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  1. Ship paintings

    great stuff, and so many. i used to paint pictures years ago but somehow i never really got the bug, i`ve painted about 25 in the last 45 years and none in the last 15 most i gave away. and i dont know why i just got bored, bit similar to my model building now, seem to have the skills but not the drive, of all my paintings only two were of ships, one i gave to an old friend that used to be in the merchant navy and the other i gave to my younger brother and his wife, i have a photo of this one, it was a picture i saw on a book cover in a second hand book store, so i bought the book for a few pence and painted it, the picture was done on a 30" x 20" board in oils, so here it is
  2. my victory started in 2007, love it hate it and all the bits in between
  3. in the uk we call them common house spiders or a more scientific name the eratigena atrica i have a funny story about one of these monsters, some 20 years ago i was living with a girlfriend and one of these walked around the bedroom ceiling. it was unusual because it had one leg missing, she asked me to kill it, so i explained it will keep all the bugs and flies down, so not quite sure about it she said ok, anyway every 6 or 7 days we would see it again going around the bedroom and my girlfriend became comfortable with it, because of the missing leg we knew it was the same spider, in the end we were calling it our spider, all was well and my girlfriends fear of spiders had gone, but then one saturday morning at about 10am whilst we were still in bed her 12 year old son shouted up and said MUM I`VE JUST KILLED A MASSIVE SPIDER we both looked at each other and she shouted back to her son YOU HAVN`T HAVE YOU, HOW MANY LEGS DID IT HAVE! i must admit i couldn`t stop laughing, we never saw our 7 legged friend again. this is a true story