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Gorch Fock by TonyUK - Mantua - Scale 1: 90

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Hi everyone, I am new here, and am just starting my first model ship.


After reading masses of information online, studying the instructions, labelling the parts and getting all my tools, I finally made a start yesterday. I glued the stand together, and removed the lazer cut frames and keel from the plywood sheets and a slotted them all together.


I have a question already, should I taper the edges of the frames (to allow the planking to sit properly) BEFORE or after I glue the frames into place? Maybe a bit of both?


Thanks in advance.

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In my Mantua kit, it has printed in the box "the laser engraved wooden sheet replaces the original photo etched brass sheet, it is felt blah blah"


With the photo etched doors/windows I understand you would paint them white (in my case) and then sand them to reveal the non etched parts?

Just wondering, what am I supposed to do with these wooden ones? The doors need to be white, but what of the etched bits around the edge?

Any help/ideas appreciated.


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Thanks very much Nils.


Your build updates are the first thing I look for whenever i visit the site.....brilliant and inspirational!


My kit build has been slow and steady over nearly 2 years, but i am nearly finished. Goodness knows how many hours i have spent working on it, but... i'm not counting!

Rather than watching the box, i put some music on and sit at my work bench and try do the best i can with every part of the build, i know it cant be perfect, but make it as best i can. It has become a labour of love. (Apart from doing the 100's of ratline knots!)


Here are some more pictures from along the way.

































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Thanks Tomasg.


As its my first build, I don't really know how the quality compares to other kit manufacturers.


The Mantua kit, which I managed to get for half the RRP, seemed pretty good to me. Good quality materials, clear plans, but not particularly helpful instructions (amusingly translated from the Italian by someone who might just have about passed a GCSC in English), they seem to just suggest the order in which to build the ship. Though half of the fun of building a model like these is working out how to do it. And with the vast resources available online, that was easy enough.


The kit did have a few things missing, not enough portholes, dowls, eyelets and some of the decorative wooden strips missing. Though these were easy and cheap to buy.

Other than that I'd recommend it.


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Hi Tony


i have a lot of experience with the Mantua family kits (Sergal, Panart), in fact all my six kits where from them, mostly because there is a shop that sells then not far from where i live and i prefer to buy them there since they also have Mantua wood and accessories. I must say i am surprised that parts where missing, usually there where extra parts in my kits, not to mention the wood, always in excess.


Now that i know that it was your first build i must say i am even more impressed!



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Fabulous build Tony

This is a beutiful Ship - I completed the Gorsh Fock, by Occre about a year ago - I am just putting the finishing touches on Ameriogo Vesspucci by Mantua - like you said the assembly instructions leave a lot to the imagination

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