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    Taunton, Somerset UK
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    Flying and Gliding, leading National Trust guided walks ,ham and old radios, restoring classic cars and VW camper vans and I just love history in what ever form it takes :)

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  1. More progress, the winches etc are just placed on the deck so don't panic I know they are not quite in the right position and I still need to finish rigging the cannons. I am now awaiting more goodies in the post from Chuck so I can start the rigging. I also ordered his serving machine and can't wait to try my hand at it for the first time.
  2. Ian B

    Ship paintings

    Super Picture, My great uncle served on Calypso in WW1 as a signaller, he must have the most nautical name in the whole world and yes this is his real name 'Plimsoll Drake'.
  3. After work and Family pressures have eased away I am pushing to get my 'dark Cheerful ' finished. I have changed the deck features colours around but I hope it does not offend any historical accuracies too much I already have Chucks cannons, winches,pump etc which I cant wait to start on in the next few weeks. Chuck, are there any plans to produce a 'rope/pulley' kit for this for when I getting around to the rigging?
  4. Hi I know everyone quite rightly are praising your building skills. I would just like to say thank you for taking the extra time photographing and documenting it so well on here... I always looked forward to dose of Kaiser updates ...
  5. Love the funnels, just stop there!! -mount the funnels on a plinth to display them--- job done---
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-39285879 I saw this on the BBC... great to see the methods being used to build these ships.
  7. Time for a quick update--Santa 'Chuck' came so I now have cannons, gratings, pumps etc-- in fact all his mini kits for the Cheerful so now to finish the decking ready for the deck furniture... I need to re-do the red on the inside once I have the strips that go around the decking laid. For inspiration I have hung a hand coloured print dated 1804 titled ' A cutter with a view of south sea castle' to give me that extra inspiration to get on with the build(sorry about the large camera flash in the middle of the picture)
  8. Ian B

    HMS Dreadnought 1907

    what a great way of displaying the model
  9. Ha ha of course I should have spotted it was the stern, serves me right for sneaking a look on my phone in work
  10. I'd hate to be manning that bow position if the main guns were firing forward!!!! :pirate41:That would make your ears pop
  11. The work involved in prep and creating jigs just to make a section is outstanding--- watching this build with amazement--- thanks for taking the time to share it in such detail. Cheers Ian
  12. Christmas is really coming!!!! Santa (Well Chuck) is sending me all my goodies so I can finish the deck furniture and cannons :D :D then start on the masts. sorry for no pictures of the current state of play
  13. Hi I know it is a long shot but does anyone have this kit un built gathering dust in a shelf I could buy? My Daughter and Boy friend got engaged on her the other week and really would love to make it for them. He severed as a regular on her and my daughter as a reservist. I have tried contacting White Ensign and they could not help as it is out of production, Atlantic models has a similar ship but I am not to keen to start reworking or scratch building-- I'm just not that good !! Thanks for reading this Ian

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