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Spring clamp source

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I bought these in 2014 and couldn't be any happier. Unfortunately they are not available anymore



But these are a nice alternative



Oops, sorry. There are no like the ones in your photos in these sets. Still... it may be good to consider. ;)





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I recommend THESE. Made from aluminium, they can be very easily cut and/or bent into whatever size/shape you need - and they're cheap :) . I've been using them for years. Only drawback is that they are fairly small (about 1.5" maximum clamping), but they're mostly used for smaller work anyway.




:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks, all, especially RichardG. Just ordered ten. Is MSW a great site or what!!!


And yes, Kurt. I grew up watching Norm Abrams and Bob Veeeeeela and the current crew. You can certainly never have enough clamps for sure. Funny thing is, I've spend thousands of hours watching this show and feel like I could handle any home related project - but never do!

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