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Ship rigging book

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Good evening

Can any suggest a book for rigging, that goes through each and every part of rigging step by step,

with lots of pictures and is a modern book.


I have seen this on ebay

Rigging Period Ship Models By Lennarth Petersson

  but without looking inside its hard to know what any book is actually like.

Thanks Chris

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I have a copy of Peterson. It's very good for period ships (18th/early 19thC). (I'm not sure what you mean by "modern book"). Highly recommended if that is the period you are after..


Good luck


Bob (rmc)

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Yes Bob you are on the right track. I want a book for period ships, but a relatively recently produced book with lots of detail for a novice.

 I think that a more recently produced will have much clearer diagrams and instructions.      IE "rigging period ships for dummies"   

Thanks for your reply's. Chris

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Thanks Robin yes about that period  but not for any particular ship.

I suppose i am after a  book that details generally any part of a ship's rigging, and how it is made? how it is joined to the next item?

How knots are tied? How deadeyes are roped together? How ropes are attached to masts? IE The Basics

Does that help Thanks Chris

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I have "Rigging Period Ship Models", and thoroughly recommend it.

As someone whose nautical knowledge barely extends past the bath-tub, I have found it invaluable in helping me picture (and tie) the rigging for my models.


Almost all of this book is black & white drawings of the various sections of rigging, with scattered diagrams showing how some parts are tied.

Here's a couple of random pages from the book ...





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Thanks guys for all of the reply's, if your nautical knowledge hardly goes past the bathtub Captain Steve, then mine would be small enough to fit on a pinhead. I do like the look of that book Steve. And thanks for the link Hornet, i think that  Petersson's book would be ideal for me.

And yes druxey, i will chase "the fully framed model" and see if i can get a look at it as well. 

It sounds as though the "Fore and Aft Craft" by Petersson would be good as well. I see that on The Nile .com that it is on special too.



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For a look at rigging during the late 18th early 19th century, including the how's and why's of it, you can't do much better than

Lever, D. 1853. The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor; Or, A Key to the Leading of Rigging, and to Practical Seamanship (American Edition). E. & G.W. Blunt. https://books.google.com/books?id=HmJJAAAAYAAJ.


While he is contemporary and not modern, he is readable and very detailed.  Others, such as the Swan Class book and the Petersson books are fantastic but very specific to a type of ship.  Lee's and Marquardt are amazingly detailed but cover such a broad period and array of vessels it can get confusing.  Combined, those are good modern additions to the library for anyone interested in rigging ship models.


Here are some sample pictures from Lever.

















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Every book mentioned is a good one.  What seems best is to gather from several sources, then distill that to your particular vessel.  You will learn more and will have the principles rather than merely information for one vessel.  Those that cover multiple types of vessel and time periods will tell you that so you can determine the suitability of a particular feature.

Give a man a fish and feed him for one day.  Give a man a fish hook and feed him for life.

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If I had to choose one, I would go with TFFM IV.  If I were to choose two, I would also recommend Lees Masting and Rigging.  English Ships of War 1620 to 1860.   Lees can take a little time to get used to as he covers such a wide range, but once you home in on the appropriate year, you can size everything with good accuracy. 



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