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  1. web-3516.jpg

    Great looking boat Iosto, Nils
  2. 2017_10_03_01.jpg

    very atractive model Ken, well done ! Nils
  3. SF Gallery 1.jpg

    Nice looking section Peter, Nils
  4. Little paper builder

    Welcome Heinrich, nice to see you here, enjoy your stay and have a pleasant time.... Nils
  5. Congratulations Danny, a very well built and super fitted out card model, and a tight schedule for building it at quite a pace !! Nils
  6. Chris, give it a chance and Google : Preiser 65303 Preiser 65302 The figures are in period fashions around 1900 and in Gauge "O", which I think is scale 1:43, available in worldwide web shops (do`nt know in down under) Nils
  7. one of the first flying machines... thanks Grant for building and sharing this one, great looking... Nils
  8. Stbd Qtr.jpg

    a beautiful boat Grant, Nils
  9. 17th Century Longboat

    Beautiful build, Nils
  10. Stern

    well done Elijah, lovely looking schooner Nils
  11. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Sad to hear that my freind Bob has left.... not knowing the reason for him not posting any more, I had fear that someting like this could have ocurred. Missing you, You will be kept in my memory mate.... RIP and my condolences to his wife and family Nils
  12. We are Moving

    Hi Michael, congrats to your new home, the room for your workshop looks very nice, hope you and your wife will be finding a wellcoming and helpful neighbourhood there. I wish you all the best.... Nils
  13. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Jack, a lovely boat-typ and wonderful pictures, must be real fun sailing the blue waters of the Adriatic sea... Nils
  14. DSCI5490.JPG

    Bill, Many thanks four your appreciative words, I saw this build once as a very well completed and colored card model, but in the small scale 1: 250. So from that time on my mind went pregnant with the question if it would be possible to scratch build the ship in a larger scale, e.g. 1:144....., and it was... Nils