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  1. As a former researcher and also a semiprofessional photographer, the problem I have is the Magazines/Journals always want content for free but only give "exposure" in return and that deal sucks. The used to hand out at least a printed copy for free but that is going away also. My advice would be that you contact the author directly if you wish to read an article. They wrote it for free and want to have "exposure" so they will often just send it to you if you ask for it.
  2. As a semi proffesional photographer, I can say that there is a lot of fine tuning you can discuss when it come to photography but I would say the 3 things that is mostly the problem in this forum when it comes to photos is: 1) Light... and then I am talking power. Yes you can light your model in different ways and angles etc... but the you need lots of light to make all details visable. If you dont have proper light equipment your model, you need to bring it close to the window or get every single movable lamp you have. You can also raise the ISO settings and exposure time in your camera
  3. This cost me a small fortune.... but decided to go for some upgrades 🙂
  4. I am building three of their kits and as I said they used to be the most interesting kit manufacturer. I think the problem people have with Jotika is not that they are not producing any new ships (most wooden kit companies produce very little new nowadays). Its just that they just stopped so suddenly in the middle in their development and didnt bother to inform their customers about the situation. If they just remove the info on the upcoming "Surprise" and "74-gun ship" on their website, people dont get confused. They even put out this message about lack of updates (JoTiKa Ltd. ~ New Kit
  5. I think the window of opportunity is lost concerning that kit. It could had rided on the wave and popularity of the Hollywood movie, but too much time has passed now. Luckily, I got to see the movie ship in San Diego when I was there on a business trip back in 2012.
  6. They used to be one of the most interesting kitmakers, then they simply stop producing anything new at all. They even seamed to have lost the password to their website since it has been completely silent for more than 10 years.
  7. The Captain is not happy with the progress and decided to come and inspect the build. I promised that we will double our efforts....
  8. An amazing build and I am happy you finalized it. Your HMS Jason will be even better but this one is definitely one of the better Snakes I have seen on the forum! Congrats!
  9. Thanks, I decided to do the gunports before doing the whole hull. Easier to work on when it was fixed in the rig and things to grab when you need some support for the carving. And also, much easier to clean up the dust instead of having it inside the hull. Next step will be to pland the gunports but I might work on my other projects abit more before going there. At least I have a nice hull to look at on the shelf and not that skeleton.
  10. When it comes to first planking I have given up on the soaking of wood and now i use these three tools. First planking dont need to be that pretty, its just about shape and support for the next level. 1) matt cutter is not that precise but its much more comfy than an exacto knife and it can cut 1.5mm lime very effective. Sometimes i use it together with a ruler if its a long cut. 2) dry planks are instantly shaped with this plank bender. Not pretty, but its easy and effective. 3) this tool can effectively press down some nails once u get a hang of it. It needs to be
  11. Thanks, unfortunately not much done on this one for a while. But hope to pick it up soon and practice my rigging!
  12. My main mission is not to be able to put something on display when I build it. I just like to create stuff. Of course a ship is fantastic to look at, but its the therapy of putting it together that is the important part of it. And the more you build, it just becomes to overwhelming to put everything up. One way can be just to have one special spot in your house and switch ships with the seasons.
  13. Thanks, well it depends on how i put them on display. We will see, its years away but if there will be glasscases for all of them it will be tigth.. I guess i will finish Speedy first and she is not that big.
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