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Tris models Italy


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It was a Company that made wood ship model kit probably in the late sixties and seventies years.

So consider that the level of the kit can be disappointing for a new modeller, since are absent the laser pre-cut components and sometimes the metal cast accessories.

In addition, the wood will be very old.

The Companies: Augusto Carta, Tris Model, Aeropiccola has ceased to exist since many years.

They belong to the "pioneer period" of the wood kit models.

When those above Companies closed, some of their projects were purchased and used by Mantua and Corel, too (and upgraded).

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OK  model is the Margaretha kit number SM108. 


no date on the kit, anywhere


has 15 pages of typed english instructions 2 pages parts lists and additional instructions

ensigns (flags) are ink printed cloth.  cloth sail material ( not pre marked or cut)

4 large pages of illustrations

brass etched plate

most the parts are pre cut except for 1 sheet.



The other Tris kit I have just like this one (The Paranzella)





















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I have found the box out, it is so similar to the photographs above but on the green segmented section Revell has been moulded over the 'Tris'.


Interestingly, I have only found two references to the kit on the internet. One still has 'Tris' in the moulding but box is Revell and the other, and mine, has references to a company called 'Hegi'.

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Our local Men's Shed here in Barrhead, Scotland was gifted a number of Tris model boat kits. I have started to build the Trabacolo Art SM 105. This is my first attempt at building a model boat. I'm taking my time, poring over the English instructions and referring closely to the drawings. I've reached the point where I have to fit the prow blocks (4 small cubes) but there are no instructions as to where they fit and how to go about this, so any tips would be gratefully appreciated. The planking's gonna be tricky but there seems good tips on Youtube. John  

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