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  1. A little more done, this time I steam bent the apron while the original is laminated. I've joined the keelson to the apron and started fairing the keelson to accept the garboards but here I have to stop because I'm waiting on a sheet of 0.8mm plywood from which I'll laminate 2 layers and then a layer of mahogany to make the transom before I can finish fitting and fairing the keelson in preparation for the planking which will be done with the 0.8mm plywood.
  2. Popeye, thanks for the compliment. I am building her again exactly (almost) the way I built the original. The building form shown is a 1/8th scale representation of the original and will be scrapped once the hull is finished and righted for fit out. Each individual plank land is cut into the molds to aid correct fitment. I even have a sheet of 0.8mm plywood on order for the planks.
  3. Thanks Jim, I'm sure it will and at the scale of 1:8 detail should be easier than normal. She'll be one of very few models with sitka spruce spars I'd imagine. The planking will be interesting because the full size model had them cnc router cut to shape but I'm going to have to take the lines from the hull as I go in this case and they are some interesting shapes!
  4. When I met Mark Pearse recently I mentioned that I might do this as a model, he was pretty keen that I should so here it is
  5. Well I have finished building the 1:1 boat so now I'm doing the model. The plans are drawn at 1:8 scale so I'm going 1 to 1 off them which is very convenient. I aim to make it as much as the original is made as is practical, including using the same timbers from left overs. The exception to this is the transom because the original is rosewood but the grain is so open it was barely usable at 1:1 so I'm going to use mahogany instead. When I met Mark Pearse a while back I mentioned that I might do this and he was very keen that I should so here you are Mark. The plans have all the lines I need so it was pretty easy to draw it up plus the understanding of having already built it goes a long way.
  6. Another classic Aussie phrase, and this one was taken as the name for one of my favorite American bands. The girlfriend of one of the three singers saw it in a magazine article about the Australian aborigine and it refers to how cold a night is Sleep with one dog, cool night. Two dogs, cold night. THREE DOG NIGHT, flamin freezing
  7. Imagine what a Cliff Gale designed racing boat could do!
  8. Thanks for the invite to the "Cliff Gale's Legacy" talk tonight, it was very informative. Cliff was a great designer. I stood and looked at the model from several different angles and the hull just looks right, no matter where you view it from. The model is larger than I thought and I'd have to call it museum quality, just beautiful and it was good to meet her builder.
  9. There's another old one I recalled today, haven't heard it for years but it's a true classic. I was walking in the bush, enjoying the serenity etc when I noticed my shadow was quite long and it was time to head back, hence the old saying among the bushies "The shadow's gettin long" Meaning time to knock off
  10. Or the aussie classic "no wuckas" being a derivation of "no wuckin furries" and I'm sure we're all capable of working that little gem out
  11. Stone the flamin' crows
  12. Enough with the negative waves Moriarty
  13. Ladies and gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!
  14. Mate that's going to look great and you won't have any trouble with months attacking the sails
  15. I put it to you that the item forward of the engine is in fact a gen set therefore the plumbing to the stern is its exhaust.
  16. You can't have exhaust below the water line therefore you can't have cooling system pick up beside exhaust.
  17. I was thinking perhaps exhaust, cooling water outlet and bilge pump outlet
  18. My father once asked me where I got my skills from because they didn't come from him, I think I said something like life
  19. Jim, the model makers bench is one of the first places I go when I visit, I'm thinking i'm due for another visit soon too
  20. Keith when I build my next full size wooden boat can you do the finish for me?
  21. Keith, I was thinking french polish when you mentioned the cloth, wadding etc. It's the way they do it but I have no idea where the pumice stone comes into it.
  22. If you look at the pic showing the dial faces you'll see one side is speed and the other is "ahead or astern" the gear lever if you will

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