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Looking to build larger


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Hi all

Hopefully someone can assist here. I have done a few builds to date and just found this forum which has proven to be of huge help and insight

I am looking to my next project and am looking for a largish kit 36 inches +. The HMS Victory appeals to me but will also consider alternatives. Being in South Africa, kits are not readily available here so import is going to have to be the solution


If a brave soul could point me in the direction of good quality kits in the size I am looking for, it would be hugely appreciated

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Hi Clock,


Considering the knock we took with the exchange rate, the offering from DeAgostini for the AL HMS Surprise is not a bad offer: R7840 (+- USD550)




Considering the guys in the UK are paying £550 for the same kit, it's looking like a good deal.

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Have a look at the Ship Kit Database on the start page (scroll to the bottom and its on the right), where you'll find lots of information on various kits, sizes, skill level, etc. I'm sure you'll find something there.


Good luck.

Thanks for that - errrrrmmm I dont seem to find what you are referring to? (Ship Kit Database)

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The answer is "yes".. it can be done.   The only problem is that the lines scale up also in thickness. I've settled into 1:64 and I have plans for some that are 1:96 which have been enlarged.   That's the biggest pitfall I can see.  If you're not careful, some parts will be bigger than others.

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