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La Real by Rossi46 - Dusek - scale 1/72

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I am finally ready to get stuck in on the Dusek La Real build.  This is a very interesting build and one im very excited to document.  My first build was the 1/48 scale HMS Surprise, whicjh was a monumental overreach for a first build, but it turned out better than i ever imagined, and i learned a ton along the way. 


My second build was a model airways Wright Flyer, a model that was fun but much less intensive.  Now im ready and excited for more planking and rigging lol.


The Real is a row galley famous for the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. 


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The kit is of a good quality, and Daniel Dusek was a real pro to work with.  There are alot of resin cast parts with this model, which feels a bit cheaper than the metal castings, but is actually far high quality and infinitely more detailed. 


The keel and bulkheads went together very nicely and everything fit well.  Here are some pics with the first layer of planking.  There is a second layer of planking on top.  I will be painting the hull, my first time doing that.



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Hi Rossi:

Really glad to see you doing La Real. This will be my next build, somewhat modified to represent a Maltese Knights of St. John war galley. 

I’m pulling up a chair to watch and learn. I haven’t opened the box yet as I need to plan the modifications but will extract the plans soon to compare to my "target" vessel.  Great to have one to watch. 


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Hey Bruce.  Its a nice little kit, im enjoying it so far and am fortunate to a have a full size replica to use as photographic reference.  I couldnt find another row galley kit build on the forum, but will surely provide you with plenty of lessons learned 🍻 lol.  The smallest scale ive built to date is 1/48, so working with the 1/72 scale is different.

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Congratulations for choosing this model. I have a huge crush on this galley. I had the pleasure seeing the replica in Barcelona`s Shipyard Museum. This thing is huuuge measuring 60 meters. Funny thing is they have a wooden ship model of the La Real at the museum. It left such a deep impression on me that after coming home I decided to start this hobby... 


I will check your build log with great interest since I am planning to buy this kit as well after gaining some experience. What is you general impression about Dusek kits? I heard the wood is excellent. What about the instruction manual? Is it sufficiently detailed for a beginner-intermediate ship builder? Thank you and good luck on your journey!

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Thanks oliver, i reference pics of the replica quite often, what a stunning boat.  Would love to see it some day.  This is only my second build, so not much reference.  Because of the scale there are some very thin veneer pieces which are of good quality, for what they are, but i dont particularly like working with it.  But i would say the dusek kit is of a much higher quality than the artesania latina kit of my first build.  I would def recommend.  The instruction dont really provide you step by step guidance, but gives you full scale images of the sections and you have to use those to figure out the way.  But i would be happy to help you out if you do build it.  I would suggest just jumping in at the deep end now, and just take your time and ask questions.🍻

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Umping ahead to the rear portion of the boat while plugging away at the deck.  In order to make painying easier(airbrush) im building as much as i can off the boat.  Here is a mock up with some of the molded plastic decorations in place.  Lots of flashing on the plastic bits to remove.  Most of the plastic parts are going to be gold. 






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This amazing ship has always been so intimidating for me :default_wallbash: You are doing a great job. Your detail work is great. I will follow along.

I found this - you may already know, but in case you don't




PS: If you double click on the model photos it brings up super detailed close-ups



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