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Wasa by Andre - FINISHED - Corel - 1:75

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I am very glad to have found this website with, luckily for me, many build logs on the Wasa from Corel. I will use many of the tips and pictures posted in these logs for my guidance and as a example of what gifted modelbuilders can achieve.


I have bought a 'used' model of the Wasa about a year ago for a low price. It was in a very bad shape and the modelbuilder (not the person from which I have bought the model) did some things really well, but other parts were absolutely desastrous. Also it had suffered from neglect and the masts were broken off.

When I saw the model as it was at the time it became clear to me that I first had to do a lot of demolishing and then try to rebuild parts of it. Most notably was the bow section as it appeared that the previous builder had had problems with bending the wooden strips for planking that part of the hull.


First some pictures of the model as it was 'before restoration':





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I removed a large part of the planking at the bow section. The 'left' side I tried to reshape using a filler, but that turned out to be not that smart as the final planking did not glue well to the dried filler. Therefore, I choose the remove a larger part of the 'right' side of the bow section and also replace the first planking part.

Edited by Andre
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Welcome to MSW Andre,


You have a lot of a job in front of you…...

The bow looks……terrible.

I hope you can do her the thing that she deserve it is a beautiful vessel.

Good luck with your restoration.



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I decided to try to use the color scheme of the model in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm as guidance. Thus, I would not use blue as color but red for the upper part of the planking otgether with yellow linings and colored figures.

The high details of the painting of the figures is beyond my capabilities and I thus decided to try to come as close as possible for the larger figures of the bow and stern section, but to paint the smaller figures (on the bobinettes etc) at my own interpretation.







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The bow section was broken off earlier, so I decided to use pins to strengthen the attachment of the bow frame.

Also the bow section was painted, and I added small parts (painted white) as I had seen more details in the Stockholm model than was provided for in the kit.


After seeing examples in other build logs of the Wasa, I decided to add doors and steps to the bow section (thanks to md1400cs).


Next will be to drilling of the holes for the canons on the upper deck, and hiding the red color of the inside of the hull on the upper deck by planking it with very thin unpainted wood.





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Hello. Beautiful restoration. Looks spectacular.

I will follow your re-build. Your stern, gallery and figure paintings really brings this ship to life. Your bow, I'm sure will come back as it should be.


I now wish that I had painted mine. Well as we all say hindsight is always cristal clear. Keep up the excellent work.




Michael D

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Thank you all for your responses and compliments.

It is indeed the kit from Corel. I am following here the other build logs of Wasa and (surprisingly) they are all on kits from Corel... That makes it easy to compare and to see other people's ideas and solutions.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to all that gave me encouraging compliments. Highly appreciated !!



I have meanwhile painted the decorative rings for the canon holes and placed them on the hull.



I am currently busy with the railings and the sides of the upper deck. Because I added more wood to the sides, both on the inside and the outside, the thickness has become more than it should be. As a result, the beams that I placed on the inside of the railings will remain visible behind the railings.

I have also added small rings to the beams alongside the canons, so that I can later add ropes on the canons. I will add a pciture of them later.




I have now rediscovered the use of an extension tube on my camera to be able to make some macro pictures and I have added two pictures of the stern paintings.



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I have been busy with the upper deck and the railings along side them. I have added rings for the cannons in the beams adjacent to the canon holes.



Next was the front side of the upper deck section. I have curved the lower beam, as I had seen that this was alsothe case for the real Wasa. I had furthermore added some support beam behind them, as I had seen pictures of the museum Wasa in the the build log by Nazgul.




I have added the second row of railings. Here is a few of the linings seen from the bow.



Next will be the gratings on the deck and the further items on deck...

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When I had decided to paint the model in colors I made it myself a little easier by limiting myself to the color palet of the Revell satin colors. I prefer the satin over gloss on models because I think this is nicer to see and also more realistic on scale. These satin colors included the yellow (nr 312) that I used a lot for the lines on the model, but I am not really enthousiastic about this color because it has a greenish hue and in artificial light it does not appear as yellow. But the only other satin yellow is nr 310 which has too much orange in it...

Concerning the other colors: the model in the Stockholm museum has also mostly primary colors on it, but on the figures other colors are used. Hence, for painting the figures I had to do some simplifications. During painting I became somewhat more daring and also mixed some colors painting the larger figures at the bow and stern section and wiped some paint away to add some texture.

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I really agree about using satin. Talked to 2 of the modelmakers that build and painted the 1/10 Vasa model and one of the first things they said when I asked about painting tips was to not go gloss as they think it looses scale and realism on the model.




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