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Rigging for Dummies

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Is there a modern book of the explanation of rigging and it mechanics, sort of an Rigging for Dummies or Period Ship Rigging for ye Very Mentally Challanged? Biddlecomb is kind of a chore. Some thing like this is gonna do that. I’d like to get a very basic understanding and then read Biddlecomb.



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hi kurt

it might be worth having a look at  "rigging;period fore-and-aft craft"  by lennarth petersson   and also "rigging period ship models" by the same author.

the descriptions are mainly pictorial which is very helpful for a beginner.

you can then read biddlecomb and steel and it may not be such a chore.

hope this helps.



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Try zu Monfeld's "Historic Ship Models"... gives a good overview of this without being too specific.

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Keep in mind, you don't really have to know why/how about  every line on a ship.  As the number of masts and sails increase, you have

the same basic principles repeated over and over. 


Just pick a mast and a type of sail; main, top, stay, spanker, etc., and the basic principles, with a few exceptions will always apply.


This is not to say there won't be variations among countries and periods, but a 'lift' , a 'brace'  a 'shroud' or whatever, won't really change that much,

because the work to be accomplished will be the same.

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That’s what I thought. I think I’m reasonably mechanically inclined. I’m looking for an understanding of why something is done, so I know that something I model would make sense and would actually be able to do the job intended. It would just give me a much greater sense of accomplishment, then just recreating something that I haven’t the slightest idea how it works or what it does.



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It's really very simple.  Everything in the rigging needs to get to or be fixed in to position in three dimensions: up/down, right/left, and forward/back.  Now put a rope on everything such that it pulls in those directions (down is mostly taken care of by gravity).  If the object is heavy add a way to multiply the force (block and tackle).  Try not to foul or tangle the lines.


There, I just described 99% of the rigging for all ships!


Sounds silly but it's true.:)






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