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Has anyone come out with a kit of the James Caird (edited by admin)

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Has anyone come out with a kit of the James Caird ?  This is the boat the Shackleton used to save the remaining members of his expedition stranded on Elephant Island. It was strongly modified by "chippy" enabling it to survive the Southern ocean and reach South Georgia whaling station.


I know there is one of the Bounty's launch. 


Thanks S.os

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I considered this as a scratchbuild project, there are no kits I know of. There is a lot of information out there, though, if you wanted to tackle it yourself. Here's just one example. A replica exists, I believe in Ireland, which occasionally travels (Mrs Cathead saw it once in the US).


Since I've become involved in ship modelling, I've been surprised how few kits there are of explorers' vessels. No Darwin's Beagle, No Shackleton's Endurance or Caird, just to name a few, despite plans and information being available. I'd love to build the Beagle, but scratching that is beyond my current talents.

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I think Mamoli did the Beagle.


There is a Dutch company that creates Dutch models http://www.kolderstok.nl/duyfken.en.html. Duyfken. Duyfken is the first known European ship to visit Australia -- 164 years before the arrival of Captain James Cook.


Henry Hudson on the Half Moon (Halve Maen). I think it is from Corel.

The Half Moon was the name of a Dutch ship which sailed in what is now New York harbor on September 11, 1609. It was captained by Henry Hudson who was in the service of the Dutch Republic and who named the discovery of the river, which now bears his name, the Mauritius River after Holland's Lord-Lieutenant Maurits.


The kolderstok is a site that is partly owned by Hans who built the Batavia on MSW.

I know there are some other kits from explorers.


Just my 2 cts.


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To come back to the original question about modeling the James Caird ship,

I would recommend to contact the following:



If there is a model kit, I am sure they would know about it. If not, ask for plans and scratch build. 

The history is great and deserves attention. A ship model would be appreciated.

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