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HMS ANSON 1781 by albert - 1/48 - 64 guns

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35 minutes ago, ChadB said:

Just went back and saw your log for the Naiad... pretty excited to get in on the ground floor on this one! Can you point me in the direction of the plans or model for the Anson?




Try sending member 'Alex M' a pm

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam

Slainte gu mhath


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The beginnings of another masterpiece I am sure, Albert.  I look forward to your progress as always.



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Very nice work Albert. What sort of magic do you use to keep your workspace looking like a medical operating theatre?



Current builds  Bristol Pilot Cutter 1:8;      Skipjack 19 foot Launch 1:8;       Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 1:8

Other projects  Pilot Cutter 1:500 ;   Maria, 1:2  Now just a memory    

Future model Gill Smith Catboat Pauline 1:8

Finished projects  A Bassett Lowke steamship Albertic 1:100  


Anything you can imagine is possible, when you put your mind to it.

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Hello, alde at the moment I'm using the electric saw to cut the pieces then I finish them with lime, chisels and sandpaper, David at the moment I go fast enough because I'm on vacation, Michael is clean enough because I continue to vacuum the dust and small scraps of wood after every work, I thank you all, a greeting.

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Great Project Alberto.  Following along.




Able bodied seaman, subject to the requirements of the service.

"I may very well sink, but I'm damned if I'll Strike!" JPJ


My Pacific Northwest Discovery Series:

On the slipways in the lumberyard

Union, 1792 - 1:48 scale - POF Scratch build

18th Century Longboat - circa 1790 as used in the PNW fur trade - FINISHED


Future Builds (Wish List)

Columbia Redidiva, 1787

HM Armed Tender Chatham, 1788

HMS Discovery, 1789 Captain Vancouver

Santiago, 1775 - Spanish Frigate of Explorer Bruno de Hezeta

Lady Washington, 1787 - Original Sloop Rig


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