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Hello!  My name is David and I reside in upstate NY and have recently decided I needed a new hobby.  I built plastic models as a teenager and young adult but ceased to do so since getting a career and owning a home.  Now however, I am looking for a stress relief that is both satisfying and challenging.  I have finished a grand banks dory by blue jacket and I am currently working on the Revenue Cutter.  I have already purchased 5 other boat kits...so I am hoping I don't give up too fast. 





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I will be honest I have been reading build logs on this forum since January...I will eventually do one and I’m in the midst of doing the blue jacket revenue cutter...however I have found that the holes were way off center and I’m going to need to fill and redrill.  I am not looking forward to it.  I also have purchased the following....glad tidings, American privateer, Emma c berry and 18th century long boat (all from model ship ways)...would you guys recommend which one I should try First?  Or which one I should stay away from until I have a few boats under my belt?  I have never planked before but I am looking forward to it. Here are some pictures of my revenue cutter: 









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Hi David, and welcome to MSW.


What you've done so far looks really good. Take it slow and carefully - you seem to be doing that already - and you'll end up with something to be really proud of.


Good to see you're planning a build log. I'd recommend you start sooner rather than later - I know it can sometimes be a bit daunting putting one's efforts up for all to see, but the people here are very helpful and supportive, and can often give help and advice that will help you overcome the problems all modelmakers encounter at some stage or another. Oh, and we get to see your model taking shape!


In case you haven't already come across them, the instructions for starting your build log are here:



Good to have you on board!



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