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San Ildefonso by Sjors - FINISHED - OcCre - wood (1:70)

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Hello everybody, 

My surprise has finally arrived. My neighbors/friends went on vacation to Spain. They brought me something that I really wanted and I want to share it with all of you. 

I want to thank Ricardo (gas-666)  for all his help in making this possible. He was my contact with a Spanish hobby shop to get this kit. 
Normally you have to be a member of the OcCre club before you can buy this kit. When you are a member, you are receiving 1 box every 1 1/2 month. So, in total it will take about a year before you have all the boxes and there are 8 of them. 

I didn't want to wait that long, so Ricardo has sent e-mails to see if it was possible to get all the boxes at once (in one buy). And the results are in the pictures. 

Ricardo, thank you very much for all your help in making this purchase possible  thumbupleft.gif clapyellow.gif 

* * * * * 

And now I like to present to you the San Ildefonso. 

Length - 1290 mm 
Hight - 895 mm 
Width - 470 mm 

In 1784 work on the construction of the ship San Ildefonso began in Cartagena, based on a design by José Romero de Landa, who had been asked to build a 74-gun ship that would serve as a prototype for the future vessels of the Spanish Royal Navy, and under his direction. 

Following favourable reports from her sea trials, she was adopted as the model for another seven ships that were built over the coming years, and which came to be known as the "Ildefonsinos". 
After seeing action on numerous occasions, both in the Mediterranean Squadron and the Ocean Squadron, she took part in the battles of Cape St. Vincent in 1797 and Trafalgar, in 1805. At Trafalgar, under Commodore Don José Vargas, and forming a part of the combined fleet's observation squadron, she was one of the fastest in the fleet. 34 of her crew members were killed and another 148 wounded. 

I think it is a twin sister of the Montañes. 
This build will be very slow because I also have Le Mirage to finish. 
She is my main build, but I know that I can't keep my hands out of the box. So sometimes you will see a little progress on the San Ildefonso. 

I hope you will also join and guide me in this build. 

Thank you and enjoy watching! 

Sjors  (Glad to back on MSW!)


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Hi All,


I want to show you the size of the San Ildefonso.

I placed the keel and put a measure on it.

She is 1290 mm long….

And that without the bowsprit.

I need a bigger house!


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I placed all the frames and they where straight.

I cut out the deck and dry fitted it.

Now I find out that the false keel had a twist.

And there are two parts glued together.

When I glue them together ,they where straight.

I don't know what I've doing wrong.

Or I make a BIG mistake.








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The lower deck is plancked !

It take some time, but then you have something  :)

I know that at the end ,you don't see a lot of the deck anymore, but it is a good practice.

For the caulking I use a pencil recommended by Popeye.and it works.








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I placed a few filler (balsa( blocks at the stern and bow.

Not between all the frames.

I was cutting and sanding for four days now.

I have to see if it works this way.

I placed a small plank to see if it fits and it fits perfect.

If necessary,I can place more but when I don't have to do it, I won't!







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I was attempt to put on the main deck.

But then…….It not fits perfect.

As you can see in the picture, between the two parts I have a opening.

If I put them together , the holes for the mast are wrong between the lower deck and the main deck.

The planking goes over it, and also over the frame openings.

So you don't see it after the planking.

The last picture is a joke of Anja.

She wants to see the difference size.

San Ildefonso down and the Halve Maen up.

When both ships are finished, the Halve Maen don't need a tugboat  :D





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The main deck is also planked.

Garward was telling me that the shift of butts where not right.

So at the main deck I change it and I hope that this is the right one.

Every 5 planks the are skipping ( or how you call that)








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I placed the beams for the gratings in the middle.

It looks if it is not straight but that's a angle of the camera.

I check it twice when I see the picture.





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Of course one of the bulwarks is cracked  :(

I have placed a plank over it and it looks if it is going all right.

I also place wood for the false canons.

I don't know what it calls, but I think you understand what I mean.










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I've done something more.

Place the waterways and paint them.

Make the stair to the lower deck and make the safety railing.

Also start the planking.


















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The second row of planking is done and I have sanded a little, but I know that I need more sanding.

I also need some filler.

The light planking has to be painted yellow and between it black.

I only have problems with the stern.

It must be close together but I have a little ledge…...

So I take a little piece of wood and use some filler and sanded the ledge away.

It's now so smooth as the buttock of a baby.

I think it works just fine.








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3/4 of the ship is planked.

It looks if there is some mold on the planks but that's not true.

I have sanded it and used some balsa filler.

The hull has to be painted.







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Good grief Sjors.....you've built the entire ship in one day!!!!!!


Trying to get my log back in.  Really slow going!



Current Build: US Frigate Confederacy - MS 1:64


Previous Builds :


US Brig Syren (MS) - 2013 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Greek Tug Ulises (OcCre) - 2009 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Victory Cross Section (Corel) - 1988

Essex (MS) 1/8"- 1976

Cutty Sark (Revell 1:96) - 1956

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Placed the wales and painted them

Also put the yellow paint around the gun ports.

Varnish the hull twice with Dullcote transparent opaco matt lack.









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So I'm now so far with posting till the moment that the world stop spinning…...

My next post will be an update in the time that I was not at MSW.

Thanks for dropping in and till tomorrow.

At Sunday, Anja has put a claim on the pc…...



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Man, you don't fool around. You have your whole build back up. Good work Sjors!! I'm still contemplating if I should attempt reloading , maybe just the latest updates, I'll see.


completed build: Delta River Co. Riverboat     HMAT SUPPLY


                         USRC "ALERT"


in progress: Red Dragon  (Chinese junk)


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Hi frank & Andy,


You are the first visitors  :D



If you have all the pictures, take your time and post them.

If you don't do it, maybe some day you regret it.




With this speed I need a other job to buy all those kits 



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Sjors - I haven't even had a chance to microwave my pop corn yet!  She is looking fine, Sir.


Now let Anja have the computer so she can do some posting!  Good thing we don't have that problem here...the 4 of us have our own laptop computer, plus the boys each have a netbook (miniature computer) for school.  Not to mention my trusty business computer here in the home office. 


Have a great weekend, and welcome back!


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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Hi Wayne,


Anja has her own I pad, so she can work on that…...

Just kidding.

It is almost sleeping time so we are going to the playground.

Tomorrow she is not at home but on sunday the pc is for her…….promised!

It's good to be back!

have a nice weekend to.



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