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TRAJTA by MarisStella.hr - FINISHED - fishing and cargo boat from Korčula, Croatia

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hello everyone, I would like to start something that has seen only a few men so far ... it is a historical reconstruction of the Croatian ship ... detailed description follows:


...Cargo is a wooden boat firmly rooted among the fishermen of the adriatic coast, widespread throughout the Mediterranean. On the east coast of the Adriatic Sea she' s known also under the names legut and levut, and then as leuto and liuto in Italy, laudus, laud Katalan in Spain, leudo Ligure on the Ligurian Sea, and even in the XIV century the boat lignetum was built in Dubrovnik. The name come from the italian word legno, which means wood. On the island of Korcula she' s called trata, trakta or trajta, and for her exist also the names barka, lađa, vlahinja, boat or gajeta. She' s the biggest adriatic boat, which reaches a lenght of up to 20 meters, whose capacity is up to 10 tons. The similarities in design and use with gajeta are such, that it is often difficult to distinguish them. In Croatia she' s first mentioned in the writings of Trogir 1617 and by now she has developed into a few basic shapes, among which the most distinctive are the cargos of Korcula, Betina and Zadar. The cargo bases her navigation more on sail than on oars, for this reason has a mast on which outstreched the lateen sail. Trajta is undoubtedly a cargo boat of Korculan construction, but she has also something of the gajeta' s structural characteristics. Her name comes from the name of the fishing nets, dragged by such boats. In fact this is a kind of seine net which in Korcula, Smokvica, Lumbarda and Pelješca are called trajta, meaning tow, drag. It comes directly from the latin word tracta, which is feminine passive past particple of the verb trahere (drag). In the same way is called the group of people which fishes with this type of net. Trajta, the fishing boat, is mentioned for the first time as trakta in 1734 on Mljetu and in 1742 in Ston. Trajta today, unfortunately, is no longer used. This is a model on which the keel and all the elements of the sides and deck are made of solid walnut wood. The sail is embroidered on the cloth. Structural elements are laser cut.




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Hello MarisStella. Thank you for this interesting story of "Trajta".

Well, I didn't see it but among the other nations which are claiming the "trata" as their traditional vessel, you can list the Greece as well.... :)

We call it as "Trata", and has been served by our fishermen in many sizes with or without sails. 

Unfortunately there isn't any provided kit, so the modelers here have to make it from scratch. 

I'll follow your built log with interesting..



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Hi all ...


Thanasis, thanks to reply... this Trajta is leudo (fishing cargo)... this sort of Trajta was only on the Croatian island of Korcula and nowhere else ... there are present similarity names ... ( and maybe I'm wrong ? fact is that all of these fishermen sailed around and passed on the tradition ... ) ... In the end, you'll see how it looks... I'm interested in whether there are any similarities with the Greek trata ... Please follow this and let me know ...

Dgbot...How we made the reconstruction ? A few years ago I stumbled on an interesting old preserved text of a fishing net called Trajta ... among other things , there was a detailed description of the boat Trajta ( 11.7 m long on the deck ) ... I got interested in it ... I was contacted modelling experts in Croatia , they were presented to me the old script , something like a draft , so I had all the necessary things : ship lines and a detailed description of the vessel ... later I talked about this topic with a man (expert on on this topic) from Hvar ( Croatian island ) and I was quite sure I can do the reconstruction ... throughout the work process I contacted these people respecting their instructions ... Trajta have stopped to build in the 19th century, when it began to install the drive motors ...  She was built only on the island of Korcula and nowhere else ... a year ago I heard that a builder of small boats on the island of Korcula wants to build a prototype of Trajta so derive it from oblivion , I do not know in what stage of implementation of the plan is it ...


maggsl_01 ...... But, anyway, I finished the reconstruction of the model and designed a kit which is on sale since last year ... Now that I no longer have objections to the reconstruction, I am finishing the build log that will  be in the kit box in the future ...

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Looks like an interesting subject.  MLay I make a little suggestion?  It would be fine, especially for the lesser known ship types/model kits, to start with some picture of the box art, so that we can have an idea of what your project will strive to?  Just a suggestion, and keep sending your pics.


Happy modelling.



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Good day to all ...

Thanks Jean-Pierree, you're right, I first need to introduce all  to the project   , so you will know how it will be looking like ... Here  I post this pictures of the draft now, it is trajta, that's the way she looks like ... I post a few photos of the kit box, so you can see what is it looking like ... :










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Hi everyone...

Thanks for the comments ... It is not for me to  rate it :) :) ... the truth is, when I do the kit designs it is always first on my mind as being better ... I give the most of myself, and there is always something more to learn and implement ...
so, back to the project...


...Work stand is a very important thing, I see that many are ignored it here ...my advice is :

create a stand in which you will hold the model during its realization. Use a flat board as a base, and two flat strips that you should strengthen on it, as a rail to the keel. It is also good to make even the stem carrier and stern post carrier, also of straight strips and strengthen them to the lower, horizontal strips. The whole stand for the realization of the models should be stable and the model on it must stand tightly and set so that the keel and the posts are vertical to the base. This is the only way to work  properly.

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...these are elements made ​​of lime plywood ... before setting in place it is necessary to amend several bulkheads ... It is needed to paste the  frames of the openings and to paste the platform supports that will be installed later ... this should be done at this stage of development because it would be very difficult to do later ...




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Fascinating kit Marisstella. I really like the fact that you design, manufacture them and also log them here. Not many do that - Chuck and Chris Watton come to mind. It shows a real commitment to the craft and makes me tempted to try your unique kits.

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Thanasiss, dgbott, maggsl_01, Jean-Pierre, Cap'n'Bob, pete48, aliluke, Dida, hexnut, Turksailor, Robert Vaglio, JMaitri, Wacko Wolf...

( I hope I have not left out anyone )...

thank you all, nice people, to your comments that encourage further work ... Primarily what I want to achieve on this forum is to inform the rest of the world to the business we do in our small company ... I want to introduce you to the tradition of Croatian traditional shipbuilding, to awake your interest for the forgotten boats of the Adriatic Sea ... In addition, I want to present the kits that we produce, primarily, not to sell them, but to enable you to see it and to compare it with kits that you are already using ... we are happy with the rating that we have achieved in Croatia and around ... Now I feel the need to say something: when I started doing this it was my hobby, I was situated, employed by my company ... Then I felt the need to try to sell my products, and I was successful .. . Since then I started to work seriously, I met a true expert modellers, we are now very good friends and we work closely ... The company has some more employees and my dream come true ... Now I'm doing a job in which I really, REALLY enjoy ... in Croatia this can not work if you does not like it truthfully ... Sometimes it seems to me that I volunteer, but I enjoy it...

...aliluke, it is flattering to be compared with eksperts like Mr. Chuck and Mr. Chris are ... So far I have not met them, so I do not like to talk about them because of it (I do not feel comfortable), but their works, as I've seen here in the forum, it is right masterpieces ...


...... As well, as all of you, I enjoy doing this, it makes us close and I feel the need to show my work, but more than anything to hear your sincere comments and opinions ...

... This is the perfect place to share experiences, learn someone something and ,above all, to learn something as well ...

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OK ... Now, when the specific bulkheads are done, all the bulkheads should be attached to the keel ( I do not use glue yet ) ... Dowels need to be pushed through the round openings in the bulkheads ... Three square brackets should be set  in the middle of the hull, they fix the front and the rear parts of the hull ... ( I do not use glue yet ) ...

... When everything is set in to the place all the elements need to be adjusted accurately in place once more, as shown in the draft ...

Now ... when I confident that everything is perfectly set, I apply glue with a brush to the all places where the elements touch each other ... When dry, I repeat it once more ... My opinion is that this is the best way of assembling and gluing the construction ...

Here are photos:



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Hi ...


...Now is the time to set the the lower part of the rail ... now, when the glue is dry, when the construction is fully strong, I should adjust the grooves on the ends of bulkheads ... I should put the lower part of the rail in to them... Notice, the rail is composed of two parts, the upper and lower part. Now we need to set the lower part of it...:







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pete48, JMaitri,  thanks for the nice comments, ... JMaitri, extendings are 0,5 mm :) ... here's why :  the bulkheads with the extensions are going to be planked with 0,5x5mm strips, so the strips should be in the same plane as the rail ends... it is to be shown later :) ...  everything to get a realistic build ...

Now ... it's time to set the supports for the planking strips endings on the stern and bow ...
That is quite enough for the proper planking by modelers with more experience in the hull planking , but I always suggest something else ... I'll show it to you a bit later, when I finish this phase, after fixing these supports ...


... So here are the supports:








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... Dear friends, this is it ... These supports are enough for the modelers with a lot of experience in the hull planking... but never enough sufficient ... This is a single planking method , which means that there is no work repairing ! Putty is allowed, but only in a very small quantities ... To achieve that the planks fit into its place properly, it is necessary to prepare an accurate and stable base for them ...


...And this is what I suggest to everyone, no matter how experienced modeler is : ...

My advice is: make a stern and bow blocks... make them out of soft wood ... but not only that, but make the fillers between other bulkheads, wherever you see that it is necessary ... It is essential to create a stable, solid surface for the planks ... Each plank must fit properly into its place, any twisting needs to be disabled  ...


 ... I did it like this :                                       :)













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