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  1. Ship paintings

    Beautiful work Jim, Nils
  2. Ship paintings

    Wow Jim, what an allround talent you have ! Nils
  3. 11.jpg

    Great looking boat D.J.Bobo Nils
  4. Ship paintings

    Lovely painting Jim, congrats, I love this one it really looks like as if you yourself documented the stranding way back in 1906 ! at low tide. The camera operator, the groups and wagon in the background and the persons at the ship`s side bring this scene to life Nils
  5. Ship paintings

    excellent as always Jim, love your paintings Nils
  6. Ship paintings

    love that one Jim, a wonderful view and quite busy in the bay.... Nils
  7. Ship paintings

    wonderful Jim, mist over the forrest and the Rockies in the background.... Nils
  8. Ship paintings

    Many thanks Jim, wish I had the talent to do such paint work, also a good idea with the clock in the background to show the duration it takes.... Nils
  9. Ship paintings

    Hi Jim, thanks for answering, incredible work...... I can imagine how you are holding the dagger brush between pointer finger and thumb, whilst the brush is resting on the middle finger, probably you guide your hand along some kind of linear supporting rail. However done, it is a fantastic result !!!!
  10. Ship paintings

    Wow ! love that one Jim, one can feel the fresh breeze driving the windjammer... I have a question to the technique....., how do you do the wonderful thin rigging lines / ratlines, etc....? Nils
  11. Ship paintings

    fantastic work Jim, the sea, its foam crowns and the wake of the corvette is super realistic.... Question : how do you get the white foam on the sea where it has already been painted blue before ? Well done ! Nils
  12. Ship paintings

    Jim, again, thanks so much for sharing your work, its a pleasure to explore the fine details, the light and shadow effects, the ships wakes, even the small crtew members in action and the colors of the sea... Wunderbar !! Nils
  13. Ship paintings

    Thanks Jim, lovely marine artist`s work.... Nils
  14. Ship paintings

    Hi Jim, I`m amazed of your talent and skill with those aquarel paintings, and would love to see more.... Well done !! Nils
  15. Maritime Nautical Art

    oops , requires a large bucket on the floor below... Nils