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S-100 & Flak 38 by gdollow - Revell - Plastic - 1:72 with PE

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Here is some progress on the deck superstructure which is replaced totally with photo etch.  I have burnished all the PE as it means you do not have to use a primer. The decking is only placed on for the photos.  The colour of the deck was done by 1 coat of pale umber (artist acrylic paint), a thinned down Tamiya deck tan, then a wash of wood brown (walnut), followed by a wash of dark grey.  I only let the base layer dry, before putting the rest of the layers on in quick succession.









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That's the thing about plastic, you can't just bin it and start over. After doing a 10 year build on a wooden ship and redoing lots of mistakes, I'm finding the amount of pre fitting is far more time consuming. Good to see another plastic build here! I shall follow with great interest.

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I love what you have done so far. I have this kit in my stash with the Griffon PE set and metal torpedos. Looking forward to seeing more. I have drilled out the hull holes so far and added styrene tubbing behind it to give them some depth. I have not been working on it lately since have a number of models ahead in the queu.



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Happy Christmas,


I have also built kits in the 1/72 scale one of these was a German E boat,      you are off to a flying start and doing a great job, plastic is such a workable enviroment as i feel it is more pliable and needs less physical work to bring a model to life....





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