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The Black Pearl by AntonyUK and Alex - Hatchette Works - Scale 1/56, fun build

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This is a fun build to get my lad introduced into ship modeling.

The model is info :- Length 80 cm , Height 69.5 cm , Width 31.5 cm.

In the Model guide it states :- "This large model is easy to assemble by following the step by step instructions given with each issue,

The instructions are suitable for younger model makers and they do not require any experience of model making.

Simply follow the clear guide to complete this magnificent pirate ship."

The parts in issue one are two sheets go fibre board (MDF) 6mm and 4mm thick.plus a flag and string.

The packaging was very good.

The laser cutting was also excellent and not over cooked :)

More information can be found at www.hachettepartworks.com/blackpearl

Will photograph the first parts to show the quality and ease of instructions later in the next post.

My lad will be building this with a lot of help from me. Photos will show this as we progress with the build.

He is very excited to build this model and we will continue the subscription as long as he has a interest in continuing the build.

That's about it for now.


Regards Antony.

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Well we made a start with the Black Pearl.


The Board as supplied.




And the other board.




Instructions page 1.




And Page 2.




Assembly finished for this week.




Alex doing the gluing.






We managed to complete this with no issues.


But I would of had a couple of spacers made out of the scrap MDF to jig the frames square.


It’s only a very small detail but for anyone completely new to ship building it would help the build.




Regards Alex and Antony.


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Am also starting this at some point, need to finish my Bluenose 2 and also my Model SHipways 'USS Syren'. Will be following with interest to see how it goes. May get my 8 year old to help. not built with MDF before, so a little worried about splitting when doing planking.

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Hello fellow ship modellers.


A update as promised. 


The fitting of the parts is tight if you don't remove the charring from the laser cutting.



Contours look nice although the bulkheads have yet to be sanded. 



The method used in assembly is fool proof and holds the keel very straight.



The stand has some very nice shape and design :)



We have decided that we will not continue the magazines and will cancel the subscription.

BUT this does not mean that we are not going to finish what we started..

We are going to do our own version of the Pearl with pictures from the web.

Should be fun and we can call the shots on what Alex wants in the ship :)

Will be using Birch ply for the remaining components of the build. And all sorts of hardwood timber that I have accumulated.


Many thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony and Alex

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Hi all.

News update.

Hatchette works has not delivered any of the mags since 2 weeks before our last post :(

I have decided to cancel the mags.

So it looks like another sinking ship.

Have got only the basic hull shape and will put it to one side for some time as I have quite a lot on at the moment.


So this build ends here unfortunately.


Regards Antony.

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Hee....Hee.....Hee........you devil! ;) what a great way to procure the hull parts! .....and I thought tracing the hull parts from the existing parts panels was devious! :D :D :D


no....really!.....with all the discrepancies in some of these kits, it's a great way to bypass all the little pratfalls, and proto type your own. this will be a great way to show Alex the research and techniques that goes into scratch building. the best part is that you won't have to wait for the parts to come in.....this alone might be enough to dampen the interest. I know where your coming from.......my oldest was adopted at the age of two {from a previous marriage}......love'em like my own...always will! ;) I hope you two bond well with this build......I'll be watching :)


I have the parts panels for the Gothenborg and the Half Moon.......like to see if either one of these hulls can be modified for pirate duty......looking forward in seeing how your build shapes up.




apparently I failed to read the second page..........I hope you reconsider and continue with this build.....I think it would be fun to do!

Edited by popeye the sailor
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Hi Popeye.

I know what you mean :)

But no.. Mabe some time in the future when I am looking for something to do I will pick it up and start to build it.

At the moment I am not that far from completing the Victory.

Then it's a 1800 century large scale cutter. Completely my own design and build methods.

Planing to use a friends laser cutter for the parts where I can.


The HMV Caroline is on permanent hold. Might let this kit go to a good home.


Regards Antony.

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I'm good home, What kit is this Anthony? 


Sorry to hear about the black pearl - did you quit the magazine due to delivery issues? 


This was a black pearl kit that i was considering - maybe you will too if you want to re-ignite your interest.  I'd be curious to hear what others think of it too. 



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Hi Josh.

The HMV Caroline is the Panart kit. Postage would kill the costs sending it across the puddle.


That link is a No No on this site ZHL kit.

I think it's a banned manufacture on this site. But I could be wrong.


Regards Antony.

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