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  1. DSCI6797.JPG

    Thank you Ragove, am pleased you like it... Nils
  2. DSCI6780.JPG

    Many thanks Mike, much appreciated... Nils
  3. DSCI6756.JPG

    Thank you very much Denis, Nils
  4. This Chebec is based on an Amati plan which has been enlarged from scale 1:60 to new 1:48, the armed ship is built from scratch with many special details inside / outside with outcut viewing possibility from the port side. It is representing a vessel that was also used by corsairs and pirates of the mediteranean North African "Barbary Coast". The crew I have chosen and gathered together, is recruited from a bunch of multi cultural "ruffians". The build time was appr. 9 months. For larger images, please right click on the pic, and choose the larger magnification from the grey colored multi function bar "other sizes", (choose the largest option there) Enjoy Nils
  5. DSCI6820.JPG

    Thanks very much Dave, your crew identification rate is realy not bad.... nearly 100% With ref to the maning of those oars I wish I knew myself how they did it, but sitting on the canons is an interesting option. When cutting the gunports I had the same feelings, but larger holes would have fouled the inner bulwark structures Your humor and your comments are highly appreciated.... Nils
  6. Good Morning, from Somerset.

    Hi Rory, welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and have much fun with wooden modelboat building..... Nils
  7. wonderful 2 pictures Wefalck, thanks for sharing, self explaining how to do it... Nils
  8. Hi Sandor, here a pic from my book " Schiffsmodelle" of Wolfram zu Mondfeld, regarding to non battle tyings of guns...... the barrel is upward and tied contact, face to the bulwark. Breech ropes and pulley are set tight, and additional chocks hinder the wheels from moving... Perhaps there are different methodes as well, but this is one I found... Nils
  9. Chapman Barge 1768 (Scale 1:50)

    Beautiful barge model Foxtrott, Nils
  10. FV Roc Amadour

    Nice and clean build Joe ! Nils
  11. IMG_2850.JPG

    Beautiful build Kensaku, I love the open framing, which leaves the view to the inside..... Nils
  12. 045.JPG

    Very nice model Fukui, nils
  13. Hi Maurice, very interesting information....., thanks for sharing the note that the soliciting for bids is being out..., guess its anyhow for US only.... I doubt that one of the fellow builders of MSW will go for it, now that there would only be hardly 1 year left to deliver. I was once myself thinking of building the SS Vaterland, ( SS/USS Leviathan), but taking a closer look at the enormous complexity of the fitting out details soon convinced me to leave the fingers off this project. Besides that it would be a "monster" of 3020 mm in length in scale 1:96. Nils
  14. DDG 111 USS Spruance

    Beautiful work RGL, Nils
  15. AA1B3D33-D458-4F50-B02A-9B208CC60E88.jpeg

    Very interesting little craft Javier, nice sunny colors.. Nils

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