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one way to determine the shape of 2nd planking hull.

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Hello guys,
In this tutorial I'm gonna share my way to determine the shape of 2nd planking hull:
Prepare some pieces of A3 Paper (297mm x 420mm / 11.7’’x16.5’’), a paper cutter, 
a ruler, a measuring tape (or any flexible ruler/ thread) , and masking tape.
measure the distance from the deck to the keel at the widest point. This is x.
the length from stem to stern at the widest point is y.
cut the paper into strips, and the size of the paper strip is:
width = the width of plank, 
length = y
and the amount of the paper strips = x/ the width of plank
Put the strips of paper in order 

Cutting out the plank follow the shape of each paper strip.




Hello? anybody home?

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Nice idea. I like the paper cutter idea as well. I've tried to do something similar on a smaller scale but I was cutting the strips with scissors. No matter how well I followed my lines, I never get 100% straight edges. The paper cutter will do the work in half the time with twice the accuracy.



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I am anxious to see the end results.  From looking at how you laid out the paper, the strips do not appear to look anything like the actual planking should, especially at the bow.    I hope it turns out to be a neat new way, so again, I am anxious to see the end results.



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