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"Work bench" feed back please

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Has anyone used the OcRe Workshop Cabinet Kit?  Links to Micromark - their price is on the low end of going rates.  


Can you advise any pros and cons?


The OcCre site indicates a 'Lifetime Warranty' but I assume it limited.  


I can see that while it may assemble easily, some glue to hold it together would likely be advisable.  


Using the cutting mat grid and assuming 1/2" marks, the material seems to be around 1/4" thick (maybe a bit less - 3/16?).  MDF that thick should be stable enough to store material and keep tools handy and still be 'portable.'  The movable top seems like it would make a work surface for small models (my current trend right now).  I would seem one could put subassemblies on that shelf, also. 


Is there any similar alternative to something like this out there?  


I hope to set up something in the living area of the house that, if needed, can be dismantled when we have company (cover with a cloth and use as a buffet in that case).  My current computer desk (a 2X5 ft surface with end shelves along the sides) fits the bill and I can get a smaller computer desk that sits more out of the way.  


Thanks for any advice, input, and feedback. 



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I think I would have great difficulty working between the walls of the work area on anything bigger than a few inches long.  There is barely room for my two hands between the walls let alone a model of any size.  Think about the attitude of your hands when working on a model - I doubt they are at a right angle to your arm - not much room for a model.

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1 hour ago, robert952 said:

My intent is to 'store' only tools and items being used for the current model under construction.

You may consider using a 2 inch thick "brick" of rigid Styrofoam wall insulation.  PVC glue it to a plywood base and punch holes for your tools.  Having multiple bricks - each oriented to a general task -  they store on a shelf.  Sharp pointed or edged tools are held vertical and the material does not affect the edge.

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The modeling tool catalogs like MicroMark, while always fun to peruse, are just chock full of "impulse purchases" that you thought you really needed and then discovered you never used. It's a pitfall for those entering the hobby. (Tool kits promising "everything you'll ever need to build your model" are almost always full of bottom of the barrel junk you don't need.) In many instances, the tools you need will be found in other places at higher quality and lower prices. Far superior medical, dental, and jewelry-making tools can be found on eBay or from supply houses at a lot less expense than from places like Model Expo or MicroMark.  Remember the tool-buying maxim: "Never buy a tool until you need it and then only buy the best quality you can afford." 


I'd place this OcRe workshop in the category of "stuff you'll later wish you didn't waste your money on." You can get a whole lot more lower cost useful storage at places like Harbor Freight, "Bed, Bath, and Beyond," Walmart, and so on. Think "Tupperware." If you have to "go mobile" due to space considerations, get yourself a suitably sized sheet of plywood and put lip around three edges and a couple of handles on either end. When company comes, you can pick it up and slide it under the bed until you can get rid of them  and back to your modeling! :D 




Harbor Freight, twenty bucks, 40 Bin Organizer with Full Length Drawer (harborfreight.com):

40 Bin Organizer with Full Length Drawer



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An essential tool that I use every time that I go into my workshop is a vise.  In fact I have four:  a large heavy machinist vise with custom smooth faced jaw inserts, a carpenter’s vise, flush mounted to my workbench edge, a 50+ year old model makers vise, and a seldom used swivel vise.  I can’t imagine doing quality work without one.  Each of these needs to be solidly mounted to a bench top, and some  benefit from access to a bench edge.  So, your computer desk would quickly get scarred up mounting a bench top vise, and a clamp on one requires an edge.  I, therefore, think that Bob’s plywood idea is the way to go.


As a newly wed, my first “shop” was the spare bedroom in a two bedroom apartment and my workbench was a 2ft x 3ft Sears wooden drawing table that I now use for laying out my plans.



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@kurtvd19 Yeah.  And I re-evaluated the size on the desktop too.  The item takes up a lot of real estate on the bench top. Good points.  

@Bob Cleek  I have a similar for my hardware hoarding habit.  The one I have has two sizes of drawers and about the same size.  

@Roger Pellett My vice is on my garage work bench.  I doubt I can use that for what I am thinking...but, it does raise the question of mounting a 'third hand tool.'  The other issue is to slide something under the bed means carrying it upstairs. 

@Jaager Good alternative for a custom made solution.


Thanks to all for your responses.  I was leaning towards not a good idea.  And your comments helped confirm that thought. 



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@Dave_E It will be my 30+-year old computer desk, 2 X 5 ft surface with shelves on one end and down the right side.  (One of those is a printer tray.  I see open top boxes/trays there for holding tools and supplies. 


I am not sure about whether to keep the keyboard tray on it. Such might make a nice surface a few inches lower that desk top.


I plan on covering the 30+ year old top with something similar to VYCO used on drafting tables.  But what I find runs in the 100 bucks range.  I am still looking into that. 

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