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Proxxon TG125 Bench Disk Sander

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Hi all


I have a heavier duty disc/belt sander which serves fine.

However the table is not that accurate.


I'm looking for a smaller bench top (4") disc only sander.

Most important for me is the robustness of the table/adjustments.


Jim Byrnes would be the obvious choice and I would love that (wow, how I'd love that)

But cost plus international delivery put it out of range.

The Proxxon TG125 looks pretty good and I wondered in anybody could provide me with some feedback.





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Hello Nick, I'm a member here and also a sponsor. I have an internet business that deals with Proxxon. The Proxxon TG 125 is a very versatle 5" (125mm) sander. You can check out the specs on my website. You would need the 220v model and it would not be cost effective to ship it from the states to the UK. There is a Proxxon distributor in Germany and I understand that the UK users have been happy with them. Perhaps one of the UK people here on the forum can tell you how to get a hold of them. My website so that you can check the specifications is:




Hope this helps, if you need a small high quality tool, you will be happy with this one.


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Hi Nick 


Here is another cheaper option.


I bought this from Warco although other suppliers sell the same machine:-



BDS 130 Belt & Disc Sander


It costs £69. If you don't want the belt a cheaper version without it is available. The belt does make it quite noisy.

The mitre gauge / table was very rough and ready and not very accurate so I machined up the surface and widened the slot to take the mitre gauge off my Byrnes table saw. The result is a perfectly adequate and accurate disc sander. 


Here is my sander as modified.


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The best place to buy it in Europe is amazon.de, never saw it cheaper.

It is a good sander, very quiet. But mine was with slightly curved table, I replaced it with a wooden one. However, Proxxon support is good, they will ship you another table if that problem will happen for you!

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At SAT Berlin it's going for €122 or £95. Their site is also in English. TBS Aachen is more expensive right now. Shipping will be on top. I bought mine from SAT Berlin in Jan 2014 (when it was €139.49).


Spare sanding discs on top of that are useful to get as they are also much cheaper in Germany. There's no VAT or import duty when importing from Germany to the UK as it's all in the EU.


I really like my TG 125. You can improve the precision by using a set square and a protractor.


I've also bought stuff from Warco before. They have very good customer and after-sales service, and you might be tempted to try their cheaper sander, especially as it's a combo.



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All of these posts are great options, I use the Byrnes sander but have been through many others over the years.  Jarmac, I think , was the maker and produced a moderately priced fairly accurate disc sander.  I just checked E-bay and there is one available now.  




Just another option.


Good Luck,



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Hi John (texxn5),


Thanks for your advice. I've just received one of these sanders from Sat Berlin (I live in the UK, the excesses of Her Majesty's thieving bandits, aka Customs and Revenue, on imports from the USA preclude any thoughts of a Byrnes). Could I ask you a question that may interest others as well?  

On the underside there are two threaded inserts (look like brass). The manual does not mention these, however could they be used to secure  the sander to a bench?


Much appreciated



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