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18th century longboat by Slideways - FINISHED - Model Shipways

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I started this longboat about a week ago , I am new to building model boats . I can't really rate the kit I got from MODEL SHIPWAYS , as this is the first one I have ever saw but I have not had a problem with anything yet and the instructions seem pretty straightforward there has been a few times I have had to read it over but that's probably cause I'm a newbie.   Here are the photos of what I have got accomplished on it so far .  I hope to finish hull by the weekend I will cheat and use the printed frieze under the top rail because it's to small and I'm not the best painter but I'm working on it lol will post finished hull over weekend,  






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Greetings everyone 

Progress this weekend was slow but steady . I got the thwarts in, and the cabin seats made the mast clamp and got them mounted , Got the  windlass   and two handles made, I left them removable.I also shaped the mast and just got done painting it I will mount it tomorrow and add some hardware 






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Wonderful progress so far!

I'm days away from finishing the same ship. Finishing rope coils on a lazy Sunday. 

Its a great ship to start with!

Looking forward to your build.


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Had a busy week at work but managed to get a little done this weekend. I built some legs for my mount . I used the pieces left over from the center of the  bulkheads  I made a template then rough cut the pieces using a drill bit and exacto knife. Then clamped them together and started filing and sanding 




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Here is a update on the longboat I have begun rigging and 😮 OMG! It's way harder than I expected lol this is my first wooden model and boat and was looking for a challenge and I got it . I first thought this boat was not going to be much of a challenge, called that wrong 😳  . It has been a fun boat and I have learned a bunch doing it . I know she's not much to look at but being she is my first I will always have a place in my heart for her 😍.I hope to finish her up in the next couple weeks ,and post the final pics . But here is where I am at now 

thanks for looking 










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My longboat build has come to the end . Thanks to everyone who posted and viewed my build log .I am now on the hunt for my  second build . The shipyard has  put out its first boat and I learned a lot . Here is the final pics of my longboat . Please remember when looking at this beast she is my first 😉









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Thanks for posting your build log through to the end...after seeing your finished model posting, I went and read through the kit instructions...considering the build for myself as well.


Look forward to seeing your next project...will be fun to follow you as you advance to your next ship!

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Nice ship!

It's a great kit. There are so many techniques, and the like, that you have to figure out to move forward.

I've already started on my next kit, the Niagara; build log soon, and I find myself thinking back to the Longboat and what I learned.

I look forward to your next project.



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