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Have you looked at cornwall model boats. They have a brand called Quarycraft.



they are ready made but they do have a fare about of detail.

Most are resin cast.


Regards Antony.

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I found the Mamoli ship's boats to be terrible. If you worked hard enough you could get something out of it, but I decided it was less work to build the ship's boats from scratch. There are many examples on how to do this in build logs here. You probably already have enough scrap from your ship to do it. They are a fun mini-project.  Worst case is you find you don't like them and buy one from Model Expo or another vendor. You still would carry additional skills with you. Give them scratch building them a try. they really are a great small project. Here are some of mine for my Mamoli Constitution.58f36e06130bb_ConstitutionBuild-ShipsBoats1.jpg.82bced34fb7e4a8513d1f8eb22558fd8.jpg58f36e06d34c3_ConstitutionBuild-ShipsBoats3.jpg.1f4321560bd39627391d7a09f5c3dbbf.jpg58f36e075e638_ConstitutionBuild-ShipsBoats4.jpg.78fcd620a54c41aeaff921a304eac13e.jpg

Constitution Build - Ships Boats 2.jpg

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Keep in mind that there will be several types of boats, each a different length, likely a barge, cutters, a launch, etc.   Probably the only way to have boats that are the correct design and length is to build your own.  As mentioned earlier it is a fun min project and should wind up looking much better than anything you buy.   Resin boats on a wooden ship model??  Ugh.  There was a good discussion on the Constitution's boats in 2014 and there were different boats at different times.  Pick your poison and have at it.  There are great descriptions on building your own boats in various books.  I can send you one write up, so if you wish, PM me.





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There is no record of exactly what boats were on the Constitution at any given time. There were many different ones on the ship at various times and they all tended to have a short shelf life. During a battles, these tended to get damaged pretty quickly so they were replaced. I recommend you scan through the various literatures that are available from the AOS to the US Navy archives. Then just choose a number and styles and sizes that represent those that could have been on it at any time. If it is to scale and was on the ship, no one is going to fault you for choosing one type over the other.


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