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hello all


this is my first time posting, back in November 2015 I begun my first ship the hms victory panart 1/78

before October of last year I had no interest in models or historic ships.

as a joiner by trade of 17yrs a friend of the family asked me could I build a display cabinet to hold his hms bounty

I agreed and on arriving at his home to get the sizes required I instantly feel in love with the ship and the sheer work that had went into the model.

after building the display cabinet I started researching these ships and only then discovered there was kits out there for building these.

I have read some of the threads and see a lot of posts advising not to jump in at the deep end with a kit like the victory

(now you tell me lol)

however with my joinery backround and access to specialized machinery I have successfully built the ship up to completion of the standing rigging studying hard and overcoming challenges such as the planking and copper plating and am currently beginning the running rigging.

I have learnt so much so far and built a complete different skill set and had lots of fun along the way there is no turning back and have already purchased my second build but promise only to look inside the box for now lol.

I would like to add sails so I have purchased a sail kit from mantua and am studying the plans very carefully before fitting yardarms with sails attached.


I live in northern Ireland and can not find any local model shops that sell fittings etc for these ships I don't know anyone in my circle of friends interested in model ships and no examples to look at other than the bounty .

I would greatly apprieciate chatting with anyone who has built the panart 1/78 victory especially with sails

I will attempt to attach  below some pics of my progress so far.

I must admit I am a little bit stuck at the moment as to where the sails are made fast but 99%of the fun so far has been overcoming these challenges





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Hi Steve,


Welcome to MSW.


Here's a link on how to add pictures:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/540-how-to-add-pictures-in-your-posts-and-pms/

There's more than few "pinned" topics here to help with just about everything:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/47-questionsinstructions-on-how-to-use-and-post-to-this-forumsite-problems-or-suggestions/


As for parts, if you can tell us what you're looking for, I'm sure we can help.

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Hi Steve

Welcome to MSW

I just finished my first ship with sails.

You can look in my albums if you like.

This is the place to be if you need info.

Looking forward to your pics, I am following this thread.

If you see something you like, or want to know how someone did something, you can always send a PM to that person.

I think all of us here like to tell of our how to this or that.


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Welcome to MSW Steve! As both Mark and Joe have already said and pointed out, this is the right place for help on figuring out those tricky parts. Being able to share your build with others adds a lot of fun to building these models. I am looking forward to seeing your pIctures.

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Thanks for the welcome messages managed to post a few pics today would be happy to receive any feedback good or bad this is my first ship and has never been viewed by anyone with any experience including me lol.

I have my own list of things im not happy with but I'm not to late to change as follows

1.stern gallery should be ochre I've painted gold

2.the gun port drip rails or wriggles I've heard them called i left brass when they should be painted

3. Allow you can't see the ships wheel frame does not go from floor to roof allow this is not seen in photo

4.the choice of blue paint at bow is clearly to dark

I'm sure there is many more mistakes and any advice is welcome

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Hello Steve - for a first model it looks impressive. One of the first things I learned was that primarily the model had to please me. So if your model isn't accurate in a few details it does not matter, unless it matters to you. Most MSW shipmates will provide praise, help, encouragement and advice without being critical, unless you specifically request it. The best advice I can give is keep building - you will find your models getting better and better. Welcome aboard.

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Steve, she really does look great and if that is your first ship model then I can only imagine how awesome your work will be when you get a few more under your belt.

As Keith said, you are the one the model has to please. This is true for the vast majority of us as we build for our own enjoyment. I thnk you have a great model and should be proud to display her.

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Thanks for all the support guys and the kind welcome .

I don't think I'll start a build log on this one but will post completed pics .

My next build will be my own HMS bounty from billing boats and I will start a log with that I have a utube vid on my display case seen in photos build from salvaged material of old door frames from my day job if interested I could post a link

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Note to anyone viewing this due to the content of panart hms victory 1/78 I hit a massive breakthrough today by talking with mantua uk they where very helpful with my problem of where to belay the sails and after they themselves spending a few hrs figuring out and speaking to the Italians discovered there is a additional plan not supplied with kit available to purchase plan sheet 8a showing the belaying points of the sails and a side view with the stay sails . I thought I would share this for anyone building this particular kit as this is the first hurdle I have came across I could not solve and this may be very usefull to anyone building the same kit

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