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America 1851 by Kevin Kenny - FINISHED

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To celebrate this years Americas Cup i decided to build a model of the original ship. This was a kit i had for many years. When i open the kit i was shocked to find that powder post beatle had attacked the wooden parts.


At first i decided to just remake the damaged parts but as the work progressed i decided to make a second scratch built model using the kit to make the scratch built parts. 


As with my other projects i plan to make a video of this build.

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I put sandpaper on top of the deck where the gratings were to be placed.

Once the gratings was made, I sanded them on the area of sandpaper and had perfect deck matched gratings.

I also made the Constructo version.

Looking forward seeing more of this build.


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Thank you.  I have watched every one of the videos and I do not have the tools as you do, yet I have gleaned a enormous amount of knowledge from your willingness to share with us your skills.  I am a fan and look forward to more of your work.  I have the Bluejacket kit and much of what you have taught will be used.

Thank you


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Hi Rick 

i am so glad you have found them useful. All I can tell you is that although power tools help make the work easy,  hand tools can do every thing a power tool can do. The Bluejacket is a great kit one that you will have great fun with. If I can be of any help feel free to contact me. 

Best regards


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