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  1. Regarding the extensions, i put PVA on mina. No problem breaking them of later and with some sanding.
  2. You can do things in various order. I guess its just preference. Cutting out the holes in advance might work well. The only thing is that you still need to cut holes from the second planking. Avoiding planking the gunports is one thing but its more difficult with small holes. I use both CA and PVA. Depends on what drying time that is most suitable. 1st planking which is not visable, I prefer PVA and pins. But if you are not going to paint the 2nd planking, you need to use CA to avoid pinmarks.
  3. Nice woodwork there. Its all about preference: if you want to paint or not, what kind of wood that has the best colour and texture for you. The best material to work with is boxwood but hard to get and expensive. I have built a couple of hulls in walnut. But those I painted. I dont mind the dark colour of walnut. My main problem with it is the variation in colour and tones so I would have to carefully select the planks to work with so the all are basically the same.
  4. The problem as a beginner is that usually the airbrush works fine just as you put some paint in it and press the trigger. Then after a while, the fine flow of paint suddenly is not so fine anymore. It might even not come out any paint at all. Then you need to figure out whats wrong and correct it. Sounds easy? Well, everything needs to be balanced right. That is what requires practice. Spraying is not that difficult, but so many varibles affect the flow of paint have making sure everything has the right setting is key.
  5. I need to add another layer before its finished but its so much more smoother and have no brushstrokes. It takes times to become friends with your airbrush, cleaning is one thing but also airpressure and thinning, various types of paint etc. I would recommend to look into plastic forums to get better tips because its a world of its own.
  6. You have a great build there! I can really recommend airbrushing. I got myself one a few months ago and everything looks so much better. Only problem is I also got myself some plastic kits to practice on and now I just got so many projects that is slowing down the progress on my boats. :-P
  7. I dont think the first planking is that important since its only about getting the shape right. But in the second you really need to pay attension to details, especially if you are not going to cover it all with paint. I hope to be able to do some work on this later this summer but I have too many Projects going on so I will try to finalize some before going back to this ship.
  8. I doing several build at the same time so I might not remember it exactly right. But I used the blocks in the kit in the front but did not add any extra balsawood that some do in the front. I did a annoying mistake at the stern and glued the end piece before the tappering so I had to carve/dremel it out… it would had been easier to follow the intructions and just sanded it down first. :-P
  9. We are all different and spend various amount of time on our Projects so planking can look very different. On my first model i just used pins, hot water and PVA on my walnutboards. It looks decent with paint on. After several hulls i have improved alot. Now I replace the walnut with much higher quality Wood, I am prebending with heatgun, CA, tappering and alot of sanding. And no painting over the final result. Way better but i still dont come close to scratchbuilders like Sloane and his HMS Bellona.
  10. I had similar experience here. I focused too much on the gunswivel holders than the rail. But getting the rail right is more important. The first piece was also abit too short for me and i had to add some extra mtrl in the gap.
  11. If u dont like the copper it should be easy to turn it into the Flirt and paint the hull white instead.
  12. Wasnt these pieces updated to Birch?
  13. The stern is actually a section that i would like to see more photos in the manual. I have just finished mine and it was a little more tricky to do than the rest of the model.
  14. Ah ok that explains it. So if basically the name tag is the difference, why not just release this kit a 3rd version Speedy and present it as "Speedy/Flirt" kit and let the builder have both options? Similar to the HMS Vanguard. This is very common strategy when it comes to plastic models where there often are slight variations included in the kit.
  15. Great to see this build. I do understand that the kit itself will have some design changes in materials etc compared to Speedy. However, what are the differences between the actual two sisterships?

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