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  1. Time for an update on the running rig progress. It's been 5 weeks since I posted pics of the foremast rig done and I have now completed the main mast rig. When I started the running rig I had no idea how long it was going to take and I am quite surprised at how long it is taking. Good fun though, there's been quite a learning curve as to what the ropes do and where they go. As for other aspects of the build, by the time I'm finished I might have worked it out. I have been thinkig more about my next build and a late 18th century British frigate is looking good. The rig looks to be a l
  2. Hi Dan, Great to come across another Bounty builder, yours is looking great. Your colour scheme is the closest I have ever seen to what I chose, I like bright colours as well and am sure that Bligh would have used them if he had them. I'm about two thirds of the way through the running rigging, having lots of fun. The rig is a bit of a hybrid, the pin racks were installed fairly early on as described with the Amati kit but the further on I got the more I found the Amati rigging descriptions dubious so I have found another couple of sources of info, Mackay's Anatomy of the Ship wher
  3. Rigging tool. At some point in the rigging process I guess all modellers wonder if there is a better way than poking around with a couple of pairs of long nose tweezers of threading cord around belaying pins, particularly the bit of the pin below the rack. I found the tweezer approach very frustrating so had a think about the problem and realized what was needed was a gadget to push the cord into place and control where it went. I use cut off sewing needles on a dowel to place CA where I want it, 2 different needle sizes for different amounts of glue. I cut off the eye of the needle
  4. The capping piece is quite thin so I shaped it out of some of the left over ply from the laser cut parts. The piece that surrounded the false deck had almost the right curve. Cheers.
  5. Rope coils. First try at making up and installing coils like those I saw on the James Craig. Those for the fore sail and fore topsail braces at the base of the main mast are the last to be done, I think they are looking more convincing the more I do. Like most things, by the time I've finished, I might be reasonably good at it! Cheers, David.
  6. Still got the running rig for the main and mizzen masts to go then all sorts of little finishing details including the "hair curler" cornucopia carvings on either side of the transom. These are not even mentioned in the Amati kit so a little research and carving will be required. Whe I say doing the rope coils "progressively" I mean foremast now then mainmast when I have finished the main mast running rigging and so on. The thought of doing all the coils at the end is a bit mind numbing. And I have a fairly high "numb mind" tolerance for repetitive tasks. Cheers.
  7. Rope Coils (Hanks?). Like the ratlines I think I will progressively attack the shaping and installation of the rope coils associated with the rigging falls rather than leaving them for a mammoth (tedious) effort towards the end. A common modelling method is to produce a coil (see Julier example pic) then hook it over the belaying pin. On my Bounty the belaying pins are quite close together. I worked out how many I needed on each rack then set up the spacing so that the pins were a reasonable distance apart and the racks were about the same length as shown in Mackay AoTS. The pins are
  8. Running rigging update. The foremast is now complete, now for the mainmast. This should be a bit easier now that I more or less understand what all the ropes do! Cheers.
  9. I visited the Mary Rose museum about 20 years ago, fascinating place. The hull itself is interesting but the museum housing the thousands of relics is an amazing and, I found, quite an emotionally moving place. All those dead young men! Cheers, DAvid.
  10. Hi Popeye, Thanks for the feedback, how's the Gothenborg going? last I saw you were well into the sticks, have you started on the strings yet? I have fitted the fore main yard and started on the running rig. I will post an update when the foremast is completed. Have you revived your build log, losing the lot was a bit of a tragedy wasn't it. Cheers, David.
  11. Fitting the blocks etc to the yards, this is the fore main yard. I haven't yet sorted out the best order to fit and rig the yards. At this stage I will start from the foremast main yard and work up the fore mast then onto the main mast and mizzen last. As I am rigging the fore mast I will see how much of the outer rigging I can do before fitting the next yard. Cheers, David.
  12. I decided to take Russ's advice and install the backstays to complete the standing rig before I started on the running rig. Tensioning up the backstays certainly tightened everything up. I have started fixing the blocks to the yards. Now is the time to REALLY work out what all the ropes do! Cheers, David.
  13. Part 3 standing rig. Fore and main topgallant masts and jib boom and associated stays. The Amati kit instructions don't show the topgallant mast shrouds at all and about half of the stays. I am not going to fit the backstays at this stage, I think they would really get in the way of the running rig which it must be about time to start.
  14. Hi Pavel, Thanks for your comment. The question of sails is now looming large, I will need to make the decision very shortly. The Amati kit came with a partial suit of sails and they don't look too bad. I made up one of the topgallants to see what it looked like. The rope edge was attached by gluing with PVA, it worked quite well. I don't like set billowing or limp sails on a static model, to my thinking they would hide too much of the rig and I think it is almost impossible to make them look good. I have tried various states of furl with a loose furl a possibility. At the end of the day
  15. Part 2 standing rig, topmasts, shrouds, ratlines, futtock shrouds and stays done. Now for the topgallant masts and jib boom, no more ratlines.
  16. Modellers Shipyard 1:50 by Navis Factorem First build
  17. Some preparations for the next phase of the standing rig, the futtock shrouds and connections to, and the topmast shrouds. Research seems to indicate the futtock shrouds are connected to the lower topmast deadeyes by hooks. There was no sign of these in the kit so it was out with the copper wire and hard at work in the foundry The kit drawing shows lanyards going nowhere so I will tie them off like the main shroud lanyard. The new deadeye connectors are much longer than the brass kit provided part. I paired up the deadeyes for best match. The fore and main topmast shrouds are 0
  18. MSW 1, Part 1 of this log which ran for a bit over 2 years brought me up to completion of most of the hull and the beginning of the rig so this is where I will start again. The first stage of the rig is now done, bowsprit and lower mast sections including the tops and stays. Topmasts next. It's good to be back. Cheers, David.
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