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  1. Hi Mark Beautiful workmanship and amazing details. All in all, wow! Cheers Patrick
  2. Hey Hartmut Top job on carving the sea monsters! ...and, need I say, the rest of the ship ain't too bad, either!!! Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Walter I wouldn't worry too much. You've had too much on your plate, lately. Just the fact that you're able to even think about your CAD drawings is a good sign. All the best! Cheers Patrick
  4. Hi Lawrence Would you believe it? I'm watching it right now and wow, it's really impressive. What a tribute to your grandfather. What's also amazing is just how much effort you've put into your AP. That, coupled with the haunting, yet melodic shanty songs, is mesmerising. Lovely. Cheers Patrick
  5. Hi Denis Finally got time to catch up! Man she's looking great. The paints certainly threw up some challenges, but, you've overcome them admirably. Lovely stuff! Cheers Patrick
  6. Hi John Sure! Just happened to have some spare BBQ skewers and curtain hooks lying around. Oh...lets see what can I do with them? I know! Why not turn them into some super fine details for the boat? Not to mention the figures and other items. Outstanding work, John. Truly outstanding. Cheers Patrick
  7. Hi Chris It's great to see you back into building your little beauty. I really like the toe rail. What a difference it's made to the overall effect. Nice!! Cheers Patrick
  8. Hi Denis Brilliant work on the net. Now all the effort that you've put into the trawl rig, buoys, winches, etc, is all starting to make sense. I can just picture Suborn chugging the seas trawling those waters. Speaking of trawling, if you could just send her over here...there're a few recalcitrant goldfish in our pond! Cheers Patrick
  9. Hi Frank Lovely framing. This is where the fruits of your labour really starts to take shape. Cheers Patrick
  10. Hi Adrian. Nice progress on the mast. Cheers Patrick
  11. Hi Rob Hehehe...sorry about that! Ya gotta stay off the cool aid! It's still amazing how you do them. It takes me 12 to 18 months just to do one of mine (and mine are minuscule compared to your giants)! Have a great weekend. Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi Rob THREE MONTHS???????? Oh my Lord. It takes me three months to decide when I'm gonna start a boat.... I'm feeling totally inadequate now! Cheers Patrick
  13. What a great way to make the most out of a sad situation! I like it!!!! Cheers Patrick