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  1. Hi Kurt, before you try making your own Plywood fron veneer sheets, would it perhaps be an alternative for you to utilise so called multilayer aero-plywood ? I used for examlpe 10-layer ply in aero quality in total thickness of only 5,5 mm, and got very strong filigrane thin parts (frames for my Pegasus build) out of it.... Nils
  2. nice work Ed, the white walled little "photo studio", good idea Nils
  3. Thank you Michael, for looking in, you`re always welcome... in the moment I`m thinking of all the boats required, and of possibly doing a sample one (prototype) from wood in a way that a negative mould (in one or two parts) can be taken off it for reproduction. But first I need to gain some experience with silicone rubber resin forming and resin casting from the "rubber mould" Nils
  4. many thanks to Carl, Captain Poison, Lawrence, Dan, and Greg for your nice words and comments..... Carl, I was much inspired by the 1:100 KWdG models of the professional Kvartett-team, and the one by Peter Davis Garner (Mr. Hollom), but that scale would have called for a 2 Meter long Model, and a card Model in 1:250 would have been something for a modeler with "surgeon skills" in his hands... Captain Poison, welcome aboard, I`m pleased you like it, the idea with resembling only the riveted seams of the funnel-plating came per flash one morning, and I tried and approved it... Lawrence, thanks for you nice words, much appreciated.. Dan, I put a little effort into the props, right at the beginning of the build, as I never saw such scale props on the fitting out model after sale market Greg, thanks for your words mate, I grew up in Capetown SA, and I remember my father using that adjective "bloody ....." for something he liked much, etc. but he spent some months in Australia before, so no wonder.... Nils
  5. a beautiful finalized model Lawrence, I love the picture from aft with the sunlight on the front sail sides... Well done ! Nils
  6. Rob and Jeff, many thanks to you both for your words...., an no need rush through, enjoy the build Rob, I´ll be looking out for your further progress on the GR, when you find time to continue.... Jeff, Dankeschön, a nice comment, much appreciated... Nils
  7. Very nice build Paul ! the kit provides best view into the ships belly and its stations... Nils
  8. small update: the upper brass profiles on the railing are carrying base for the mahagoni handrails (glue on with CA) Nils the U-type brass mini- profiles give stable strength to the fragile upper railing wire like here on the aft ship railing
  9. Fantastic work !! Nils
  10. beautiful built model Ondras71, nice and clean and excellent masting, I also love those modified figurines in period uniforms, well done Nils