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  1. Finished Sep 16 2017 (17).JPG

    Lovely work, Dan! Cheers. Patrick
  2. Thanks Bob! Your compliments are gratefully appreciated. To be honest though, I wasn't really sure that I could pack so much detail into the tiny hull, either...but, what's life without a challenge, huh? I wish you all the best for your Ranger model. I've no doubt that you're going to love building her. Cheers Patrick
  3. Hi Bob Like you, I have an endless love for the J Boats as well. You just can't beat them for sheer beauty and power; mesmerising to say the least. I built my tiny model of the J Boat, Rainbow, which, may or not be of interest / assistance to you, but if you're interested, you can see the link in my signature block below. Thanks Patrick
  4. Hi Chris Thanks for sharing this with us. The mind boggles...! Cheers. Patrick
  5. Stbd Qtr.jpg

  6. 17th Century Longboat

    Very nicely done! Cheers. Patrick
  7. Micrometer

    ...ahem. Yep, I guess you're right!!!! I bet there's a good story behind this mistake? Cheers. Patrick
  8. Fore deck companionway

    Hi Elijah. Your efforts and talents are shining through, big time! It's pure joy to look at and admire your ship. Well done! Cheers. Patrick
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Hi John Not sure if it's just me, but I can't see any of your pictures? Cheers Patrick
  10. Them Old Jokes

    I'm lost!
  11. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Very sad to hear of Bob's passing. I will miss you, Bob. My condolences and strength to your wife, family and friends. Patrick
  12. Hi Julie My advice would be to just get in there and do it! You'll be amazed at what you'll achieve; especially with your level of woodworking and carpentry skills. Cheers Patrick
  13. ...the stuff of nightmares!
  14. Hi Gerhard YIKES!!!! Do spiders shed skin like snakes??? I hope not.... Cheers. Patrick