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  1. Virginia-built schooners first appeared during the American Revolution. Known as Baltimore Clippers, they helped establish the Port of Baltimore as a major shipbuilding center.In 1974, Baltimore city officials decided to build a replica of a 19th century clipper to serve as good-will ambassador for the city. The ship, named Pride of Baltimore, was launched at Baltimore's Inner Harbor on February 27, 1977. She was lost in micro-squall on May, 1986. The city then commissioned a larger sister-ship, and the Pride of Baltimore II was launched on April 30, 1989.
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    Hallo Nils: No, actually I took the picture sitting the model on a bench and then using the PAINT software of MS Office, erasing the bench with the copy-paste function several times over sea and grass. Viele Grüße aus Mexiko, Karl
  5. Regalship Vasa, 1628. The making of this model emerged by chance as I was given by a friend who could not do it. The construction was a challenge because initially I had to disarm several pieces, many pieces were loose without identification and model instructions are poor. However, after 15 months I could finish this great model. I show some pictures on photomontage in the bay of San Carlos, Guaymas and several on details of the ship.
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    Thanks for your comment Ian, actually in the other 2 models I made (San Francisco and HMS Pandora, both included in the Gallery), I intended to show the ships as real ones, taking the photos over the real scenary of Miramar Bay. Karl
  9. HMS Endeavour (also known as HM Bark Endeavour) Launched in 1765, was acquired in 1768 by the British Admiralty and prepared for a 3 year voyage under the command of the famous Cap. James Cook. Model: Scale 1:60 by Artesania Latina and images from the Australian-built replica, one of the world's most accurate maritime reproductions.
  10. The most fearsome ships of the Spanish Armada were the galleons, ships that first appeared in mid 16th century. The galleon San Francisco (apparently there were at least three galleons with this name) was a typical example of those ships.
  11. HMS Pandora

    The HMS Pandora (Constructo) was the first ship I build (2007) and although the instructions and plans had several errors and omissions it gave me great satisfaction. I put some pictures of it in the previous version of MSW but because it's a seldom made ship I decide to include them again. The first image was made photoshoping it with a sunset at the Bay of San Carlos (Guaymas).
  12. Miramar 1

    Small Tuna Purse seiner of the Cantabric Sea. It was made with downloaded plans from MODELISMO NAVAL . Scale 1:40 http://www.modelismonaval.com/descargas/planos-/barcos-a-motor