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 I just received a Mamoli/Dusek Halifax from ModelExpo.


I am really impressed with the quality  as it sits in the box.  Looking forward to seeing how the laser cut parts fist together.

What I'm really impressed with compared to the old Mamoli kits, are some laser cut stem and keel pieces.

The old kits would have you covering the false keel with veneer, which was OK, but less visually impressive.




I also like the laser cut gun carriages, which look like they may finish out very nicely.




I'm looking forward to getting to work on this to see how it goes together.

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Hello all,

We added newly kits from Russian Manufacturer Master Korabel into our offer. You can find them here:



We have in stock also some new kits from Model Shipways and Model Airways. You can see them here:



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