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  1. Phil: Could you specify which liquid flux you use. Thanks J
  2. Mark: I don't know if this will help. Look up marktiedens build log of the Model Shipways HMS Vanguard (1/72 scale). He used approx. 2000 to 2500 1/72 scale plates on his Vanguard. Hope this helps. regards J Lombard
  3. That's a beautiful kit & a great price. I would love to have it but I already have the Model Shipways version of the Amati kit. j
  4. Mark: Do you have a link to where you purchased your copper plates? Part no.? Quantity? I have this kit but have not started yet but I will use your build as a guide. Please keep up the great work. best regards & keep safe J Lombard
  5. Mark: Try this link https://www.shapeways.com/product/TXXHVWEET/1-78-hms-victory-figurehead?optionId=65820334&li=marketplace it might help. J
  6. Mark: Isn't there another piece to the figurehead that fits below the piece shown in your picture? J P.S. it might fill the gap you show
  7. Is there a process that a technically challenged individual can edit a topic then print it? thanks J Lombard
  8. Mark: I'm along for the ride. regards J Lombard P.S. I have the Panart 783 kit
  9. Glenn: Can you point to the portion of the instructions that require the brass strips you are looking for? regards J Lombard
  10. If anyone has saved the box for the Panart H.M.S. Victory Art 738 & would like to sell it please PM me. regards J Lombard
  11. Chuck: That worked great. Thank your son for me LOL. The pics appeared kinda large but at least it worked. Thanks J
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