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  1. So I have been making a bit of progress since my last post. I cut out the gun ports and framed them. My plan is to put the 2nd layer of planking up to the liners and sills and then file the liners and sills flush with the planking. I think I can get a cleaner look that way. In the end, the planks surrounding the gun ports will be painted white and the liners and covers black. I am not really following the building order laid out in the instructions. I am trying to do as much as I can prior to putting in the 4 cannons that are underneath the upper fore and aft decks. I don't think that i
  2. 1st layer of planking is finally done. After some sanding I think we will be in good shape. Next I will probably trim the edges where the walnut keel pieces will fit and continue on with the bulwarks. Looking back I am wondering if it would have been easier to put these in before the 1st layer of planks and fit the plank lengths. Like everything there are good and bad points with either way. That is what makes this hobby fun... there is absolute right or wrong. It is up to each person's creativity.
  3. Nice job on the sails. They really look like they are billowing in the wind. I am sure I will be bothering your when I get to the rigging stage which will probably be next spring. I am just getting close to closing up the hull with the first layer of planking.
  4. Still moving forward with the 1st layer of planking. About halfway there. Both sides are coming out pretty symmetric so I am happy with the progress so far.
  5. Thanks, Gundorf, It is kind of a tricky build in that the order of everything with regards to assembling what to what when needs a lot of forethought. The first thing that jumps out at you is do not install the fore and aft decks until the cannons on both ends of the main deck are installed. You will not be able to fit fingers or work in the space where they go. The AL instructions are a bit vague but you should have no trouble as this is your second build. This is my first and with the help of MSW I am finding my way through it. I plan on changing a few things as I go. When I get to th
  6. So I started the first layer of planking. It is the first time I have done this and have read many tutorials which have helped greatly. A few planks a night so it should take a while but I am in no rush. Knowing that this will be covered up with a second layer definitely takes a lot of pressure off. Each one gets a little better. I am trying to approach it as if it will be the only layer so I can learn how to do it correctly i.e. not tapering the ends down to more than half the width, where and when to insert drop planks or stealers. I end up dry fitting a couple and attaching with t-pin
  7. That is a real nice job. I just started with the first hull planks.. someday I hope mine comes out as good as yours.
  8. Thanks Marku. It was tedious but I like the way it came out. I put the catwalks in and fared the bulkheads and catwalks. The pic shows the fore deck just held on with clamps for now. I think I figured out a way to install the cannons on main deck that are under the fore and aft decks. I need to think it through but right now I am thinking about temporarily putting the decks in place while I plank the hull. I am going to pin or screw the deck to the bulkhead where the mast is going to be located. The hold the ends with clamps as shown. The hole where the screw will be will disappea
  9. So I did a little more work on the main deck. I was trying to decide whether to put the trunnels in or not. According to the research all the planking is 9" wide. That puts it at about 1/8" wide at my 1:85 scale. The actual planks supplied are about 0.2". I decided to go with the supplied width and make the planks 24' (2 3/8") long I then added some detail with the trunnels. Naturally putting them in a plank 1/8" wide did not seem practical. I don't think I will do them on the hull planks because the walnut planks (2nd layer) are very dark and they would not show up that well... just no
  10. SgtSki, you are one busy modeler. Likewise, good luck with the Niagra. I am currently planking decks right now. It is pretty straight forward, kind of like the calm before the storm...
  11. Thanks Richard, I am writing in book now. I will probably by 6 spools because I am sure rigging will take some practice.
  12. Mark, Thanks for the info about the AL rigging. I am a bit nervous about trying to match the colors so I will probably buy an extra spool of each before I start just to make sure. That is still quite a ways off but something to think about. I did find much more of a selection at Model Expo with regards to different sizes of various rigging components. AL uses 8mm belaying pins in the kit and this was the only place I could find them. The kit shorted me about 10 pins. I checked out your Constellation build... INCREDIBLE JOB. The AL kit claims to be the original 1794 design and
  13. Jetwrench, Thanks for all the insight. I am currently planking the decks so I have a long way to go but it is a great help to know what is coming up and what to watch for. I am short about 10 belaying pins from what the parts list says. I am not sure I will need them all as I have not checked out that part of the instructions yet. I will probably order the 8mm one from Model Expo along with some deadeyes, blocks (other pieces that came up just short in the count) and such. I also have to make 8 brass cannon wheels. Luckily I am an engineer in a manufacturing plant that has many toolm
  14. Okay, so I put together the keel and bulkheads. I made a fixture to keep the keel vertical. The "L" shaped blocks are made square so I can use the side face as a stop for a bulkhead to keep it perpendicular to the keel. Starting at one end, I slid the keel through the guides until the bulkhead slot was flush with the side of the "L" block. After verifying everything is square, pull the bulkhead out, apply glue, reinsert and verify. I did catch a situation that might have caused a problem when installing the aft mast. Bulkhead #16 was cut with center area hollowed out. This was
  15. Hello MSW. I am starting my AL Constellation kit I purchased from a fellow MSW member. As a newbie, I followed many of the build logs for a while and found them to be full of great ideas and advice. Hopefully, someone will benefit in the same way from mine. Cutting to the chase, I opened the box and did a parts list inventory... which took way longer than I anticipated. The way AL set up the parts list was "interesting" with regards to all the strips of wood. Instead of having a list of what should be in the box, i.e. 30 strips of this and 40 strips of that, you need to go through all 446
  16. Hello frenchguy. Good to see you getting back to something you obviously enjoy. I am also planning my winter hibernation activities. It has decades since I built models but I want to get started again. This might not be the right place to bring it up but I noticed in another post you mentioned you had an AL Constellation kit for sale. Do you still have it? Look for a PM that I recently sent you. I have been scouring all the build logs and this site is a treasure of information and help. Looking forward to following many of them and "working" with all the helpful members in the future.
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