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Bosphorus Sandal by kutaykara - FINISHED - Tershane Model - Scale 1:16 1950 Classic Turkish Boat

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Looking good Kutay. 


I strongly don't recommend usin CA for planking. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it may dry fast but causes lots of time loosing while sanding.. If you make any mistake, there is no time for fix it. Exteremely Unhealty etc.. White wood glue is best for planking. 


Anyway, keep it up. Good luck with sanding & putty process :)

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Hello Kutay, very nice model.


Very interesting, the shape of this boat looks exactly like the typical fishermen boats here in Constantza; also I have seen the same type of boats in Bulgaria in fishermen harbours like Sozopol or Nesebar. May be kind of a "blueprint" of a typical Black Sea boat!


Do not worry too much with your planking abilities. If the ship will be finally sanded smooth and painted, the irregular planks will not show. I have seen real boats where the planking had the same kind of irregularities, especially if an old rotten plank was later replaced with newer ones. Sometimes they would not replace all the plank, only cut away the rotten part and replace with a new piece.


I also suggest you NOT to use any Cianoacrylate in planking, only wood glue like PVA glue. See here:




Wish you good luck with your building and best wishes from Kustendje!

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Dear Doreltomin,


Thanks for your comment. Actually I learned lots of thing in this model. One of them is do not prefer to use Cianoacrylate in planking.


You are right I think most of country using the same shape in their fisherman boats. Maybe it will be a good collection to build all countries fisherman boats :)


Best wishes from Istanbul :)

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Merhaba kutakara, nasilsiniz. bluenose2 here. I was in Turkery 3 years ago and hiked down from Taksim square to the hobby shop and purchased this boat. It is next on my build list. Good to see your photos, I will follow your build. The instructions are in Turkish, but I will have them translated. Iyi aksamlar good luck.

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There are lots of mistakes and it's not the same as orginal plans but this is my second model. I learned lots of thing from my model..

I hope you like it.


Do not hesitate to criticize my mistakes, As you know I am new at this hobby and I know there are lot of things I should learn


Awaiting for your comments









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