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  1. Hi Vaddock and Carl Thanks for the advice and comments. I tend to use two types for my boats. The first is the Gel type, which is perfect for quick jobs as it’s thick, has a longer drying time and allows for final adjustments to be made. The second type is the runny Zap A, which I use exclusively for flooding and saturating the wood, or cardboard; thereby making the surface super strong. Perfect for my teeny tiny work. Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi Vaddoc Yes. CA glue is what I use almost exclusively, because it’s quick drying and non-messy. Do you you have an alternative idea? Thanks Patrick
  3. Hi Peter ...nothing like a bit of whimsical fun and fantasy to catch the kid’s attention. I like it! Cheers. Patrick
  4. Outstanding effort, Adrian. You should be justifiably proud! Well done. Cheers. Patrick
  5. HI John Many thanks! That's a mighty nice compliment. On a more serious note, I hope you're (and all of our American MSW members) safe and well, what with the Hurricane that's blowing through your country at the moment. Stay safe. Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi Folks A quick update of Genesis’ progress. The interior accommodation continues to grow, at the detriment of her painting. One thing at a time... Have a great weekend. Cheers. Patrick
  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your Likes and comments. Much appreciated. Well...as you can tell, I’m having far too much fun working on Genesis’ interior. She’s getting there, folks; she’s getting there. Have a great weekend. Enjoy. Patrick
  8. Hi Rob That’s a tricky question, of which only you know the true answer to. One thing’s for sure, whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll look pretty perfect. Have a great weekend! Cheers. Patrick
  9. Omega1234

    Recovering from injuries and infection

    Chief I would also like to echo Ken’s sentiments. Stay strong and you’ll have an amazing recovery. Take care. Cheers. Patrick
  10. Hi Vaddoc Ouch! I had a similar fate with my wisdom teeth, many moons ago. Not nice. On a more positive note, at least you were still able to make some headway on your boat. Have a great weekend. Cheers. Patrick
  11. Hi Al Nice work! The Cutty Sark is such a beautiful and iconic ship and you’re definitely doing her justice with your model. Keep the great work coming. Cheers. Patrick
  12. Hi Peter It’s a masterful job you’re doing there. Well done. It certainly looks nice and realistic, that’s for sure. Cheers. Patrick
  13. Hi Carl!!!!!! Damn. Never thought of that! Great idea. Thanks Patrick
  14. Thanks Pat I hear ya! I wish I could have a full sized one too!!! Oh well....I’ll just keep trying Lotto, I guess. Cheers. Patrick

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