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  1. for small scroll saw work I use a fine jewelers saw blade, held in a jewelers saw frame, strong light, and a head mounted loop. the power of magnification depends on age. I use a block of wood mounted in a sturdy swivel vice. Wood block has a V notch cut in its center to support small delicate wood or metal. Don't buy cheep saw blades, they tend to wander.---stray dog
  2. Great info all have provided on the subject of weathering. I will be weathering my boat to reflect not only the weathered surfaces while being used hunting whales from the Essex , but the months at sea the crew of the Essex experienced before being rescued, adrift some three months and 4000 miles after the sinking of the Essex. Thanks again ----STRAY DOG
  3. boy oh boy, your work is way over the top. thanks for the care you take in posting, means a lot. nightingale----aka: stray dog
  4. well I'm hooked. I'm pushen 80, this kit should be an inspiration to live to be 90. thanks to all the contributors on your site. aka....Stray Dog
  5. thanks for your information added per picture. I have begun a scratch build of the Pequod of Moby Dick fame complete with a scaled one hundred foot Moby Dick arched, his full length out of the water as if standing on his tale. I have followed your build and have gained lots of good direction. Thanks, Nightingale
  6. every time I come across a new build of the Endeavour I find myself replacing what I have done. I have learned a whole new meaning of "do it right" and fine detail is exciting to look at......that's all for sharing your work....nightingale
  7. If you keep a small air tight container with a diluted white glue 50/50 mix on hand, when opening the container for use I suggest stirring first. there can be a bit of settling of...... Nightingale
  8. A concern I have with all foods as well as the paints, glues etc. we use in every day life is the frequency the manufacturers change the ingredients without warning. what is non toxic today is toxic to some tomorrow. White glue for now is a lot safer to use than many or most or the alternatives. I'm to old and to new to this wonderful hobby to be restricted because of an unknown toxic material use in my production. My shop is an enclosed 10x10 room. I have a fan blowing air from a small opening in the window toward me with an exhaust fan above me. Stay informed and I thank each and every on
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