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Hello all,


In this thread I would like to inform you about new products, tutorials, specials and all other news from my firm.

First I would like to introduce me and my firm. Our first kit in the market was Greek Bireme which starts in 2007 year. Gradually we added other kits into the production range (2-3 new kits every year). All the kits are designed and tested by me-Daniel Dusek. I design all of my kits in 3D CAD (Turbocad) for as much as possible accuracy. Then we use laser cutting for production of the kits. You can see all of them on our webpage:



Important year of the firm is this year when we moved into new bigger space and one week back we also launched the new website where the kits are presented. Video tutorials as service for customers will be presentedIn the new website. First video-tutorial is tutorial how to make the oars. Next video-tutorial will be series of building Viking Gokstad in 1/72 scale (first part will be ready during one or two weeks). It is possible to see the tutorials directly on our website:


or on our YouTube channel:



We have also Facebook page where you can follow us:



I would like to invite customers for sending of photos of their models build from our kits. I will be pleased to show them in our photo gallery:



Finally I would like to write also something about the kits and classify them after different criterions:

1) Planking method:

All the ship kits are designed as plank on frame kits, some as single planking and some as double planking.

a ) Single planking models: San Martin, Golden Hind, Hanse Kogge, Greek Bireme, Greek Trireme, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria and all of the Viking ships.

b ) Double planking models: La Belle Poule, La Real, Le Cerf, Maria HF31


2) Difficulty of the building:

a ) Beginner level kits: Greek Bireme, all Viking ships

b ) Advanced beginner kits: Hanse Kogge, Greek Trireme, Nina, Pinta

c ) Intermediate level kits: Le Cerf, Maria HF31, Santa Maria, Golden Hind

d ) Expert level kits: San Martin, La Real, La Belle Poule


3) Construction of the kits:

Some kits are designed as full laser cut kits (where almost all wooden parts are cut by laser including planks for hull planking) or more traditional kits where some parts are cut by laser and some are made from wooden strips (hull planking).

a ) Full laser cut kits: La Belle Poule, Maria HF31, Hanse Kogge, all Viking ships

b ) Traditional construction: La Real, Le Cerf, San Martin, Golden Hind, Greek Bireme, Greek Trireme, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria


You can contact me with any questions, ideas or comments.

Best regards

Daniel Dusek

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Hi Daniel,


Thanks for sharing, those are very interesting kits!

Especially pleasing to see such a big selection of Viking ships.

Best wishes, hope you will get lots of happy customers here!


Minor piece of a feedback: it would be probably better to center photos in catalogue so the hull is in the center. Right now for most models the big part of hull do not fit into the small picture:


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Hi demonborger,

Yes, there will be the unboxing video also for Nuestra Senora but at this moment I prepare the instructions for the kit. I suppose the kit will be available during few months (I hope up to the half of year). Also the price is only preliminary. I hope the final price should be little lower. 

In the figuree are shown parts which will be cut by laser (all in the one figure and detail with parts with laser cut gunports).


Daniel Dusek




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