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Half Moon by maggsl_01 - FINISHED - Corel - 1:50 - First wooden modelship

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Howdy :piratebo5:


Well - I did it: I started my first wooden model build. It took quite a time before I was sure to dare this. I build models for many years, started 40 yrs ago with platic planes etc. After a Long break I restartet with motorbikes, trucks, cars and dioramas. Especially the dioramas in the popular model train scale H0 gave me a lot of fun. I used bashed houses, my interest was the so called german "Wirtschaftswunder", the years after the war up to 1965. I am born 1960 - so ist a kind of  looking back into childhood :)  My topic was industrial life, harbour etc... with resin ships (Artitec).


But for a Long Long time I am fascinated by historic model ships. Now I think  I am old enough to enjoy a long time building, use and learn new techniques, improve my knowledge about ship history and understand a ship building as some kind of inner rest... I always want to know everything about the original. So I learn more about the time when the ships cruised the oceans under circumstances noone can really understand today. Thats very amazing.


Now the bulidung has begun, the ship is wellknown, the kit also. I will sure ask a lot... e.g. is it better to plank the deck before or after fixing it?


I will try to report regularly :dancetl6:


Thank you for your Attention








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Howdy all :10_1_10:


the work takes its time - but it goes on an on. I am very pleased with this kit. It gives me tasks zu fulfill, but in a way I can do. Even as I am not expierenced with wooden modelling I get along with it. And I can learn how to handle the materials and the things to do - like planking the deck or the hull.


I enjoy the building very much :dancetl6:


Some pics show the progress of my Half Moon


thx - max






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Nice of you to step over to wooden shipmodelling Max!

It's looking nice so far, the Half moon is a nice ship, its on my wishlist as well.

imho it better to plank the deck first, and then fit it. But this depends on the kit really.

Great working place you have there btw, do you have any special tools, we wood-workers don't know about?

What do you think of the Corel kit?

Best Regards, Cor

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Hi all...


I started the first planking of the Half Moon - and finished the lower part on starboard. The qualitiy of the Corel kit ist quite ok, I think, some parts (deck, some of the frames) could have been cut more exactly. But in the end ist ok and I could handle all quite good. I use knifes, pliers, a small hammer, the Amati planking machine that works really nice, needles and pins ;), sanding paper and a Proxxon multi-machine, what is really good for the first rough sanding. For the details and the smoothering of the surface I will use sanding paper. 


The work takes good progress. As this is my first wooden ship model I will build the ship out of the box. Next time, when my expierence with this special kind of modelling has grown, I will take more care of certain details and all this. I spend about 3 to 4 hrs every eveing in my shipyard (as my wife calls my room).


Next step will be the first planking of the lower backboard, than sanding and complete the first planking with the upper sides. Up to now I had no Problems. But I am quite curious how the second planking will work...


Thx for your attention :10_1_10:


cu - Max






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hello Max.   I think you'll find that there are little idiosyncrasies with most kits.......no matter.   some have extra material that needs to be sanded for the shaping of parts.   I tend to look at them,  as  'wiggle room' , left for the modeler to mold and fashion.    this hobby,  I feel,  wouldn't be fun,  if kits were so  'exact'.    most of us were old plastic folks in our day,   so your in good company ;)    your off to a good start with your build......I'm build the Billing's kit of this fine ship.   so far,  I'm finding 'bash' is the way to go........the kit is not a complete kit anyway,  so I'll be scratch making some of the parts.   if the hull is to be second planked,  then work on the shape.....it don't need to be pretty.    are you going to use thin strip {.5 mm} for the second planking?   this would be good,  so the planking doesn't add thickness to the hull....I did this to my Gothenborg......they really  'behave' quite well.   I like the idea of the gun port cutouts.....the inset lids are really going to add a nice look to the ship :)    I'll look forward in seeing more on your fine build  ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello again...


the work on the boat goes on - and makes fun. Still :D I finished the first planking and have to sand it. Before I do I will continue on the deck and cover all constructions there. The deck planking is done too, waht was no problem.  I am curious how the finish of the deck will work. I do not know yet what will be the best way to seal the planks there, what vernish will be the best. Perhaps somebody can give some good advice? I would like to preserve the wooden Color but also want a "used" impression... How do you test this? I dont want to use some color or varnish or wax (I think furniture wax can do a good job?) on the deck - and then be dissapointed about the result... I will cover the bulwark with wooden strips instead of the actual condition. Then I will use some filler on the irregularities on the hulls first planking and sand all...


thx for your Attention







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Well,  I decided to cover the planking on the inside of the deck instead just to varnish it or to let it with the original Wood. So I bought some 0.5/3mm-walnut-strips and started to cover ayll visible parts. I Think this will give the model a nice appearence. Still I am not sure how to treat the deck - Color, wax, varnish... Next step is finally to start the second planking. I tried some differnet ways to bend the planks and found out, best will be to dry the bent stripes with a hair dryer... thats quite quick and gives the Wood the perfect fit.


Thats it for the Moment... be Patient :pirate41:







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Hello all together


Good progress...  the second planking is not as difficult as I expected. Its tricky and you have to take good care for all the parts and the

fitting... but isn't this the reason we all build such models? Its my first wooden ship and I have to admit: Its better than I thought. The result seems to become good although there are some mistakes I could not avoid. But all the life is for learning - and such is the building progress for the Half Moon.


Some pics show the progress - hope you all like it. Comments are welcome :dancetl6:








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Hello all together :cheers:


the port of the Half Moon is done --- he he..she turns into a Full Moon...


I hope you all will appreciate that I used some nut-stripes instead of the original tanganica-Wood-stripes for the planking of the keel. Next will be the second part of the hull. The work goes on and on in a very satisfying matter...


Comments are welcome :piratebo5:








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Tag Max, excellent first attempt at a wooden model ship. 


With such a good first model, your confidence will increase and your next model will be more challenging and more rewarding.


Thank you for posting, and having the courage to share your work.


Am Besten.                      Duff

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Howdy.... :10_1_10:


good progress I guess. The hull is almost done, only therudder has to be done and then the constructions on the decks. After this I can start with the masts and finally... OMG, I am so afraid ;)... the rigging. I still am not sure what kind of varnish I take. Whats your opinion? The Admiralitiy Colors offer a semi-gloss colorless varnish - either to aplly with a brush or as a spray.... pls help me :D


I am really content with the building procedure, the instructions and the material so far. I Know that the Half Moon is not the very challenging kit on the market, but as a newbie in wooden modelling I think ist quite good. You come along with your decision if wooden ship modelling is the right thing for you. For me it sure is. I am very satisfied and ist makes a lot of fun to see the vessel grow step by step. Although there are some mistakes - I think ist not really a problem. I do the kit out of the box - with very little modifications.


Happy new year to all around :pirate41:







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you've so far built a really nice looking ship......if you were to do any staining,  you would to have done so,  while you were building it.   a clear varnish would be good.......but there are some other alternatives as well.   you could also use a urethane,  or a poly urethane.   both good and can also be purchased in a spray can.   there are some out there as well,  that have a wood stain tint mixed in....but you would have to mask up the painted areas to use it.  I use a semi gloss lacquer,  and I spray it using my airbrush.  this gives a harder finish than the other types of sealer.  I've done as many as three coats.......even then,  there is nothing glossy about it.   the choice is yours  :)


very well done  ;) ..........don't be too worried about rigging.   once you've done a few shrouds,  I think you will find it enjoyable 

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Ahoi :dancetl6:


Well, it seems to go a good way... I have finished the first part of the construction - the hull. As mentioned before I do the Half Moon out of the box to gain expierence. So perhaps some of the Progress or the construction you see may not ne as well as the Standard around is. But ist my first wooden ship model - and I am almost a little bit proud to make it this way so far. I covered the timber with a semi gloss colorless lacquer (Acryl).


Next step will be the masts. I bought a wood lathe, but I am not used to this. So at first some hours of tests will take place before I dare to shape the ships masts. But I promise I will Report about my new Job as carpenter :D


Some pics show the condition.













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she looks great Max  :)   you've accomplished some very nice bends there......I like what you did with the rudder.  I've never heard of that type of lacquer.......but it looks very nice on the ship.  I think the sheen will die out though once it's totally cured......it takes a while for this to occur anyway  ;)    you get the best of both worlds.......they look nice and shiny in the beginning,  but later they look even better...a bit more antique.   very well done.........time to begin thinking of your next one.....I think  ;)

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Thank you so much ...


I was not sure that at least the model will look as it does now.Building a wooden ship is complete different to all kind of modelling that I have ever done before. but it is much more satisfying than just to snip off some parts from a sprue and glue it together. And... this work gives me a kind of tranquility. I use to drink a glass of italian red wine, listening to audiobooks.Thinking about the time and history the ship comes from... Thats a very calm and deep time I spend in my shipyard :D Its a perfect compensation to the every day life full of action, business, phone and all the other terror-machines like computers :piratetongueor4:


I am not sure about the next model... was thinking about Caldercrafts Endeavour, Corels Eagle, the Astrolabe or the pretty model of Amundsens Gjoja...





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Hello all...


just a little update... started to build the masts. well, thats quite tricky as the instructions could be a little more exact. But it works - and wood is patient. I am happy that I bought that machine to work the wood. Ist great and it works perfect... I am happy too that I started this hobby... its pure fun, even when not everything goes perfect at once.... or better: its fun to manage the problems.


see you all soon again :10_1_10:










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I don't know what I like more .. the fact that your wife calls your area your "Shipyard" haha or just how good your model is looking!


I agree with Popeye in that the lacquer looks great.  The mix of colours just looks amazing and I think you should be very proud of what you have achieved so far, particularly as your first wooden model!!

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Thx all for your comments :piratebo5:


@popeye I am glad I spent the money for this lathe... makes it so easy to get along with the masts... tried before only sanding or a drilling machine, but this way ist - of course - the best. Was about 110 Euros.


@jct I think veneer is easier to handle - and you will have more choice of wood


@vivian *blush* :D





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Cheerio my fellow friends....


Ähemmm.... I have a question (perhaps silly, but I am a newbie :D )


When I see the logs around here I notice, that some builders do the rigging from "mast to mast"... First the bowsprit with all the bowsprit-rigging, then the foremast completely, next the main etc... others fix all the masts at first and then do the rigging...


What do you recommend? I did not fix the masts yet (only the bowsprit)


Can you help me pls? :10_1_10:





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standing rigging first...........some of the running rigging lines will need to be tied to these lines in one way or another.   a lot of folks start the rigging from the mizzen to the bow,   I've had good luck going from bow to stern.....so it's probably not a hard rule.  I guess it depends on what you want to do in that case.   but yes.......standing rigging first,  shrouds and ratlines second,  and the running rigging last

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