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10mtr Fishing Trawler Propitious by kees de mol - FR-927 1/26 Scale - Finished

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Hello my name is Kees de Mol and I am from Holland.


I build model fishing boats. Here I will report the building progress on the Scottisch Fishing Trawler FR-927. The build is totally scratch build and I'm almost in the last phase of the construction.

The ship is made like it has been used fore a few month's so it has al lot of wheatering. I wont post a lot of text because my English is not very good but if you have questions or comments don't be affraid... Google translate is a very good friend of mine.


It will be a static model not for R/C


Regards, Kees






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One of the drawing I used. This one is made specially for modelbuilders but You will need much more info to make the ship. I also used plans I got from the shipbuilder. I used them to make the hull.



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Now the painting and weathering of the hull. I used the salt method to weather the hull. First I applied a few rust tones on the hull with a sponge and Vallejo paint and than a coat of clear paint. Then I made the hull wet and sprinkles salt on it. Then I let the salt dry a few hours and after this I painted the hull in its final colour. When this coat is dry I brushed the hull with a wet brush so the salt dissovles and the rustcolour appears. I hope the pictures will say enough.









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Here's the propellor. It's a new one so I had to make it old. For this I used electrolyse. Take a powersource from arround 9 volts DC, salt water and a nut or somthing else wich is galvanized. Attach the + to the propellor and the - to the nut (or vice versa) and hang them separated in the salted water. (do not let them touch eachother) after a while you will see a lot of bubbles and green stuff and the propellor is being weathered. After the process I dryed the propellor and applyed en coat of clear varnish.







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Two words- Truly Oustanding! The realism of the weathering, is unbelievable. Well done.

Thank you very much. I have never done this before so I am also glad it worked. But I am not ready yet. the whole upperstructure has to be painted and weathered to.


Regards, Kees

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