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What kind of glue do you use on your seizings?


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Diluted PVA is the stuff to use. (It must be diluted otherwise it is too viscous to soak into the thread. I can only recemmend CA to convert the end of your line into a rigid section that makes it easy to thread through blocks etc. Put a drop of CA onto a disposable surface to make a small puddle. Use a toothpick (or similar) to draw about 10mm of the end of the line through. Wipe off all excess CA immediately.and you will have a hard needle end. Snip this off after you have threaded it through the block(s).


This will also illustrate what will happen to your knots and seizings etc, if you use CA to secure them.



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I'm with John and B.E.  Dilute PVA


If you want to get rid of that gloss on your rigging from the CA either touch it up with some flat black paint or try Dullcoat by Model Master (Testor's).

Hmmm... why touch up the CA with dullcote to get rid of the gloss? Just place a drop of Dullcote INSTEAD of using CA. It will hold your knot, will not leave a shiny or white spot, and will not make your line brittle, as CA does. ;)

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