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  1. Thanks. I dont know much about how it should be, just tried to follow the pattern. But once filing you need to adjust to various factors. Not easy to get it perfect.
  2. Waterlines are tricky and nice tip with the laser. I try to look at the marked waterline from various angles when i correct it. Taking photos also helps since then it becomes even more visual when its not completely straight. Regarding CA i have just discovered a New method that solves alot of problems. Scraping... on boxwood you dont need to be that carefull actually. Just scrape away a couple of microns and everything looks brand New. 🙂
  3. Preparing some of the details for airbrushing. Its feels great to finally start moving on from the hullbuilding stage. Thats basically all I been doing since I started this hobby again. The last year has been productive and i built 3 hulls.. this one and Snake and Granado. Hopefully i can complete a ship before the end of this year and not starting on new kits 😛
  4. I agree, its abit of a challange and you can use various strategies on how to fit square pieces on a round hull. Vanguards copper is ok to work with at least.
  5. I thought of using a small plank first but this kit is so small so the proportions would look a bit odd. Thanks
  6. Thanks, I am still a beginner when it comes to this but this copper were way more easy to apply than those on my Snake.
  7. Great to see you back in business. I have so many projects going and nothing gets finished. I also hope to returen to my Snake someday. At least i finished the deck some month ago. When Working on several builds its probably better to aim for Good enough and actually finish something rather than perfection in everything and not finishing anything. HMS Jason is your masterpiece where no compromise should be accepted. But this one is already far beyond Good enough so just wrap things up.
  8. Finally, the ugly walnut have been covered! I saved 20 strips of boxwood and my calculations matched up 🙂
  9. Thanks 4 all support and comments. Yes, once you try box it will be difficult to go back to walnut. Just working with this Wood is a pleasure.
  10. First row on both sides done! I dont have that much experience in this but I must say that Vanguards has done it again with pre etched patterns etc making this step much easier. The plates also looks much better than what i have on my Snake from Caldercraft. I Probably need to order these for my Diana in the future. Another tip is also to start using a New bottle of CA. Old bottles not have the same consistence and with the frustration of constantly getting "too attached" to your ship you want to make it as simple as possible.
  11. Finally, now it start to look like a really nice ship... sorry I mean Slop-brig. Me and my airbrush are not friends yet so it took a couple of hours to do this and i also sprayed the building stand just to make it abit more natural on my shelf when not Working on her. What do you think?
  12. Thanks Jason, but I kind of see the opposite. When i look directly at my model I dont see that many scratches but when i see some of my photos on my 32inch screen suddenly everything look like Swiss Cheese! haha But this build is definitely better than my other ongoing. I learnt that you cant sand enough on a model. You really need to work it if you want it to be good. Just look at Sloanes scratch build of HMS Bellona. He spends hours on each single piece. I am too impatient for that level but perhaps when i continue on my HMS Diana i can raise the bar higher for myself.
  13. Alot of fitting, filing and sanding... innerwalls, and gunports finally done! This will never be perfect, just need to work untill u think its good enough for your build. Next step is to do some black airbrushing and then I plan to start with the copper.

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