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18th Century Armed Longboat by Tiger65 - Finished - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24 - Small

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I don't know how I missed your post yesterday. Your model has really turned out quite nice! I had the same problem with the gaff jaws, one of the few aspects about this kit I find curious. Had I known you needed belaying pins I could have sent some to you. If you got the 14mm size you'll be in good shape, if not let me know. You're in the home stretch now!

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Thanks Arthur but I have ordered the 14mm's, based on your earlier post.  I am somewhat disappointed in the kit details on this boat.  MS missed several items, some of which I remember as: mis-naming some of the metal work, wrong size mast or wrong size mast accessories and wrong size rope.  I haven't noticed these issues on other MS kits. 

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Ok, here's the finished product--or at least as finished as I can get it.  Lots flaws but I won't point them out.  Many thanks to Arthur Wayne and Dr. Ps.  They were both ahead of me and I used much of their insight and copied many of their approaches.  Thanks also to all who watched and commented.







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Thanks for all the positive comments.  Paul, I am struggling with what's next.  I really don't look forward to starting one of the big ships but I have done most of the smaller boats.  Maybe some rum or grog will clarify things.


Thanks again for the compliments.

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