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Byrnes Table Saw - Which accessoires are to buy?

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Hello everyone,


now I have some wood in stock I think about expanding my tools-setup to cut sheets and strips myself. I have already decided to buy a Byrnes saw but I‘m not sure which accessoires are useful too. I will surely add a metric micrometer-stop and another 3‘‘ kerf. I understand that every accessoire has its own usefulness but maybe my english and my knowledge of tools is incomplete. Can anyone tell me please what a Rip Fence, a Rip Taper Gage and a Miter Bar are used for?


Best regards,


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The rip fence which comes on the saw is 1/8 high or 3.175mm high and is used to rip planks.  There is a removable rip fence extension that raises the height to 3/4 or 19.05mm for cutting thick stock.  Since you are in Germany you should definitely get that option with the saw because if you order it later it's going to cost you 3 or 4 times the price of the extension just to have it shipped over there.  The taper gauge is used to rip tapers against the rip fence, it goes from 0-30 degrees.  The miter bar is the same size as the miter slide that comes on the saw and is used to make jigs.  The standard package for you guys overseas is the saw, rip fence extension,  metric mic stop and a few slitting blades.  Keep in mind that shipping is ridiculous overseas so the best thing to do is order everything you think you need or will need in the future with the saw because it will not raise the shipping.




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The "search thingy" is your friend. Here's a thread from the past answering your question. Hope it helps.


Remember, if you buy your accessories at the same time as you buy your saw, you will likely save a considerable amount on shipping costs, especially to Germany, than if you have to keep "going back to the well" to get another accessory you've discovered you'd have a use for!



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Unless you are going to build your own, I would consider getting the sliding table.  Makes cross cutting so much easier -- and more importantly, much safer.


Not sure if Jim is still building them, but consider getting a wider table top for the saw.  With the wider table, you can keep the fence on the table while using the sliding table, rather than have to remove and reinstall the fence when changing the cuts you're making.



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