look interesting. Doug let us know post pics.
  10. Happy Birthday, celebrate it with gusto.:cheers:

  11. Damp, drizzling, on and off 3 days. Heavy fog am pm went from 28 to 68, heavy clothes one day shorts and tees the next. Poor knees and elbows hope I don't run out of Aleve. Not complaining, nothing compared to the poor souls on the west coast dealing with 60mph winds and firestorms. Sometimes be thankful for what we don't have.
  12. What have you received today?

    Received 3 different styles of burlap. for the Waka Tuau Maori war canoe. They had a V shaped sail made of Raupo leaves (bullrush) leaves were 3 meters in length and woven into sails, or made out of flax, Bull rush leaves would have turned brown and may have looked like the weave in burlap. Not thrilled yet with burlap need to get flax and compare assume raw flax is a tan to ecru.
  13. What have you received today?

    Sad we always had Danes the most gentle giant on the planet with good care maybe 8 to 10 years. Do not think we could do another your right about the ripped heart.
  14. Aha the lab of a mad scientist er model builder (where is Igor) Would love to have that much room, nice.
  15. IMG_1991.JPG

    Very well done, chose a great color for the bottom makes it pop Kudos