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Newport by maso - FINISHED - Mamoli - 1:57

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At long last we have a bit of cooler weather and I can venture back to my shed to start work on my build again. I have finished deck planking & started working on deck fittings. Photos are not the best as I have still to master my new camera.


Deck planking done - still to be sanded.


Grates all done.


Cap rail bender. Hope "she who must be obeyed" doesn't notice it missing.


Cap rail bow bent to shape.


Started painting cannon carriages. Kit supplied are black metal. I have decided to paint brown to simulate wood. Re-painted wheels black & have tried to paint a brown dot in the centre to represent a wooden axle.



Have decided to scratch build the skylite as the kit supplied one did not come up to scratch. HA HA. Cut a block out of balsa then planked with left over walnut strips. Painted the frames of the windows black, the underside white and pot a ridge on the top.








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Slowly progressing on my build, unfortunatly work commitments haven't allowed me to spend as much time on it as i would like.



Started adding deck fixtures and tapering masts, bowsprit & booms. I am using a method I found here on this forum (again). I fit the dowel in my drill & hold a piece of sandpaper in my hand. It is working reasonably well, but a word of warning - it gets bloody hot. Hopefully post more progress soon.

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I managed to have a good go at my build over the weekend. I don't think the "Minister for War and Finances" was too impressed, but good progress was made. Masts, Bowsprit & booms have all been finished. i also made a start on the anchors.







The kit instructions call to use cardboard to make bands for the anchor, but after a bit of research, it turns out that rope is more appropriate for a ship of it's time.


Next up is finishing the anchors and tapering the yards.



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After much thought, I have decided to do some rigging on the cannons. Because the carriages are metal, and i don't fancy trying to drill them & fitting eyes & rings(I'll leave that to my next build), I will just add breech ropes.


Cannon & first trial at seizing


Breech ropes complete. At least Newport only has 4 cannons. Not all that happy with the seizing, I may redo them.







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I have just discovered my new worst part of this build - tapering yards. I must invest in some sort of a lathe. Tapering yards with a cordless drill and sandpaper is no fun. Tapering one end is fine, but having to put the tapered end in the chuck to taper the other end is a nightmare. However perseverance & slower speed with lighter pressure on the yard, eventually got the job done. I have also decided to redo the breeching ropes for the cannons.


Anchor stocks finished.







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You are moving very rapidly. Nice build. I have some suggestions for you. When tapering your yards wrap the end in the drill in masking tape. that should help with the double taper and not mar the surface. Also the bands on the anchor were tarred to retard damage to the ropes so I would use black.


Do I see a binnacle aft of the main mast or is that a windlass?

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Thanks Floyd. I did end up using masking tape, after much trial & error ( not to mention cursing & swearing). It was very fiddly with the smaller yards, tapering from 3mm to 2mm. Thanks for your advice on the ropes on the anchor stocks. I will paint them black. 



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Mamoli plans themselves are not too bad. The instructions however are next to useless. If it hadn't been for MSW 1 and MSW 2, I would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Build logs & other posts here have been my main source of instruction. Floyd, from what I can gather, the companion way would have been under one of the grates. I have been toying with the idea of removing the rear grate and replacing it with a hatch.



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My erratic build continues. It is becoming harder to find enough time lately to sit down and spend any time on my build. I was lucky last week as I was able to spend a couple of un-interrupted hours on it.


Some pics of where I am at.





After advice from a post here, I decided on Brass Black for my brass fittings. After a bit of experementing, I am happy with the result. I found that soaking the fittings in a diluted solution of Hydrochloric Acid first, the Brass Black gave a much better result.




I have attached the rigging blocks to the masts & yards.




I couldn't help myself, I had to see what she looked like with masts & bowsprit on. Starting to really look like a ship now.

Hopefully more progress soon.




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I couldn't help myself, I had to see what she looked like with masts & bowsprit on. Starting to really look like a ship now.


Hi Dave,


Your build is looking really good. I can certainly understand your not helping yourself and wanting to peer into the future!


Your blackened brass eyebolts. I'm not to the point myself where I have to worry about it, but here at MSW I've read that the unsoldered eyes on these might loosen up on rigging that's in tension and allow the lines to sag. You might check out the article on silver soldering



....and see if it's relevant to your build.



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Brian, Mark, Thanks for your advice. I have just checked out the silver solder tutorial, and it makes sense that thin gauge brass loops will not take much tension to pull open. I have a mapp gas torch and some 5% silver solder in the shed, so will have a play around tomorrow. The stove chimney is no problem as I made it out of dowel and should be easy to re-position.



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Hello again fellow modellers. With summer gone here in Queensland, and the temperature in my shed bearable once again, I have been able to continue on my build of the Newport. While my build has been on hold, I have been able to indulge in my other passions - golf & fishing. The fishing has been good, but the god only so-so.

Once again the Mamoli parts supplied are pretty ordinary. The chainplate assemblies were mage of a cheap alloy, which were virtually unmanageable. So I purchased some brass ones from Modellers Shipyard. These once blackened and assembled look much better.



Next job was rigging the anchors.



Assembled chainplates attached to the hull.



Now for the daunting part of the build - the rigging. Mamoli's instructions are gauge at best, but with knowledge and tips from all you good people here on this forum, I think I am ready to go.

First up is pre-rigging the masts with shrouds & stays.




So far so good - I hope. Stay tuned for more developments.





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A little bit more progress on my build. Having to work for a living is no good when you have hobbies or other pastimes. There never seems to be enough time to enjoy them. As you will se from tees pics, i have started on the rigging. Even after studying other build logs here, there still needs to be a lot of thought and planning before starting. I have made quite a few mistakes and had a few re-does, but am finally making some progress.


I hate how close up shots show flaws that you can't see with the naked eye.




The rain has started here now and we are supposed to have a wet weekend. Hopefully I will be able to get more done on the build.



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