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  1. Very nice, Ginger!! Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi Rob You're definitely a talented modeller and, dare I say, extremely versatile, as well. Beautiful work! Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi folks! Shadow's journey continues! There's still bucket loads more work to go, especially on the internal accommodation, but, heaps of fun at the same time. Cheers Patrick
  4. Mmmm...let me see....!
  5. Hi Carlos. Thanks for your comments about Majellan and Rainbow. Much appreciated! The correct choice of materials at these scales is critically important, as they can easily appear out of scaled you don't make the right choice. For the most part, I use thin cardboards, wood veneers and various thicknesses of plastic sheets for my models. I've also found that coloured paper and chocolate wrappers (especially the gold and silver chocolate wrappers) are useful. I hope this helps! Cheers and all the best. Patrick
  6. Thanks!
  7. Very nice, Capcosta. You've done a wonderful job on this little beauty! Cheers Patrick
  8. Well done, Michael. Onwards and upwards from here on! Cheers Patrick
  9. Michael, take care and make sure you recuperate fully. Your Bristol Cutter and all of us need you back ASAP!!!
  10. Hi Pete-you've turned professional now and deservedly so. Your skills are top notch and any collector would be happy to have a 'Pete48 original' in their collection. Well done. She's a beauty! Cheers Patrick
  11. What a great way to make the most out of a sad situation! I like it!!!! Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi Michael What a lovely job you've done on her. In fact, seeing something that's started just from a pile of wood and eventually ending up as a wonderful wooden boat, is the epitome of satisfaction. Congratulations. She's a beauty! Cheers Patrick
  13. Hi Geoff Hehe. I get the joke....BUT, for some strange reason, I can't get the image of a real live occie doing just that (especially after seeing some documentaries about how smart those things are)! Sends shivers down my spine. All the best! Cheers Patrick
  14. Well done, Mark Tis a good feeling whenever one clears the crap away. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Cheers Patrick
  15. Hi Michael ...oh, to be able to build something of that calibre...! Thanks for sharing this vid. Cheers Patrick