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Ragusian Carrack by jack.aubrey - Marisstella - 1:59

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Thursday 19 October 2017


A warm welcome to all users of this forum.

A few days ago, I received from Zoran Pavlovic, the kit manufacturer, the material I ordered for my next model, a project I want to manage in the period of time I will spend in Tuscany.

The kit is produced by a Croatian company, MARISSTELLA of Split, founded in 2008. I found it on the Modelshipworld forum where Marisstella is present with a advertisement banner. The company has a remarkably interesting product catalog, with typical boats of the Adriatic Sea. He is the same producer of the kit of my latest model, finished a few months ago: Gajeta Falkusa.


The first impression is that the materials supplied with the kit are definitely valid, the timbers are of good quality and the two sheets containing the plans are very well done. Many pieces are laser pre-cut both on plywood and solid wood. Concerning the wood used, the walnut is used for each element: planking, masts and spars, detail of the decks. As I wrote the wood is of high quality but personally I would have preferred a mix of wood with different colors to make the model less monotonous. I do not exclude that during this project I do not invent something using different woods to obtain a more lively and chromatic results. We'll see.


Again the biggest flaw in this kit is the assembling instructions: they are written in Croatian and English language. No comment on the Croatian, I do not know it, but for English it could be better. But Zoran Pavlovic has available a new version of them : he has reviewed the part in English and has also added instructions in Italian language. Zoran sent me them via email a couple of days after I received the kit and I have to say that they are very, very well translated.
Unlike the instructions of the Gajeta Falkusa, my last model, in this case there are virtually no images showing the various stages of construction and this is a small problem because this model is also quite complex and the written instructions become critical. They must be read carefully and understood perfectly to avoid mistakes that could have heavy consequences. And here's a further thank to Zoran for the magnificent Italian instructions: I hope will make the job easier and more methodical. 


At the moment I'm going to read, understand, interpret and comment them with some personal notes that should help me at the right time.


Here I would like to propose some images of the kit and the material contained inside.


First, a little bit of data:
Scale 1:59
Total Length 775 mm
Size of the packaging cm 65 x 21.5

Let's start by looking at our kit before opening it: 

01 Ragusian Carrack/13.jpg


But let's describe what model is.


This model represents a Ragusian Carrack, a sailing ship of the maritime republics of the period from the 14th to the middle of the 17th century, designed for freight transport.


The Carrack appears in Venice at the beginning of the 14th century, but at the same time it begins to be built in the city of Dubrovnik (Ragusa), another maritime republic, less famous of the four Italian towns but not less important, as the largest type of Adriatic shipping vessel.


In the fifteenth century, the Carrack spread from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean Sea and in the late 15th century to the Atlantic Ocean. Here they were built by the Spaniards, Portuguese, French and Dutch

It is therefore a vessel almost contemporary to the famous caravels and naos from the Iberian peninsula but still before the galleon, characterized by the high fore and aft castles. In the sixteenth century the Dubrovnik Carrack was one of the largest ships in the world and sailed to England. 


The large and spacious Carrack was called Argosia, a name derived from ragusia, the adjective of Ragusa. The level of popularity of Dubrovnik's carracks is demonstrated by the fact that the English created the literal expression Argosy ship.


But let's post some pictures of this gorgeous finished model, pictures sent by Zoran, which worth more than a thousand words.


02 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4522 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4527 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4532 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4537 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg


See you next time with additional images of the Ragusian Carrack !!

Cheers, Jack.Aubrey.

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I'll be looking forward to watching this build, I know you will do it justice.

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Friday 20 October 2017

More images of the finished model. 

I would like to point out that these photos do not refer to my work but have been sent to me by the kit manufacturer, Zoran Pavlovic, to integrate the building instructions..

The following is a collection of pictures of the Ragusian Carrack. Later I will continue by showing the contents of the kit box. In the meantime I'm studying what to do, so do not expect soon details of my job.


01 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4554 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4555 B DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4563 B DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4583 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4586 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

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Friday 20 October 2017

More pictures with details of the finished model.
01 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4592 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4601 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4604 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4607 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4613 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

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Friday 20 October 2017


More pictures with details of the finished model.


01 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4621 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST - Copy.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4626 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4632 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4635 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/Images/4CB_4639 DUBROVAČKA KARAKA 16. ST.jpg

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Friday 20 October 2017


Let's begin with a preview of the plans included in the kit.


As drawings, they are well done and after a quick check, the numeric references to the various elements are perfect. Tables containing all the pre-cut laser parts are not available, so these plans are not useful if you want to scrath build this model.
01 Ragusian Carrack/Images/HPSCANNER0938.jpg


I have some perplexity about the drawing P5 on the plan below. I do not understand if it's a mistake or something else. However, I do not think it can affect the work to build this model.


02 Ragusian Carrack/Images/HPSCANNER093.jpg


Cheers, Jack.

Ragusian Carrack for Mr Galli.pdf

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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Let's start commenting the contents of the box, as if it was opened for the first time.
We have already seen the two sheets of drawings in the previous message, so it is not the case to retrieve them again.
The photo below shows the kit in its original, sober but eye-catching box with gold prints.


01 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105325.jpg


Once opened the package we find in a clockwise direction starting from the right:
- the original instructions in English and Croatian, to which I mentioned in my first post;
- the catalog of the main kits manufactured by Marisstella;
- reproduction, in paper, of the carrack flags and a couple of A4-sized photographs of the finished model;
- the buiding instructions in italian language sent me by email by Zoran.


02 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105438.jpg


- Pre sewn sails;
- all strips and rods that will be used, walnut wood.


03 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105928.jpg


The components of the keel (and other minor details) on a 6mm solid walnut board.


04 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105641.jpg

Other laser pre cut element on walnut boards.


05 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105835.jpg


See you next time, Jack.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Let's continue to show the other materials contained in the kit:


- the first board of pre-cut laser bulkheads;


01 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105730.jpg


- the second board of pre-cut laser bulkheads;


02 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105744.jpg


- the third board of pre-cut laser bulkheads;


03 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105757.jpg

- some fittings (gun barrels, anchors, etc.) and ropes for rigging.


04 Ragusian Carrack\21102017\20171021_105617.jpg


That's all for today, regards, Jack.

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Hi Mr. Jack ... Regarding P5 illustration : is it simetrical or is it looking deformed at the posted picture only ? ... It should be simetrical and it shows the way of the planking : the transom is to be planked first, then the sides of the model... P6 shows what is comming next, to remove any questions about the order of assembly of the elements...



Regards, Zoran

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10 hours ago, MarisStella.hr said:

Hi Mr. Jack ... Regarding P5 illustration : is it simetrical or is it looking deformed at the posted picture only ? ... It should be simetrical and it shows the way of the planking : the transom is to be planked first, then the sides of the model... P6 shows what is comming next, to remove any questions about the order of assembly of the elements...

The picture P5, on the plan sheet #2 is asimmetrical, most probably due to an error during printing or whatever else, but it doesn't matter, 'cause you confirmed me that it should be simmetrical. Regards, Jack.

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Monday, October 23, 2017


I spent the weekend reading and understanding the building instructions of the hull. Matter that may not be considered a very simple task and, in order to better understand and know the various elements of the skeleton, I started to detach the precut bulkheads from their 4mm plywood board.


In less than half an hour I did my nice little stack of bulkheads that must now be well cleaned from the laser burns.

Then when they will be ready, I will copy them on A4 size sheets and archive all these drawings . . . You can't know if the will become useful in the future . . .


I will do the same for the keel pieces that are 5 and are made from a 6mm solid walnut board.


Here below the stack of the bulkheads just detached . .


01 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_173020.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_173035.jpg


To assembly the keel I prepared a copy of its shape from the second drawing shipped in the kit. It will be used during the mounting of the 5 elements that make up the keel with the objective to ensure the correct alignment of the various pieces.


03 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_172928.jpg


See you soon, a warm greeting. Jack.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Keel Assembly:


I placed the drawing I prepared in the previous message on the back of a glass plate I keep in my workshop and often use for these purposes. I fixed the design, face down, with some adhesive tape so that it could not move. I then overturned the glass by laying it on the worktop and then I started to prepare the pieces to assemble the keel.


Here I had to work very carefully to remove the wood burned by the laser cut and then I proceeded to glue the pieces with PVA glue.


When, after one hour, the glue took hold, I removed the keel from the glass, where it obviously could not stick, and I fastened it to a thick multilayer wood board with clamps to hold it firmly.


It is now in the lab to dry out definitively . . waiting for the next steps.


Here's a bit of pictures of the work done.


01 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_172853.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_172900.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_172916.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/23102017/20171023_172921.jpg

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Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


I copied the bulkheads on a sheet of A4 paper and then I digitalized them. In this way, in case of need, I will be able to reproduce them . . . you can never say . .

Here below a sample . .   


01 Ragusian Carrack/Scansioni/Ordinata 04 05.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/Scansioni/Ordinata 10.jpg

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The day was promising since the early hours of the morning. . maybe a little cold at the beginning but then it's so fine that . .


01 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_073245_HDR-PANO.jpg


In the afternoon I decided to start building the mounting slip for this model. May seem strange but making these things is for me a great fun, and even this time I felt the same feelings.


My feline assistant also agreed with me that it seems very good and that should do his job properly.


02 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_172802.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_172856.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_172811.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_172835.jpg


Finally, the keel I assembled a few days ago is in the proper position to install the other hull elements.


06 Ragusian Carrack/25102017/20171025_173014.jpg


Cheers, Jack.Aubrey

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Hi Jack.

Nice start to your build.

I like the support frame. Nicely built and looks strong.

Will follow along as you build your carrack. 


Regards Antony.

Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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Completed H.M.S. Victory X section by Coral. HMS Victory cross section

Completed The Black Pearl fun build Black Queen

Completed A large scale Victory cross section 1/36 Victory Cross Section

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Monday 30 October 2017


Soon I'm setting up for the proper installation of the bulkheads.
These days I have prepared a device for correctly fixing the bulkheads.
For "proper" I mean perfectly vertical and centered on the keel.
Below two images of how this device should work.
Obviously I need to leave the bulkheads locked in its position for half an hour until the glue has completely griped before proceeding further.


01 Ragusian Carrack/30102017/20171030_174632.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/30102017/20171030_174651.jpg


However, before installing the bulkheads, it is necessary to apply walnut strips of 1.5 x 4 on some of them.
These are characterized by the fact that they will remain partially in view on the finished model.


03 Ragusian Carrack/30102017/20171030_174729.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/30102017/20171030_182950.jpg


That's all for today, see you soon, Jack.

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Wednesday 1 November 2017


The preliminary tasks before the bulkheads assembly continue . .
On three of these bulkheads I preferred to do these finishing jobs now, where it is much easier to work when disassembled than when they have been mounted in their final position. These three bulkheads are almost over.


01 Ragusian Carrack/01112017/20171101_160550.jpg


Only the one here below needs further finishing, since ten windows must be installed in the many rectangles delimited by the lighter strips.


02 Ragusian Carrack/01112017/20171101_160558.jpg


There is also a kind of semicircular window in this other . .


03 Ragusian Carrack/01112017/20171101_160603.jpg


The assistants TEAM is resting after a hard day's work . .


04 Ragusian Carrack/01112017/IMG-20171101-WA0001.jpg


To next time, Jack.

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Venerdì 3 Novembre 2017

I finished installing details on the visible parts of the bulkheads # 3, 12, and 13. Next step is a careful review of the building instructions to see if I can finally proceed with the bulkheads assembly or if there is any other preliminary task to execute.

The part I covered on the bulkhead #12 will be visible with difficulty. The instructions only meant to paint it in black. I decided to cover it with strips and to install three doors as on the other two bulkheads. A little extra detail.


01 Ragusian Carrack/03112017/01 Ragusian Carrack/03112017/


Bulkhead #3, the most complex; it seems to me quite well, even though it was a hard business to unplug the edge of the windows (laser pre-cut) from the solid nut board. In fact they were very fragile. That is why I prefer 5-ply avionics plywood for this kind of detail.


02 Ragusian Carrack/03112017/20171103_172218.jpg


To next time, Jack.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Saturday I took the decision to start assembling the framework of this model.


Usual methodology but I need to be very careful about the alignment of the single bulkheads.
A great deal of precision is needed because there are 14mm round longitudinal reinforcements that must be inserted into holes specially cutted in the bulkheads.


By luck the pieces are really accurate and so far I hadn't any problem till now . . honor to the author of this kit.
Let's hope this luck continues even for the pieces that have not yet been installed.


I used the device I showed you a few days ago to hold and glue the bulkheads and I have to say it works pretty well, but I cannot proceed too fast . .
so, "autogenic rush management training".


Below the usual photo gallery . . to next time, Jack.


01 Ragusian Carrack/05112017/20171105_120539.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/05112017/20171105_120546.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/05112017/20171105_120558.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/05112017/20171105_120609.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/05112017/20171105_120637.jpg

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Tuesday 7 November 2017


I've terminated the assembly of the hull frames !!


Aside from the time it took to fit everything in accordance with the written instructions, I had, for my choice, to do additional tasks to reinforce the whole assembly.
Infact, in spite of the presence of some 14mm walnut rods that strengthen the lower part of the frames, I felt more appropriate to add further reinforcements to the upper part of the bulkheads.


This area was too fragile for my thinking . . . then I worked out with "ad hoc" plywood pieces and wood strips to strenghten it.

After this activity I feel more confident about the rigidity of this "building". .


I want now add that I have not yet finished with this task, for example I still have to reinforce the top of the fourth, fifth and sixth bulkheads starting from the stern.

Before anyone notices me, I inform you that the seventh bulkhead from the stern is not perfectly vertically mounted . . I must inadvertently shift it while it was not yet perfectly dry without I noticed it. 
However, there are no visible negative effects, so this is an error without any significant consequence.


And now I attach here below the first five images of the work done.
01 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132728.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132806.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132836.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132849.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132857.jpg


To be continued . . see you soon, Jack.

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Hi Jack.

Stunning work. 

I never really looked at the lines of this ship till now.  WOW I like this beautiful ship.

Why is it my photos are rubbish compared to you people. Yours are outstanding.

Looking forward to your next progress post.


Regards Antony.

Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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Completed Fun build Tail boat Tailboat

Completed Build Chinese Junk Chinese Pirate Junk

Completed scratch built Korean Turtle ship 1/32 Turtle ship

Completed Santa Lucia Sicilian Cargo Boat 1/30 scale Santa Lucia

On hold. Bounty Occre 1/45

Completed HMS Victory by DeAgostini modelspace. DeAgostini Victory Cross Section

Completed H.M.S. Victory X section by Coral. HMS Victory cross section

Completed The Black Pearl fun build Black Queen

Completed A large scale Victory cross section 1/36 Victory Cross Section

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Continuation with further images . .


01 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132905.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132735.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132741.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132816.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132821.jpg

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Thursday 9 November 2017


New but latest images, with more focus on certain construction details . .


At the moment I am applying a coat of diluted vinyl glue +/- to 50% over the entire structure.


This operation helps to make the surface of the plywood more durable by saturating it with glue and preventing the various pieces from falling or jerking against sanding operations. It should also make the wood less subject to humidity changes, which, in these days here in Calci, is very strong because of recent rains.


Soon I will have to prepare myself to shape the bulkheads with the correct camber and apply preshaped sweet wooden blocks where necessary, especially at bow and stern, to best fix the ends of the planks.


In the idle time I'm trying to finish the second HMS Guadeloupe boat.

Soon, Jack.

01 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132826.jpg

02 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132916.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132926.jpg

04 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_132953.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/07112017/20171107_133005.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tuesday 21 November 2017

It's some days without news from me since my last post because I had to spend several time on other matters. However I have not been completely inactive on this model. 
Not a lot but during these days I have:


1) finished the second of the HMS Guadeloupe lifeboats; now only another rather small one is missing, and then I'll finish with these boats;
2) I set up, in the prow area, some filling blocks, made of several layers of poplar plywood glued together; they are now rough, but still to be finished properly;
3) I'm building the stern post, especially at the top, made with 2x5 soft wood strips; also here I just have to refine before applying the last layer planks.


Lastly, some considerations on the kit and subsequent decisions regarding the future tasks for this project.


The wood available in the kit for planking the hull and decks consists exclusively of 4 x 1,5 walnut strips. They are of great wood, even if, for my opinion it's a wood too dark (you can have an idea by looking at the previous post where, in some photos, you can see them on the visible side of some bulkheads).

Obviously, only one planking is planned.


Recalling my previous experience with an identical approach based on walnut planking and evaluating the problems encountered during hull refinement and smoothing, I have considered the pros and cons of using this material.


So I decided to proceed on my way using the double planking technique, also because I found the material I needed:

a) in a model shop near to me (among other things, well-stocked) I bought some 1,5x5 mm lime strips to be used for the first planking; since lime is much sweet than walnut I should be able to work much more easily and quickly; in addition, being them wider strips, I should go furtherly faster.
b) I have found veneer sheets, 0,4 mm in thickness, of CHERRY wood at a timber reseller. It's nearly a century I dreamed to use this kind of wood for a model of mine . . . so I decided right away.


The technique is super tested having used it for two of my previous models and also for several boats, so it's like playing soccer in your own home field . .

Of course I have no pictures of the work done on the carrack to show, but I don't think it's a big loss as there is not much to show. At most, I'll show you a couple of photos of the two Guadeloupe boats . .


01 Brick de 24/Brick by JackAubrey/IMG_20171115_154048.jpg


02 Brick de 24/Brick by JackAubrey/IMG_20171115_154030.jpg

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Thursday 23 November 2017


Some pictures of the work made on the stern, aimed at the construction of the stern post. This element is definitely finished, ready to receive, in due course, the last layer of cherry wood strips.

A view of the inside, left raw . .


01 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152153.jpg


And two exterior views, smooth and ready for the next steps . .


02 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152137.jpg

03 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152143.jpg


The filling blocks in the bow area, still under construction and to be refined . .


04 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152215.jpg

05 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152230.jpg


I have reinforced the tops of the 9th, 10th and 11th bulkheads that could break during the hull manipulations planned in the next steps . .


06 Ragusian Carrack/21112017/IMG_20171121_152201.jpg


That's all, see you soon, Jack.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017


I'm going to describe the latest developments.


It's not a lot but at this time I'm a little conditioned by the outside temperatures that are starting to decrease and working with the cold inside a garage doesn't fit too much for me. So I work only in the warmer hours and, with the current short days, time is not much.


I have finally finished installing and shaping the bow filler blocks . . since I didn't have usable wood blocks I used poplar plywood elements glued together. Even though this wood is fairly soft, because of the poor quality of the sanding paper I had available, I took more than expected even if at the end I got there.


I'm evaluating a similar solution for the stern, though limited, by doubling the thickness of the last two bulkheads just in the lower zone, this to increase the surface in contact with the planks.


01 Ragusian Carrack/26112017/IMG_20171126_171735.jpg


02 Ragusian Carrack/26112017/IMG_20171126_171743.jpg


03 Ragusian Carrack/26112017/IMG_20171126_171752.jpg


Cheers, Jack Aubrey.

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Thursday, November 30th 2017


The preparatory activities for the hull planking are continuing . .


At the moment I am focused on the prow zone and in particular on the forecastle. Here I saw the possibility of carrying out activities independently from the other areas of the hull, then, having previously assessed the situation, I decided to attack this area, just to "warm up the tires".
In doing so I decided to move away from following the assembling instructions provided in the kit: they were very valid, if not absolutely necessary, in the work phases carried out so far but I think that from now on we can proceed quite freely.


In particular my activities were the construction of the forecastle's top structure, the finishing of the front vertical wall and the application of the deck planks. To do this I used the walnut strips supplied in the kit. However, once again this essence seems to me decidedly dark to cover the decks, so even here I decided to proceed with my own head. This walnut planking will serve as a starting point for covering with self-made strips made with tanganika wood veneer, much clearer than walnut. . so do not look at the strange layout of the strips of the deck I used as a modeling heresy, 'cause it only serves as a background.


Below a bit of pictures of the work done, kind regards, Jack.


01 Ragusian Carrack/30112017/IMG_20171130_174922.jpg

01 Ragusian Carrack/30112017/IMG_20171130_174940.jpg

01 Ragusian Carrack/30112017/IMG_20171130_174948.jpg

01 Ragusian Carrack/30112017/IMG_20171130_174958.jpg

01 Ragusian Carrack/30112017/IMG_20171130_175005.jpg

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