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  1. Hello from Barcelona

    Que tal Andres: Bienvenido a este gran Foro. Wish yo can spend wonderful hours with this hobby. Saludos desde Mexico, Karl
  2. Hello from southern AZ!

    Hola Justin: Nice to have you here at this MSW forum. I live in Guaymas but I visit your city very often and we love Tucson, actually I used to have several friends at the U of A in the shrimp pathology lab. Saludos, Karl
  3. Hello from Germany

    Hallo Kay: Welcome to this great site. Grüße aus dem Golf von Kalifornien, Heinz
  4. Introduction: new member.

    Hola Alfredo: Welcome to this great site. It is good to have another mexican in the Forum, we are very few of us. As you I had a very similar background in modeling: starting when I was a little boy with the Revell-Lodela kits and then returning to modeling after 50 years!!! The difference is that now I am more interested in doing wood kits instead of plastic ones. Also, I was born in Mexico City but since the 70´s I live in Guaymas, Son. Saludos, Karl PD: By the way, one of my closest friend here at Guaymas is a retired Admiral of the navy
  5. A proper introduction I am Rik

    Hola Rik: Welcome to this great site. Saludos from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Karl
  6. Landlocked newbie in Arizona

    Hola Don: Welcome to this great site. I am not in AZ but nearby, at Guaymas, Sonora. Saludos, Karl
  7. Brass Blackener

    Hola Bill: I used with good success the Patina that is sold in "stained glass" shops and it is used to blackened the silver tone of lead and other materials that laid in between the glasses. Depending the time you submerged the brass piece in the solution is the hue of black you obtain. Saludos, Karl
  8. B6

    Thanks for your likes kwiron and Landlubber, Saludos Karl
  9. C2

    Thanks for your words Neptune, Saludos Karl
  10. Wasa bahia 6

    Hallo Nils: No, actually I took the picture sitting the model on a bench and then using the PAINT software of MS Office, erasing the bench with the copy-paste function several times over sea and grass. Viele Grüße aus Mexiko, Karl
  11. Regalship Vasa, 1628. The making of this model emerged by chance as I was given by a friend who could not do it. The construction was a challenge because initially I had to disarm several pieces, many pieces were loose without identification and model instructions are poor. However, after 15 months I could finish this great model. I show some pictures on photomontage in the bay of San Carlos, Guaymas and several on details of the ship.