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  1. She's looking good! That walnut look's like the stuff I got with my HMS Snake. Well milled very dense wood, It's hart to work with but it will make a stiff hull. The Diana is on my someday list so Don't mind if I follow along.
  2. Jason- Thank's for the words, Your Snake is probably my #1 go to when I'm confused. You did really nice work on her. Yacht1255- how much does a set cost? Do you mean the kit?
  3. Hey man, Don't beat yourself up. The instructions are weak. As long as you learn from mistakes, move forward, and keep at it. you'll get there. My Snake is not the best and My Sherbourne is pretty much a disgrace to the art. My first build the Amati Adventure will never see the light of day... that thing was a total embarrassment.
  4. I've been working on the bow decorations for what feels like ages... The plans are kinda not helpful because they aren't consistent from picture to picture. So I'm kinda just sanding and fiddling around until everything seems to fit. I've got the cheeks on and it turned out way better than I could ever hope. The rest of the head and decorations are going to be a hard few hours. The slots for the Gammoning didn't line up at all so I widened them on part #60 just like the folks from other builds. I'm still looking at everyone else's builds to see how they fared. I'll do my best, If it turns out bad I can always scrape it all off and scratch build some new decorations.
  5. I was going for this effect with the planking. Though mine turned out more noticeable...
  6. Hey SpyGlass, I sanded the edges of the planks round so it would be noticeable. It's a little more exaggerated than I would have hoped but its something I noticed on the Victory when you stand even 15-20 meters away.
  7. I didn't quite like the CalderCraft Yelow Ochre so much so I decided to edit the paint a little. I added a little matt white and a bit to much cadmium Yellow. I may have gone to far but I think it's growing on me. In the sunlight it's quite bright, probably not so historically accurate. It's not to late to re-paint so I'm going to sit back and ponder a while. In the sunlight with the right angle it almost looks white! She's quite large beside the Sherbourne.
  8. The inner planking is done. Cutting the sweeps and ports out... It was quite the job to say the least. The 4x1mm planks were good quality but walnut is just not easy to work with. The Red Ochre paint from Caldercraft is really nice to work with even with cheap pain brushes. My plan to have the planking show through the paint has worked out better than expected! I also put on the main wale. The 3x1mm planks were just awful wood and were slightly different sizes and colors, thank god they will be painted.
  9. Hey Mispeltyoof. The the frames that are holding the Bulwarks on are to be pulled off after you're done planking the outer hull. I carefully scored the bottom of the frame tab near the deck and then cracked them out with a pair of pliers. It is a bit barbaric and leaves some hideous marks but that gets planked over anyway.
  10. I've been working on rope making quite a lot and think Gutermann thread is the way to go. Most people seem to be using DMC Cabella cotton thread. It's mostly being discontinued in the right sizes so that's not really a long term option. Anyway I've narrowed it down to four colors, two for standing rigging and two for running rigging. I've been looking at a lot of pictures and just don't know what combination would be most accurate. Would standing rigging covered in pine Tar really not be black as some suggest? What color would running rigging actually be in that period?
  11. I made a ropewalk! It works pretty well so far. Making the gears was the hardest part of the build, everything else was strait forward. Below is Caldercrafts 0.25mm "Rope" and I made a pretty decent rope from just three strands. The black ropes look just as good as the tan one but my camera won't pick up the details . As you can see I wrote down how many strands are in each rope. Figuring out how thick they are is kinda tricky but I think -X12 1mm -X9 .8mm -X6 .6mm -X3 .3mm. Getting it just right so the ends don't explode is trial and error. I'm going to be obsessed with rope making until I perfect it.
  12. Trimming the gun ports is really hard, the walnut just wants to crack at every opportunity. Now I just have to plank the inside and trim that too!
  13. Second Planking complete! I stopped spiling the planks a little past the water line, then it all sped up a lot. The last picture is with some sanding. Turned out ok. Going to work on trimming the gunports next before planking the inside.
  14. The planking continues... This planking method is taking a lot of time. It gives great results though. I'm probably not going to continue much past the water line because it will be coppered, I'll just just plank dirty style after that

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