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  1. The gunports will take some time. Alot of measuring, carving and filing to get this right. I will deviate from the instructions and try to make the ports parallell to the deck so the 18 pounders sets nicely in the middle. I didnt use the template simply because its complete square and that dont go well with her lines.
  2. I thought the cannons where a bit weak so i decided to upgrade to 18pounders.. nobody will mess with this Speedy on the 7 seas!
  3. Actually i have ordered new diamond files that are arriving tomorrow. Perhaps they will be up for the task. Otherwise i think there will be a combination of tools from various knifes, small razorsaws to files.
  4. Its actually quite different to work on Diana when I gotten used to my Speedy build. Everything is so large and instead of finetuning various tiny PE pieces I got to do "hard" woodwork with real tools... both kits have their charm but in completely different ways. Perhaps you can restart the work on your Diana if you not feel comfortable with the MDF.
  5. If you are going to use copper or paint white, you only need to get the upper planks perfect. And those are much easier because of less bending.
  6. Time to mark out the gunports and start drilling. I am deviating from the instructions abit and didnt finish the planking yet. I think its easier to do the upper work on the hull with the ship in its steady rig rather than moving it to the cradle. This kit is very oldschool and you need to do alot of thinking and measuring before cutting away the wrong things. The plans are not exact, more of a guidance on where to place things.
  7. You can also fill the areas between the mdf with balsa wood. Then you have more areas to glue the lime on!
  8. I am not sure if i understand the problem? The first planking dont need to be particular exact. It is just creating the form and base for the 2nd layer. It can look horrible and it will all be covered up.
  9. In my buildlog on the "early" Speedy, I "critizised" some fragile parts in MDF and now they have been replaced by stronger birchwoods in the new edition and in the Flirt kit. So I dont think Chris has any problems accepting input on his designs. But of course, its still just kits that cant be perfectly designed on every count and suite everybody. I cant say I like the look on every lasercutted part that is produced, but generally I really like the Vanguard product strategy to make the build as easy as possible for the builder. If I dont like a part, I always have the option of scratchbuilding
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