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  1. looking good mate! Remember to clean the copper plates after every session if you have sweaty hands. I learned the hard way... Some of my tiles still have finger prints etched into the metal even after polishing.
  2. Thank's for a validation Chris! I'm still may change it yet, but it is growing on me. I'm thinking maybe some black and green to the mix.
  3. I've done something experimental and not sure how I feel about it. As you see in the picture below the tiles to the right are bright pink, that's what I was left with after cleaning. I couldn't bear to look at the ship in that state... I didn't even get a photo of it unfortunately. The tiles to the left are with a few coats of matt varnish with brown pigment to simulate slightly aged copper. It ended up looking like 5-10 year old penny without using chemicals plus it is sealed and will stay like this. Also it is protected from my profusely sweaty hands. what do you guys think?
  4. The Coppering is DONE! It was hard and I'm not completely happy with it but it just going to have to do. The humid summer weather has arrived and the finger smudges now stick out so it needs an application of polish. Brasso works well, but the question is do I varnish afterwards or not? I have a test strip of tiles I varnished 2 years ago and it holds up well and stays shiny. Or I could let it patina naturally.
  5. I decided to organize and upgrade the shipyard. I built a shelf with some cheap pine and organized my drawer. It really helps a workspace when there is some organization and everything has a place. The coppering is turning out ok for the most part. Having some CA debonder is a must for this job, it doesn't mater how good you get with glue application some will leak out of the seams and cause a mess.
  6. This is looking real good. Starting to look shipshape ✔️ I'm still struggling with coppering the hull...
  7. Looking really good! what did you use for caulking on the deck planking?
  8. Yeah these sponsors are legit. Some have active threads going in the community. Also start a build log, It's this communities bread and butter.
  9. It will be Razeed 44 for sure. If I recall correctly Somewhere in Chris's thread he talked about having a 1/64 and 1/72 Sir. Edward Pellew ready for casting.
  10. I can definitely agree about watching Chris's thread. When he finally gets around to developing the HMS Indefatigable I'm going to be bouncing off the walls.
  11. I used Admiralty Paint's Yellow Ochre on my HMS Snake. I added white and yellow to it and I got something between Vallejo's Yellow Ochre and Admiralty. Honestly go with what you feel because you are going to have to look at the model. Look at some of the other Victory builds on this site and you'll see a massive array of colors. Here is a link for a video about the color change.
  12. All of that is really top notch work!
  13. https://www.acrylicjob.com/custom-order I got a case from acrylicjob for only $150 CAD before shipping, I've had my Sherbourne in it for years now no dust or build up. I would recommend getting one after you do a thorough cleaning. It's most definitely affordable.
  14. God I love Master and Commander! I've considered this movie for color schemes. There are so many variables to consider with this seemingly simple aspect of ship modeling. Thanks everyone for you're input.
  15. Yes they are Both very good options and I've thought about that combination. I'm still going to keep searching a little bit for running rigging colors. #2 Aurifil 5011 Rope Beige is really close to Caldercraft's rope color.

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