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Here are 2 sites I have had in my favorite folder. (you may already know about these).




http://www.paper-replika.com/ (dead link)


The only card model I have ever done was a clock kit that was from a Canadian manufacturer. It worked but it was slow. Meaning it lost 5 minutes every day.



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Canon Creative park has several FREE paper model projects including some tall ships. They're not near as detailed as the Polish kits and rather toylike, but fun to build. Maybe a project to do with the kids/grandkids? Here's a link to Canon's Cutty Sark from the website:




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Here is a link to Paper Shipwright, who have free downloads. And another from them of HMVS Cerberus, which was my first card model. Turned out fairly well. It comes in a printed version, which costs GBP 8.50, or a free download which you can print out yourself.



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That website (Paper Shipwright) has a model of CGS Canada, and it's at a reasonable scale. I am putting some serious thoughts into buying the paper kit and adapting it into a plank on bulkhead/mixed media model because I have always loved the lines of that vessel and she's so delightfully obscure.

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