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  1. a very good looking model Igor... Nils
  2. nice looking build Dali, Nils
  3. Wind, soot, rain and ashes all that goes with a work boat on the river, leave their traces on deck and funnels, Excellent job Blighty !! Nils
  4. Very nice build and weathering with the painting... Well done.. Nils
  5. nice build ! relatively simple, but exotic and charming, well done ! Nils
  6. Very nice looking longboat Steve, Nils
  7. Very nice built model, Nils
  8. Wonderful work Danny, never had the chance to see the structure of an old stagecoach so detailed and am amazed of what blacksmith work is involved in the truck-work, and what you are detailing in model is fantastic, well done !! Nils
  9. Hi Skipper, if the lines are of steel or steel with galvanized tin coating there is no problem with paste-flux and soft-soldering the ends after you taped off the end. After soldering, just clip off the end with the masked tape, You`ll have a nice clean cut and the ends will not be unraveling. I`ve also tried this with stainless steel line and special flux and appropriate special soft solder, but in vain, that did`nt give good results... Nils
  10. an excellent built model Lee, well done... Nils
  11. Welcome back Danny, its good to see you on deck again..... Nils
  12. beautiful build Mike, Nils
  13. Congrats Pete, "strong medicine" the indian warrior would say.... Well done! Nils
  14. Wow! Michael now thats a fine tool, amazing how you are able to transfer your thoughts into smart toolery ..... Well done. Nils
  15. lovely details Al, a beautiful build.... Nils