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  1. Mit This should fit the mount http://www.ebay.com/itm/Starrett-No-463M-Micrometer-Head-0-13mm-Range-0-01mm-Graduations-/142532484230?epid=1748534897&hash=item212f991c86:g:uiYAAOSwCV5Z2ljS Jim
  2. Mit The .010 blade is going to flex no matter what you do, a 0 insert won't help. The mic head is a 3/8 mount, no threads, it's glued on with locktite regards Jim
  3. Thickness sander

    Kurt We survived the storm ok, no damage to the house other than a few screens blowing off the porch. A few of my neighbors trees came down, one across the driveway which I turned into small logs by 9am with the chain saw and one on his neighbors house which was next. The power went out at 9:45 Sunday night and finally came back on Thursday evening. It was a miserable few days with the heat and humidity. We have a 5000kw generator so we were able to power our fridges, a few lights, a fan and a small window ac I took out of my model shop window. Some people still don't have any power and then there's the flooding. The machine shop fared pretty well also. The only damage was a little water blowing under the doors and of course no power until late Thursday night so the CNC's got a mini vacation. The major damage was caused by me. i needed an extra sheet of plywood to cover one of our sliding glass doors and there was none to be found at the stores so I removed a piece of the plywood floor I put over the office at the shop. Forgot that I connected all the supports for the suspended ceiling to the underside so when I slid the ply off the ceiling came down. Spent all day yesterday putting it back up. The office needed a good cleaning anyway. Jim