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Drilling Sheave Holes For Masts

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I have a variety of vee blocks that I could use but I'd probably use my finger plate. Different size brass bushes can be placed in the clamp. The one pictured is for a 5mm centre drill.




Or you could just do it with something like a bench block if you can temporarily fix it in place.




Just a vee cut into a piece of wood will work well enough though as Mark says. Just bring the drill bit down into the centre of the vee first then clamp the wood in place before placing your dowel into it. It's probably worth spending a little time to make a jig that can be kept safely for future use.

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Wow, some very impressive tools you got there. Well, I'm no machinist, that's for sure. However, using the suggestions above, I have come up with an idea that I think will work. I have started on it but won't finish until I get back from vacation. I will put up a few pics then.

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The bench block in one of my pictures is made by Starrett, although there are other makes out there.




You could use one like this for cross drilling. One of the holes in the vee is just over 1/8".




With a BS 1 centre drill in the chuck bring it down until it enters the hole in the block. Find some way of ensuring the block doesn't move. Centre drills are much more ridgid than normal bits so shouldn't wander when you start the hole.




Bring the bit up and just start the hole with the centre drill. Drill through with the correct size bit. If you can't ensure things don't move then use the correct size bit from the start and drill carefully. Just use an ordinary 1/8" to align the block if you don't have a centre drill.




Hope this helps.

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Aaaah! Centre drills are just the thing I needed to think about as I have been having some trouble with a 1.5mm drill that refuses to go down the centre. Thank you so much, QA! Oh, and I like the blocks as well -- I might well order one! [Edit: Oops, $96 for one. Maybe I'll make my own]



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Or another method


This item you put into the drill and centre your work and clamp. Raise drill and remove this centre jig. Insert drill bit and drill.


Regards Antony.

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There are lots of ways. Another method is to put a small rule across the shaft to be drilled, bring the bit down until it touches the rule then move the work until the rule is perfectly (or very nearly!) horizontal. Depends what tools you have to hand. You can buy drilling pads with a vee in them if you have a lathe and there are lots of ways if you have a mill. The bench block though is I believe a handy thing to have around!

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